Bookish Problems…with Gifs

I don’t know whether to keep calling this post “Bookish Problems” or “First world Book problems?”

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  • Staying up until 4am reading. When you are supposed to go out the next day (or that same day) and not necessarily for work.

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  • When your Library books that you’ve placed on hold all come in together, at once.

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  • When you “lend” books out to people and they just never seem to be returned.

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  • If you do get it back, and it’s full of dog ears and scribbles!

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  • You buy the book, instead of getting it from the Library, like you usually do and you hate the book. Maybe ‘hate’ is a strong word, but you are really annoyed with yourself that you bought it.

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  • When you can’t get quite into the right position to read

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  • When you aren’t quite finish with a book and you go to renew it from your Library and you can’t renew it because there are others Holds on it. You are really enjoying the book, you just happen to be reading three at the same time.

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15 Bookish Facts about Me

After reading through the fascinating post written by the amazing Blogger Addlepates and book nerds (Go and check them out!) I decided to “steal” and write up my own list, especially after what I wrote with my last post last week about having a Reading Block. I went with 15 instead of 25 because I kept stopping and starting and realised this was about to post!lol

  1. I am yet to try out Kindles and e-readers. It’s not that I am totally against the idea, it’s more that I haven’t really gotten around to it. I’ve asked for one for Christmas and Birthday and nothing yet!
  2. Like my previous post suggests, I either read a lot or not at all. I can’t just seem to read a chapter or so. I either start and don’t stop, or I don’t start at all!
  3. I don’t really enjoy pure romance novels like “Mills and Boons”, but I would never discourage someone from reading them either.
  4. My Grandmother was a really good Library Manager and when I was little I used to visit her at the Library all the time and joined in all the holiday activities.
  5. I still have a lot of books from my childhood, but a lot of them are now in boxes. I still love pulling them out and reading them.
  6. Talking about childhood books, there’s always a couple of them I read every single year.
  7. I’ve just recently thanked everybody who bought me books when I was kid, they are expensive!
  8. I want more bookcases…Who doesn’t though!
  9. My favourite author is Jodi Picoult, I love the research she does and how she can write a story from every point of view.
  10. I once wrote a few episode ideas for a TV show based on a fantasy online role playing games I was playing at the time. Think X-Men Evolution. Except, instead of mutants, you had sorceress, elves, and humans, etc. I think it’s somewhere still in my house.
  11. Writing about writing, I currently have a book I’m writing for fun, based on a character I played in a game called Monster Hunter.
  12. I was the only Year 12 (Senior at High School) who understood what Shakespeare was talking about.
  13. I can enjoy a book and the movie adaption without hating the other. I can see them as their own work. Except for making Fili and Kili’s death all about Tauriel!!! I didn’t even mind her until that happened.
  14. I try to buy at least new three books a year. Which probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but I’ve got no space either. I very rarely throw any out.
  15.  I find that there is a book quote for every single thing in life. It’s one of the reasons I started “Weekly Random Literature Quotes”.

Just like Addlepates and Book Nerds, I am also going to tag the last five people who followed me. In no particular order: