What Would Betty Do?

Well, that is an not so nice way to welcome the New Year.

However, what I started to think and believe in a couple of hours later. What would Betty do? I don’t think she would tell us to mourn and stop our lives. But too keep living and LIVE! The woman was flirting with Ryan Reynolds the day she died. I want to be like Betty!


Happy New Year!

  1. I ONLY made it to midnight because the cat kept grab what he could get at. I feel asleep very quickly. Went to bed feeling all achy, woke up still feeling achy. I don’t know if this is a sign of the year!

This is my very tired attempt of wishing you all a Happy New Year. While I have not into this new year with the same optimism that I did last year. After all, if you expect disappointment, you be so surprised when you get disappointment…BUT!

I think, in honour of Betty White. We should continually remind ourselves “What Would Betty White Do!”.

I am going to try and now get through some of your posts, but I am feeling just terrible and can’t sit for long. So, don’t be surprised to see me liking and commenting posts at different times today.

Also, to this beautiful WordPress Blogging community…