Currently and at the moment I am reading Kresley Cole’s “Endless Knights”.


Straight away I was thinking “It has been  at least a couple of years since I’ve read “Poison Princess” and I have remembered…Nothing!”

Then it got me thinking how often does this happen to others?…As I read on, because I was enjoying it, I started to remember bits and pieces. However, I did think, some series’s that I’ve read…The next book in the series will give a bit of an explanation of what happened before. I felt like this book “Endless Knight” was missing a lot of that…and it really needs it! It talked about the relationships and what happened previously, but even that I felt was very scarce. There was not enough description of the monsters and how the character had encountered them before…It just feels like that little bit of detail is missing.

What about you readers, have you read a series with a large time gap in-between?

This or That? #48


This or That? #48

This week Bookmark Chronicles wondering…

Is there a book or series that you enjoyed when you read it, but would change your mind about now?

I think sometimes when you change and grow up it can actually make you look at some favourite series differently. I just recently found a lot of my old “Sweet Valley High” books and I was obsessed with them when I was younger, I used to want to have their life. I was obsessed with everything Sweet Valley High.

As I reread I expected to immediately fall in love with it again, maybe I’ve become more cynical, maybe I’ve become more grown up and want a different kind of experience, but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I used to. It just seemed all a little silly to me, it was exactly like a soap opera, which I guess it is. I still liked reading it, but I wasn’t as inspired as I once was.