Book…nerd Christmas…I am so excited about this!

I honestly didn’t even know what to write as a title, I was just so excited about seeing this and I just wanted to share this with you all!

I love Book Riot! They have amazing stories and just as amazing things to buys including these awesome Christmas ornaments!

Everything from Disney to Marvel to Literary Characters! Unfortunately some of these are not shipped to Australia…You might have to do some digging around, but it’s a good start! Especially for a first Christmas!


Literary Holiday…Personal Style!

I really love the website “Book Riot”. I think that they have amazing ideas and topics and they are one of the main site I go to for inspiration and to get ideas about what to write about. Sometimes they also have great ideas for gifts and which sites are good to get gifts. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I just enjoy to shop, sometimes I actually can’t stand it.

So once again they have produced this beautiful article, written by Kristen McQuinn as a guest post and I love her idea.

A Year of Literary Holidays (Book Riot)

The quick run down of this article is that Kristen McQuinn has “made up” her own Literary holidays to celebrate and some of them are fantastic ideas and I would probably be following suit. I also feel like, this is just me personally, when I give an actual day to something, I tend to be more dedicated to it. Rather than trying to get around to reading something.

A couple of my favourites from her article are:

January 18 – 19: She will either read stories from Winnie the Pooh, with her daughter and she also has a “Poe Day” when she reads poetry and drinks Absinthe.

June 14: I mainly liked her day for this “Caldecott Medal” and she and her daughter will pick a book from the list, go out and have some lunch or ice cream and then go to the book store.

She has so many good ideas! I am really tempted to come up with some of my own…What about you readers? Do you have any of your own literary holidays? Is the article tempting enough to make some of your own?

A Girl and her Dog

This isn’t really a “Quote” of the week type thing, but I just thought that these posts were too much of a win. I recently purchased this picture A Girl and her Dog, drawn by The art of Tim Shumate and I just loved it.

While I was looking for things that related to a Girl and her Dog, I came across the awesome site “Book Riot” (for the wing again!) and they have this amazing list of things you can buy that is literary related that you can buy for you dog!

I want all of them for my puppy, even though she wouldn’t use half of them!lol

Where there’s a Row, there’s a way!

Now I am not a knitter, never have been and probably will never be one. However I have noticed that it’s a kind of a “thing” at the moment. I know lots of people who are knitters and I found on Book Riot. As I mentioned before I am not a knitter, so i would honestly have no idea how much time these would take … BUT … I thought that they would be another handy hint for a different kind of Christmas gift!


Litknits: 22 literary mittens patterns

Parodies + Sesame Street = Awesome!

It’s nearly the end of the working week, so I thought that I would share some funny videos that I found on the website Book Riot. These are so great! They are Sesame Street characters taking on parodies of some famous television shows and books.

Great Bookish Parodies from Sesame Street

(Videos in order):

  1. Game of Chairs
  2. Lord of the Crumbs
  3. Furry Potter and the Goblet of Cookies
  4. The Hungry Games: Catching Fur
  5. Les Mousserables
  6. True Mud

Can I also just say on a more personal note…I am really HAPPY to see them using the Cookie Monster!

Stacked: The Single Librarian’s Search for Love

There is this site called “Book Riot” it is a great for readers, lovers of the books and people who work in the book related industry. Book Riot have several writers and authors writing blogs, stories and news (as well as selling things). I happened to come across this one and I thought that it was just too good not to share this one!

See more of Michelle Anne Shingler posts and writings at

Best Bookmarks Ever!

If you love to read (like I do) you might find yourself sometimes reading more than one book at one time. So in order to make sure that you don’t lose your place, you might want to purchase a couple of bookmarks.

Recently I found this great site and they are advertising some great looking book marks, take a look here.

11 beautiful bookmarks bibliophiles will love

For your information as well a bibliophile is an individual who loves books. A bookworm (sometimes pejorative) is someone who loves books for their content, or who otherwise loves reading.