Be your best <3

A short post.

Life can really suck sometimes, and sometimes you can’t get out of your own head.

But for today at least, you are doing your best.

You are here, you are living. Even if your body aches and your throat is sore and your mind is fuzzy. You’re still here.

The best thing you can do is, is pick a pen and get your journal.

Get a quiet space.

Write down everything good in your life, everything good that happened in your day.

Did you get out of bed? That’s good.

Did you wake up today? That’s good.

Did you manage to brush your teeth. That’s good.

Did you change your underwear? That’s good.

No matter how I’m feeling, the body aches.

One should always change their underwear.

One step at a time.


Nurture Thursday – Your Best

Nurt Thurs – Your Best

I have been struggling to think of something for this. Work is overwhelmingly busy at the moment. Although I keep being thanked for helping out and making life easier. I always wonder to myself “Can I do better”? I always say to myself “Well that’s future Lauren’s problem, if something has gone wrong.” So even though I know I am working hard and doing my best, I sometimes really have a big self doubt to myself.

Sometimes what I’ll do, I’ll do something to make myself feel better about myself. So I might clean something, because I can do that. I’ll play the Sims, because I can do that. I’ll read because I can REALLY do that! Your best is literally all you can do!

Best Theme Ever!

A couple of years ago…or should I this year? Nah, I can’t lie to you…A couple of years ago I celebrated my 30th party with a Moulin Rouge/Favourite Character theme party. It’s still my favourite birthday ever. Then all these feelings came up again over the last long weekend, last weekend. Mainly because I finally got to watch Moulin Rouge again, by myself and with no interruption…and now I want to have another Moulin Rouge party!

What is your favourite party ever? Was there a theme…Would you do it again?

Or what was your worse party ever? Feel comfortable…Please share!


Best Friends = Best Lovers?!

This has been something I have been thinking about a lot lately. When I look back on all of my lovers (because I’ve had oh so many =P) the ones that I can say were the best lovers I had, were also pretty much my best friends…The ones where it to satisfy an means to an end, I was never satisfied afterwards and those guys always ended up being the ones who caused me the most dramas.

I guess because they didn’t try to get to know me and because I am a girl who can find fun with a guy without  wanting to be in a relationship and they don’t think girls can handle it. I miss my best friends…Why did they have to go and get girlfriends for?lol…That is another thing though, even having  girlfriends, I can still go and talk to them about pretty much everything still. Whereas the other “ones” are being completely passive aggressive and you know that they are writing statuses and liking pictures to have a go at you.

I wish that I still had a special best friend like them in my life. I am so tired of ‘playing’ with these silly boys who think that liking a profile picture/status or tagging you in a picture is some kind of “flirting” Will Shakespeare would be turning in his grave! I miss mucking about with someone and then being able to giggle and cuddle afterwards (and nap) and then have both of us go on with our lives. I sincerely miss you! ❤

I am definitely proof that best friends can make the best lovers!

Best friends-Best lovers