30 Day writing challenge … Day 12

12. Write about five of your blessings…

  1. Anyone in my life who has passed, that I love and still love.
  2. Anyone in my life whose still living that I love.
  3. That I was brought up to help others, not just myself.
  4. I have a roof over my head. Which is pretty secure.
  5. I have this Blog =D Shamelessly corny, but it’s true! I don’t know where else I can write out my thoughts and have discussions about them. Finding like minded people. We’re all different, from different countries most of us. Yet, we all think alike. Help others, be kind to others. None of us can figure out how other people spend their days just hating people.

Your Blessing – Nurt Thursday

Nurt Thurs – Your Blessing

I have a lot of blessings, but I am going to focus on the furbabies this week. Because, at the moment, they are the only ones not really asking me for anything…You know, other than to pick up after them, feed them, cuddle them (even when they don’t want them). Other than that, they don’t ask anything of me. I guess though, as well, I don’t resent them for that either. I feed them, they love me unconditionally, it’s a good deal.


They have both been there for me when a lot of others haven’t. They were the reason that I got off of the couch, someone had to take care of them. They both wanted to go outside. They have both scared me in the past year, both of them are now on tablets for the rest of their lives. “Funnily” enough they both have neurological issues (maybe it’s something I said?) So we’re all going through this together, even though they would absolutely kill each other, if they actually met!