The few

I am sure that I have written about this before.

Every single group on this planet have a couple of “bad eggs”. This is not negotiable. However, we don’t judge the rest on that couple.

Let me bring you too, Chaya Raichik aka owner of LibsofTikTok.

LibsofTikTok had repeatedly “outed” and let groups of people like Proud Boys know about Drag Shows, she has doxxed people, and most recently she was on Tucker Carlson calling gay people a dangerous cult. Still on Twitter, and now we know that she was part of Jan 6th, still no arrest. She is also Jewish.

As I’ve written above, I will fight with and for Jewish people. She wont stop me from doing so. There are trans people who fight trans people, it is everywhere. You can’t escape from your own “group/s”. You just have to be careful out there. There is no such thing as a perfect group of people. Heck, I’ve watched an entire series about the Amish murdering people, most of the time, their own families.


Your Monthly Reminder

Okay, so this is first time I’ve done this as a monthly reminder. However, I really feel like this needs to start becoming a “thing”.

Even if you are gay … You can still be homophobic

Even if you’re a mother … You can still be a terrible parent, who doesn’t think of your children at all

Even if you’re trans … You can still be transphobic

Even if you are a atheist … You can still be a bigot

Even if you’re a POC … You can still be racist

Even if you’re a woman … You can still be a misogynist.

Even if you are Jewish … You can be anti-semantic

Being part of a “group”, does not exclude you from being a bigot in that group. What makes a bigot? A bigot.

Also, just because you thought of something, doesn’t mean you HAVE to tweet that thought, haha.