Stacked: The Single Librarian’s Search for Love

There is this site called “Book Riot” it is a great for readers, lovers of the books and people who work in the book related industry. Book Riot have several writers and authors writing blogs, stories and news (as well as selling things). I happened to come across this one and I thought that it was just too good not to share this one!

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For the love of reading!

I found this amazing Blog posting this week that I just fell in love with and felt that all my readers should read this post too!

Coffee, books, and a tale to tell. A day at the bookstore.

I am also a people watcher and many probably wouldn’t believe it, but I struggle in social situations as well. I have gotten better over the years, but I love to people watch, but I don’t want to be watched!

If I had a child, I would encourage them to read whatever it they wanted too. I couldn’t imagine being a parent, or an adult and look down on anyone who wants to read whatever it is they want too.