It begins!

At some point I have to start…exercising…I have brought it down to two different wedding dresses. Although there are plenty of people to tailor the dress and bring it in more. I need to lose the weight to bring it in. I mainly want to get rid of my little “pouch”, at the front there. I’m getting two, what I think are simple dresses, but I’m going to dress them up a bit. One of them I am going to buy ‘outright’ and then the other pay it off in installments.

I’ll share them with you, if you don’t want to know…STOP SCROLLING NOW!!!…

Because of my leg, I have to do gentle exercises. It needs to be done though. I need to lose some weight, so I look nice in my dresses. I’m going to measure myself and then order the dresses, a size down. So that way it will motivate me to lose weight.


One week

In the future, hehe … When the posts air, it will be one week since the New Year. How are you going?

Personally, I am already stupid people, like all of them

“Gender Dysphoria is only in the mind of the trans gender person”.

How many more times is McCarthy NOT going to get the votes?

Sunak has chosen to “solve” the strike situation in the UK, by making it illegal to strike, instead of TALKING to people. Oh, that will totally work and not make people more angry.

I have seen literal parents of children who have murdered someone, treat their murdered child BETTER than parents who children are trans.

No offense to people, but no one cares about how shitty us common people’s families are, lol. The Royal Family have been silent, because they let media do their talking for them, and THAT is the problem. Not for a single second though, has the RF been “dignified” about anything. Do I have to constantly repeat this?

Anger mounts over Camilla lunch attended by Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan

For the other record too, the UK media talking about the book. Apparently translated it from the Spanish version. So just be careful when you read about it. I would say wait until the book is actually out. But people make up their own minds.

If you don’t want to hear about it, I suggest muting words and trying to change your algorithms. As I’ve mentioned before there are a certain reality tv family, I rarely hear about it. Quiet honestly, I don’t mind H and M talking about their lives and what they’ve gone through. It sounds like a LOT of families. Honestly, I think it’s been kind of therapeutic for myself. I don’t feel as alone. I’m going to be honest here with you good people. I absolutely can relate to Meghan Markle and especially her “relationship” with her father. I find much more of a connection with H & M, and I always did.

The Royal Family IS a public family. You can never fix a problem by ignoring it. Once Charles gets over himself, maybe he can actually do something, for once, and help both his boys. Until then, #AbolishtheMonarchy.

“Oh it’s totally my child being trans and having gender dysphoria fault for our family breaking up. Not me only loving my child if they do what I want them too”.

COVID is not over. Several family members of mine had COVID over Christmas and New Years. My partner and I actually had just a general cold/flu.

“A leading lawyer has said ministerial plans to ban conversion therapy in Scotland would “criminalise” parents and preachers”…Uhhh, good?

It’s only been one week people!

How are we doing?

It’s a new Monday, a new week and the first day of August!

Which you know what that means for the Southern Hemisphere???!!! We’re finally start to head towards Spring!!! *insert happy dance here*. We just have one month to go until calendar wise, at least, we are in Spring again. It’s getting to that point where there’s a sun out, but the Sun being out doesn’t mean it warm, lol. It’s still so cold.

I just thought that it was kind of cool that New Monday, new “beginning” of the week and beginning of a new month. Surely there must be some kind of witchy, spell, coming together…Right? lol

It begins…

One of the things I asked for and got a lot of for my birthday were writing pads!

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I am talking all sizes! Large, medium, little ones that can fit in my bag, and I am already writing in them! Probably of no interest to anyone else, but myself. But who knows what future generations in my family will think! The main reason for me wanting to start writing my thought again. Was because of my Gran.

When we had to put her into the aged care home. We had to go through her house and we found all these writings and thoughts of hers. My Great-Grandfather already had done this and we’ve got some of his writings. It’s a pity that neither of them were able to put them into books. Maybe I can start thinking about it myself!

A new week!

Kind of…I guess? Haha.

New weeks start at different times for different people. I have a friend whose new week starts on Friday, meaning they have Wednesday and Thursday off. They were telling me how it’s weird to be one of the few people who doesn’t have Mon-Fri. Who doesn’t have the same weekend as everyone else.

So there new week, new beginnings doesn’t work at the same time for the same of all of us. Even those who don’t work. Since those who don’t have to work, have to abide by the Government’s time lines, very few people have to do anything on the weekend. So while not working, you still work during the week. It’s just a different kind of work, it’s working to get you work.

Whenever your new week begins, we all have a new week, and new beginning.

Clicks 2 – Self Business!

As you can see from my previous post (May Goals). I have decided that I am going to start at least researching about how I might be able to do this and start creating a small home business. I decided after initially being inspired by putting “Magic Monday” , which is one of my Blog categories) onto a jar for myself. Why not pursue this further? Using my own quotes and seeing if I can draw any kind of designs to come up with. Maybe place these on cushions and see what happens from there?

I have been able to find one good site so far:

The only problem with this site, is that you can’t inscribe anything on the jars. However, I am sure I can find something that would allow me to do so. I have only just really started, so I have literally just been Googling everything at the moment. I would like some advice or some inspiration. Have any of you done this, or are currently doing something like this at the moment?

Ironically as well, this was my Horoscope for the week (Taurus)

So as you have probably heard by now, this is one of the biggest weeks of –arguably – your life! No kidding. This week sees the planet of revolution and rebellion, Uranus, bursting into your sign like a massive bolt of electricity that leaves every hair on your body standing on end.

So what do you have to look forward to? Well, change, awakenings and liberation, to name three things. It might be a bumpy ride but the shackles are falling away.

I thought…

I wake up again, the same life, everything the same.

I thought it was going to be different this time,

I thought that things were just about to change.

I thought that my life was about to begin,

I thought that this was it for me.

When is it all going to change?

I step into the warm night air, just to escape doing the same thing every night.

I thought that if I keep telling the world I’m alright, I would start to believe it myself,

I thought my heart would be full.

I thought life would be complete.

I thought something was about to change.

I thought that if I could just dream and truly believed, it would happen.

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It’s time to say Goodbye

I had a very Oprah, light-bulb, ah -uh moment over the weekend when I was trying to explain to someone about a past relationship, where it was the room mate who was abusive and bully to me, rather than my partner. However, my partner looked me dead in the face when I finally asked for help after having a shoe flown at my head “Please do something” I kid you not my then partner looked me in the face and said

“You deserve it and you have it coming”

As much as I hate it, and even though I left straight away after that comment, and it’s been years. That comment still stays with me. However, that’s for another post.

I met my “that partner” through mutual friends who were still my friends every after we broke up, but we are pretty much no longer friends. After thinking about it for a while I’ve come to realise that the reason my partners comments have shocked me less and less over the years is because of this group of “friends” It has recently occurred to me why my partner felt that was the best thing he could do. My ex-partner is such a chicken, like he’s definitely a weakling.For him, instead of doing anything, because he “had to live” with this guy, it was just easier to blame me. It’s occurred to me recently the entire group is like that.

I have un-followed all of them on my Facebook and have for nearly the whole year now. I am starting to think of unfriending them in the new year. I have been publicly humiliated because I didn’t want to date someone, I have been told that headbands look stupid on me. Someone told me something disrespectful about their sister and best friend, and yet I wasn’t invited to the party.

I have had my phone yanked out of my hand, checking up on a girlfriend, because that’s being rude and unsociable. Yet, the girl right next to them, was playing on her phone because she’s “bored”, the whole time I was being berated and being put down, she was there, playing on her phone, which is why I initially thought it’d be okay to check up on my girlfriend. That whole situation is an exact representation of my “friendship” with these people. They’ll treat what they think you’re worth. How is that not a form of emotional bullying, borderline psychological abuse?

With it coming up to New Years Eve and with people thinking about who they want to bring in the new year in, who they want to start off the year. Please, REALLY think about it. Think about being your own best friend. Please think about who you really truly believe in your gut who deserves to be with you on a brand new journey.

Turn Offs?

I was having a conversation with some good lady friends the other day and we’re all in pretty serious relationships and the topic come about what we used to got through when we were single. We had a good laugh especially when it come to the topic of what used to turn us off…And how little of a clue these guys in our lives had/have about us. Which is why they are not with us.

It got me thinking about one thing that would instantly turn me off. There was one ex I dated and we had a lot of mutual friends before and after we had dated. Now, bless their tiny little socks, they have this hobby, were it doesn’t really encourage a whole lot of deep thinking. It’s more sitting around for hours and “discussing” people who weren’t there. The problem with this was…still is…The gossip at some point started to become fact, even if they never talked about the issue with THAT particular person. You’d only find out what had been said about you, when someone gets angry with someone else and then that person tells everybody else what you’ve said about them.

To break it down, not a single one these guys have actually had a conversation with me about who I am and what my ex actually did it me in our old relationship. They used to think turning me on would be one sentence:

“I’m nothing like your ex-boyfriend”. 

Yep, that was the big line. There was just one problem, they have no idea what he was like with me because they’ve never ever asked what happened. How would they know if they’re nothing like him? 100% of the time just on social media sites, I could see them interacting with him, just like him. Using the same language, commenting on their friends girlfriend boobs. Just from what I could see, they were doing the exact same things he does, all over a public social media site. So where’s the proof exactly that their nothing like him. Except for the fact that they were doing everything exactly like him?

I can’t even begin to tell you how many things these guys would do and say that were EXACTLY what my ex used to do and then in same breath say “I’m nothing like your ex”. That’s a whole other blog in itself.

So, readers what are your turn offs? Do you have people in your life, who don’t “get it” either?