Interesting…Bible and Abortions

So I thought that this was interesting article. Now if you are for births no matter what, stop reading now. Because, well, I am pro-choice and I don’t think either of us are going to change the others minds. This post is purely based on my readings and how I’ve interpreted what the Bible has said about abortion, or “abortion-like” situations. 

I had heard recently that there is a lot God-Inducing abortions in there, in the Bible. So when I saw a comment on a post to do with Coronavirus, about how Jesus isn’t the abortion type (don’t ask, I don’t know why people keep bringing up things that have nothing to with Coronavirus). I decided to look it up myself. Gods been doing and threatening a lot of abortions, for a long time now.

Rewire News – Biblical Abortion: Christian Views

Freedom from Religion Foundation – What does the Bible really say about abortion.

It all comes down to this. For a long time…actually…still…to this day. People saw women as nothing more than property. So killing a pregnant woman was of no consequence, especially if they saw that woman, in anyway, as “unclean”. I guess, it shouldn’t have been that shocking that God was okay with killing the completely innocent unborn. After all, isn’t it more important that women “behave” themselves?

It was actually really disturbing to read.

Believe it or not, I am actually for Religion. I am also for State separated from Church. I am also for Churches who want to get political, to get taxed. I am hoping if a Democrat President is elected. Then they will actually look into it, using Trump as an extremely good example of why Churches should be taxed.

If God also didn’t want unborn’s, why would he let so many fail at implantation? As well as, not giving humans the ability to only conceive when they’re ready, like animals do? I think that Dolphins and Chimps, are the only having animals that “make love” for fun. All other animals have a “time” when they are ready. Why were they given that ability and not us? Seems like God doesn’t actually care either way.

The biggest irony being for the pro-forcebirthers. Is that their main argument is that women should stop being “hoes”. So it’s not the unborn child’s fault, so we…women…should not have an abortion. Yet, if they actually have read the Bible. They would know that God “ripped the unborn babies from their mothers womb” BECAUSE of reasons like this. That was the mother’s punishment for being “unclean” to lose her unborn child. So sounds like he’s actually for it, rather than against it. Too be quiet honest with you.

Was this too controversial for my birthday?lol