Starting to get that Hope back!

This article was so satisfying to read, that I sent it to Target. Too show them, the harm Abigail Shrier’s book is actually doing. Freedom of Speech, doesn’t mean Freedom of Consequences, which INCLUDES, having your books taken off shelves.

The Constitutional Conflationists: On Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage” and the Dangerous Absurdity of Anti-Trans Trolls


A warning to all bloggers

If you ever tag me or one of my posts where I’ve asked for help. Too spread misinformation about something you have clearly not talked to myself or someone actually affected by that problem. I WILL come down on you like a tonne of bricks.

We live in a world, where there is NO excuse for bigotry, there is NO excuse not to ask. There are no excuses for misinformation. You’re free to have an opinion about whatever I say and post, but don’t EVER tag me in a post where I’m asking for help. You then use that post to write total and utter bullshit, about that cause.

If you don’t know about something, don’t write or talk like you do.

This is 2020, don’t be part of the hateful bullshit.

I can’t believe I have to explain this to “adults”…

The difference between voting, drinking, smoking, driving a car and getting puberty blockers, or transitioning. One has Doctors, Nurses, therapists and (generally) supportive parents the whole way. The others do not. Guess which one is which!

One takes literally years with Doctors, Nurses, therapist’s and (generally) supportive parents, to even be able to get and actually use them. Voting, Drinking, Smoking and learning to drive a car, does not. Voting, Drinking, Smoking and learning to drive a car, are also not medical treatments. They are also things that not every one can handle. Yes, some adults can’t handle voting, drinking, smoking and learning to drive a car, or even handling a car.

Being transgender is not the same as being a “tom boy” or a “feminine” boy. Even if for some ludicrous reason, your parents sent you to a clinic, because you being a tom boy to them, means you’re trans. It does not MEAN that the Doctors, Nurses and Therapist’s are just going to automatically make you transition or put you on puberty blockers. That’s the DUMBEST thing I keep hearing.

There are so many DUMB things about the whole thing really.

Again, for those who are a little hard of learning.

  • Getting puberty blocks or transitioning are MEDICAL…Hence, why they have Doctors, Nurses and Therapists.
  • Voting, Drinking, Smoking, learning to drive a car are NOT medical.
  • Also not all adults can handle voting, drinking, smoking and handling a car. Hence, why a lot of old people and adults have their licenses taken away.
  • Amazing how many Gender Critical’s call puberty blockers, 50+ year medical treatment “experimental”. But the COVID vaccine, a vaccine not even a year old. Oh, they’re ALL for that.
  • TERFs are being shut down in the US…THE US…You know Trump Country, yet, in the UK, they are being amplified with misinformation and lies.
  • TERFS and GCs are being shut down in every first world, progressive country EXCEPT the UK. Where, like Russia, they are embracing and promoting harm towards the trans community
  • Doctors, Nurses and Therapists, are NOT giving out puberty blockers like candy, as some will suggest.
  • It takes YEARS to get onto blockers and to transition.
  • Even with Bell, if she was to come to get puberty blockers at the same age she did originally, she would be able to get them. She first got puberty blockers at 16. It wasn’t until her 20’s, after surgery that she regretted.
  • Keira Ball has only talked, since, to all anti-trans, homophobic people and organisations.
  • When the ONLY people to celebrate your “win”, are anti-trans, homophobic and Trump Supporters. Common sense would dictate again, YOU’RE PROBABLY ON THE WRONG SIDE.

And, again don’t EVER...EVER tag me when I’m asking for help, in a bigoted post. Especially if you’re an “adult” complaining how kids/teenagers don’t get or understand anything about their own bodies and minds.

How often has Bigotry ever made sense

Too me, it never has made any sense, and that’s what makes bigotry so incredibly frustrating. It never makes any logical or common sense, let alone “scientific”.

Take people against BLM, as a starting point. How one of their big points is that black on black crimes outnumbers officer on black person crime. Here’s my issue with that…One…Well…duh, there’s more black on black crime. There are more black people than there are officers. And don’t the officers know it! My other issue is that, officers purposely murdering people should be a big fat…

Raz Degan Isola 12 GIF by Isola dei Famosi - Find & Share on GIPHY

Sure there are always accidents, sure there will always be that one officer who thinks they’re a God. There should have never BEEN a George Floyd, there should have never been a Breoanna Taylor.

You know what I’m getting at it?

Police should be held at just as high of a standard as Doctors. They are there to serve and protect, not murder!

Then you have the TERFs who call themselves “Feminists” A lot of their “points” is that they don’t want women to be reduced to just their reproductive and sexual organs. Then when asked to define what a woman is then, all they all talk about is what makes a “real” women are their reproductive and sexual organs.

You JUST said…

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Apparently Diane here, is trans…because if you’re not cis…lol…I thought they were all about science.

This is the kind of dumb, I’m talking about. If you’re not cis, than you’re trans. As again, cis and trans are not specific men or women pronouns. Call them, if you will, human pronouns.

It needs to stop

Not anyone of you, you are all truly lovely people…

The bigotry, the TERFS, the hate, the vile, the lying…It just needs to stop, like yesterday. No more.

It’s ridiculous!

What is it with people who want to go out of their way to hurt people, they don’t know. Have nothing to do with. And are obsessed with complete strangers bodies. I got into a conversation last night with some TERF’s. I read this thread, and it was beautifully written. Including not to abuse JKRowling, but articulating why Rowling is completely wrong. Yet, every single TERF said how hateful the thread was. So, of course, we all asked “which part”…no response.

One person I REALLY got into it with, because they were saying really STUPID things. As I was arguing with this person. I just thought “how sad this persons life must be”. That they one they call me hateful and vile, once again, no able to point what I said that was hateful. But I’m just blinded by my “guilt”. Then she said something about how all these Harry Potter upstarts are turning their back on their mothers (despite her not being a mother and not knowing any transpeople) and she said that they have literally said “I turn my back on you”…Transpeople, have, in fact, NOT “literally” said that. How is that even true? Changing your genitals has nothing to do with “parenting skills”. It just is the way it is. No mother has control over that.

If my child decides that they were born in the wrong body. I would not for one second think they were turning their backs on me. Why would I? It has literally nothing to do with me. While they grow in my tummy, I have no way of determining what sex I think they should be. Shouldn’t it be if they’re good people, who have compassion for others, be the most important thing? Not what genitalia, I think they should have? That’s kind of perverted really.

How sad MUST her life be, to be this hateful, to be this angry with people they DON’T know and have nothing to do with. Just to make up complete lies, as their point? I also called her a pervert, for being that obsessed with strangers and what’s happening between their legs. Too me, that is pretty perverted.

I also started to realise how sexist she was as well. It was always the “mother this” or “mother that”. Like Fathers don’t even enter the field when it comes to parenting.

You don’t understand trans-people? Or anything in life, fine…You don’t have too. No one knows everything. But to straight up hate and lie, is not even CLOSE to not be good enough. It’s worth LITERALLY nothing!

If a single person says to me “Yeah, but she was sexually assaulted” I’m coming over to where ever you are and slapping you. So was I, 95% of the woman I know have been. Neither of us decided to hate people who had NOTHING to do with it. Do you all remember when Liam Neeson admitted that he went looking for any “black guy”, because a black guy raped his friend.

The way you making me feel…

Sorry to start the week on such a depressing note, but it’s my first day off from work and schoolwork and I’ve been doing nothing but reading article after article…The way people think these days!

Started off the day with a good friend telling me how she complained to her internet provider for not letting her know that there was going to be a better deal in a weeks time, so she could get locked into that contract, instead of the one she’s in now. The reason this bugged me was because the sales rep she dealt with wouldn’t have known about the deal that was going to be coming out the next week (can you imagine the people they would have gotten a new contract with the day before?) Now I didn’t understand this because they didn’t complain about the bill they were charged for (they didn’t even dispute it, they paid for it) that they shouldn’t have been, or the free extra gigabytes that they didn’t end up getting. They complained about something that the company would have had no control over?

Then I found out that my cousins ex (who I never really like any ways) is getting remarried, which is perfectly fine, but his getting his children from his marriage with my cousin to “give away” his new wife? Even though my nephew has already said he feels uncomfortable with it?

Don’t even get me started on women body-shaming each other. I just got into a whole argument on Facebook with someone who thinks certain beauty types are not a “standard” for beauty. So I asked the “expert” what the standard for beauty is then?lol

Also all I am going to say is…Indiana…lol

I don’t understand how people think sometimes, some of these seem just really obvious to me,lol.