I am a Unicorn Child…

So a TERF yesterday tried to insult us all, by calling us Unicorn Children. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you will know that I’m not usually too bothered by “insults” Especially when they’re repetitive insults, and not really that affective, or even close to the truth.

Like Unicorn Child…

Who would you rather be? A hateful, bitter “old” bigot, or a Unicorn child? It’s not even a competition really, haha.

I’m scared of kids, but the biggest reason. They see the world as it is, they see you as is. Kids are like horses, they know I’m scared of them, but respect them too. Kids and animals just GET this world, and we lose that as we get older. We really do. Then I think for some, it does change when your children have their children.

Little Mix

Take a big yawn…

I am SO tired of having to repeat points to stupid people…Anyone else?

Good Law Project – Help protect children, families and teachers (it’s from the UK, but anyone can sign it)

There was a UK minister repeatedly saying that schools have like a CO2 cleaner (or something) so they can go back to school, they do not. Not matter how many times everyone else keeps telling them UK schools do not. I don’t know of any schools that do actually.

Constantly being told that we ignore trans predators who harm female predators in jail. We do not. How can we, when transphobes constantly remind us? We just don’t judge a group of people on the worst few. Otherwise, we would judge females based on the females predators that these trans predators are in jail with.

Anti-vaxxers calling “pro-“vaxxers un-Australian and that we should join the “brave” who refuse to get a vaccine. There’s nothing ‘brave’, by the way, by doing the least you can do to help others, when you can do the least you can do to help others.

  • There is proof/evidence of trans gender History, even before Christianity
  • Children CAN get COVID, but they are also carriers of COVID.
  • No one knows a child/teenager better than that child. No matter what you believe, Abigail Shier.
  • Talking about Abigail Shier. She is evidence of why there are Laws and Rule protecting children from adults, like Abigail Shrier,lol
  • No, knowing that teenagers understanding their gender and diversities better than their parents is not grooming or pedophilia.

Good Law Project – Help protect children, families, and teachers

TERFs vs Trump Supporters

There isn’t much of a difference, but there is one big one that I’ve started to realise.

Trump Supporters are well you know…kind of dumb.

However TERFs are not, they’re EXTREMELY manipulative as HELL

At least you know with Trump Supporters they’re not exactly “Oh course I don’t support Trump” and you know they do. TERFs are all “Of course I support trans people” but you know full well that they don’t. Trump supporters aren’t hiding their love for Trump.

(On a more “personal note “when I said the other day my day got madder https://meerkatmusings.co.uk/ this is what I’m talking about,lol)

Twitter really need to do something about the transphobia, they are still harassing Rhianna Pratchett. Now they’re harassing Rape Crisis Centers, and are trying to justify it -.- I’m spending a few days off of there, because it’s just getting stupider and stupider. I asked someone do they really think their false narratives, is any different from say Trump or Johnsons false narratives about immigrants. I was trying to explain to one how Feminism is about equality. (Of course, to them, it isn’t) Another one quoted tweet that tweet and went on about how men are kidnapping women and forcing them to be pregnant. I “twitter yelled” at them and said then focus on those violent men, what do you hope to achieve by taking the focus off those men and putting the focus on the trans community?

THEN, I went to Facebook to write about this.

Then I saw another transphobe trying to mock trans people being offended by the term “adult human female”. So I reminded them that they are the same group who complain and LOUDLY, about health and medical services calling pregnant people, pregnant people. I also reminded them that they use their term to harm others. One transphobe even had the audacity to say “It’s just a sign in a window, it can’t harm anyone”….

And if words do no harm, why do so many transphobic people get so upset about people who are pregnant being called a “birthing person”.

It’s always a lot of “just” with transphobic people. It’s “just” a word, it’s “just” a ribbon.

Where as Trump Supporters, make no sense whatsoever.

Thursday Theories – When JKRowling tweets, a little more of Harry Potter dies.

And, honestly, I don’t think she cares.

I swear, every time she tweets something, a little more the Harry Potter world dies.

This time she threatened to sue someone because they made fun of a direct quote that she said herself. The quote “I ignored porn directed at children”.

What #JKRowlingignores :

Child Porn…Hahaha

Her #FantasticsBeasts Director being charged with sexual assault.

Every single trans person’s and pro-trans voice.

#MoaningMyrtle just hanging out in the boys bathroom.

When the people she follows threatens women and the females in their families with rape, and threaten to beat up trans youth…Like me.

What #JKRowling doesn’t ignore:

Being directly quoted.

I’ve never been a huge Harry Potter fan, didn’t mind it, but this lady is a massive LotR fan. For years now though, people who like HP, readers I admire and respect. Have been talking about Rowling problematic issues, from who the Goblins in the bank are meant to be, to Cho Chang -.- , to did she steal HP from another story.

Years Before J.K. Rowling Controversy, Harry Potter’s Cho Chang Was Allegedly Asked To Deny Racist Backlash

Read the Worst Witch series and then Groosham Grange. A little funny story about this too. I was looking for the book it was copied from. A woman said “Well Rowling couldn’t have read it, because her child was in a stroller at the time she was writing HP, and so she wouldn’t have have read her a book that was for 8-10 years old. I happily pointed out her that “The Worst Witch” was first published out in 1975, Rowling was born in 1964. Rowling would have been 9 when this award winning book came out. Also, I am pretty sure that you don’t have to be a child to read a childs book.

There’s always a “coincidence” or a justification why.

Let alone, the amount of times she had back tracked and rewriting the Harry Potter to suit what’s popular at the time. Which, she can totally do that, that’s her right. But she does this thing a LOT. Like, the whole Dumbledore is gay thing. It’s not actually mentioned in any of the Harry Potter books.

We really need to start paying attention to these “coincidences” more, and I apoligise to the trans community for not really paying attention to them more.

Dear bigots, please start thinking before you speak…

…or write…

I mainly want too write about the disgusting term “trans widows”. However, I do want too write about in general how bigots really need to start thinking about what they’re writing and/or saying.

Too start off with I was inspired to write this post because the amount of terfs that were trying to belittle a actual widow, was completely gross. Then to say to people like me, I was gaslighting and being abusive. Because I was pointing out the differences between a actual widow and a trans “widow”. Infuriated me. Still does.

Is it just me, or do people keep thinking they can just say whatever they say, with no one else saying anything? I blame Trump, lol

Watching these trans widows, with some even actually saying that their pain was WORSE, to a actual widow!

I was sitting there completely dumb founded. I know Trump Supporters were and some are still bad, but damn some how these TERFs are much more worse!

I just don’t understand how anyone can think these ways? Like what possessed a human being to not only call themselves a “widow” for anything, when they are not. And then dog pile onto a actual widow and saying how their pain in valid. Their pain is valid, but calling yourself a “widow” when your ex is very much alive, is beyond disgusting.

What if, say, in 10 years, even next year than trans “widow” is getting along with their ex? What then? I just can’t imagine being so disrespectful.

Like this happened about two weeks ago, and I am still pissed about it.

Your Monthly Reminder

Okay, so this is first time I’ve done this as a monthly reminder. However, I really feel like this needs to start becoming a “thing”.

Even if you are gay … You can still be homophobic

Even if you’re a mother … You can still be a terrible parent, who doesn’t think of your children at all

Even if you’re trans … You can still be transphobic

Even if you are a atheist … You can still be a bigot

Even if you’re a POC … You can still be racist

Even if you’re a woman … You can still be a misogynist.

Even if you are Jewish … You can be anti-semantic

Being part of a “group”, does not exclude you from being a bigot in that group. What makes a bigot? A bigot.

Also, just because you thought of something, doesn’t mean you HAVE to tweet that thought, haha.

Starting to get that Hope back!

This article was so satisfying to read, that I sent it to Target. Too show them, the harm Abigail Shrier’s book is actually doing. Freedom of Speech, doesn’t mean Freedom of Consequences, which INCLUDES, having your books taken off shelves.

The Constitutional Conflationists: On Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage” and the Dangerous Absurdity of Anti-Trans Trolls


A warning to all bloggers

If you ever tag me or one of my posts where I’ve asked for help. Too spread misinformation about something you have clearly not talked to myself or someone actually affected by that problem. I WILL come down on you like a tonne of bricks.

We live in a world, where there is NO excuse for bigotry, there is NO excuse not to ask. There are no excuses for misinformation. You’re free to have an opinion about whatever I say and post, but don’t EVER tag me in a post where I’m asking for help. You then use that post to write total and utter bullshit, about that cause.

If you don’t know about something, don’t write or talk like you do.

This is 2020, don’t be part of the hateful bullshit.

I can’t believe I have to explain this to “adults”…

The difference between voting, drinking, smoking, driving a car and getting puberty blockers, or transitioning. One has Doctors, Nurses, therapists and (generally) supportive parents the whole way. The others do not. Guess which one is which!

One takes literally years with Doctors, Nurses, therapist’s and (generally) supportive parents, to even be able to get and actually use them. Voting, Drinking, Smoking and learning to drive a car, does not. Voting, Drinking, Smoking and learning to drive a car, are also not medical treatments. They are also things that not every one can handle. Yes, some adults can’t handle voting, drinking, smoking and learning to drive a car, or even handling a car.

Being transgender is not the same as being a “tom boy” or a “feminine” boy. Even if for some ludicrous reason, your parents sent you to a clinic, because you being a tom boy to them, means you’re trans. It does not MEAN that the Doctors, Nurses and Therapist’s are just going to automatically make you transition or put you on puberty blockers. That’s the DUMBEST thing I keep hearing.

There are so many DUMB things about the whole thing really.

Again, for those who are a little hard of learning.

  • Getting puberty blocks or transitioning are MEDICAL…Hence, why they have Doctors, Nurses and Therapists.
  • Voting, Drinking, Smoking, learning to drive a car are NOT medical.
  • Also not all adults can handle voting, drinking, smoking and handling a car. Hence, why a lot of old people and adults have their licenses taken away.
  • Amazing how many Gender Critical’s call puberty blockers, 50+ year medical treatment “experimental”. But the COVID vaccine, a vaccine not even a year old. Oh, they’re ALL for that.
  • TERFs are being shut down in the US…THE US…You know Trump Country, yet, in the UK, they are being amplified with misinformation and lies.
  • TERFS and GCs are being shut down in every first world, progressive country EXCEPT the UK. Where, like Russia, they are embracing and promoting harm towards the trans community
  • Doctors, Nurses and Therapists, are NOT giving out puberty blockers like candy, as some will suggest.
  • It takes YEARS to get onto blockers and to transition.
  • Even with Bell, if she was to come to get puberty blockers at the same age she did originally, she would be able to get them. She first got puberty blockers at 16. It wasn’t until her 20’s, after surgery that she regretted.
  • Keira Ball has only talked, since, to all anti-trans, homophobic people and organisations.
  • When the ONLY people to celebrate your “win”, are anti-trans, homophobic and Trump Supporters. Common sense would dictate again, YOU’RE PROBABLY ON THE WRONG SIDE.

And, again don’t EVER...EVER tag me when I’m asking for help, in a bigoted post. Especially if you’re an “adult” complaining how kids/teenagers don’t get or understand anything about their own bodies and minds.