The end of the start, start of the beginning?

So we’re at the end of the first month of January, how are we all going?

I changed my website, and I am nearly ready to go! LolsysLibrary – Go Daddy

Long Post incoming!

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I am determined on a few things for the rest of year. Maybe the end of January is when we should make our resolutions?

  • Fight for people to quit following “social influencers”. I swear, they are the worse! I’d say the majority, if not all, have no CLUE about TRUE social issues. The majority of them if not all, don’t actually live a “normal” social life. They’re all advertising ridiculous bikinis, that only people like them would ever wear. One of our the whiny tennis players that I wrote about, his girlfriend is a social influencer. She was whining that she hasn’t washed her hair, because only hairdressers wash her hair, she’s 26. Oh, and also she didn’t apologise she did the whole “I’m sorry people felt that way”. My Nana gets her hair washed by hair dressers, because she physically can’t do it anymore. Let alone the “social influencers” from the UK, breaking Laws in Dubai for their “business” (apparently their there for those ridiculous bikinis I mentioned).
  • I hope more people are called out for their “being silenced”. As they’re on every single media outlet. Watch Death 2020 “I’m being silenced…As I said to Tucker Carlson, twice”.
  • Personally, I am going to start asking people that if they clearly don’t like a page. Why do they keep making comments on it? It’s almost like they think, if they complain enough the page will stop? Which is not going to happen. Especially those people who are on Facebook and become “top fans”, because they’re commenting a lot on a page they don’t like. I don’t like the Kardashians (as a example), I don’t go to all their pages and keep complaining about them. I have a life, lol.
  • I wish for 2021 that pro-lifers and anti-trans stop using animals and compare them to humans. As examples, I recently came across a pro-lifer that told us off for caring more about and fighting for dolphins, turtles, than fetuses. Than anti-transers said that Human Beings are the only mammals that perform invasive genitalia messing operations. One) Animals are better than humans to begin with, and the reason we need to fight for animals, is because OF humans. Two) Human Beings are the only mammals that can do medical and surgical procedures, period. Thirdly) Human Beings tend to be more “aware” of certain things Fourthly) We are not that kind of animal/mammal.

I am glad to see though, more people are starting to call out Rowling, for her more than clear anti-trans stance. The woman advertised anti-trans merchandise that had pins that said things like “Sorry abut your dick bros” and ” trans men are our sisters”, and last year she gave back a humanitarian award. I don’t know how much more of a bigot you can be, than willingly giving back a humanitarian award. Because you don’t agree with trans rights being human rights. If you didn’t have a problem with anyone, why would you give back a Humanitarian award?


I’m going to do it!

So this is how this works right, I let you know what I’m want to do…This way I cannot back out!

For YEARS now I have wanted to learn how to start drawing. In my head I am such a visual person and I LOVE to start getting some of my ides onto paper. Instead of getting someone else to draw them for me. As beaitiful as the drawings are, it would save me so much more money if I did it myself,lol

The other thing that did occur to myself over the weekend was this. I LOVE the little creations that Little Fat Dragons, Plush Like Creatures etc 

They make the cutest little creatures, but they are all overseas and a lot of the time not only are the expensive (but totally worth it)…but sometimes I miss the sales because of the time differences. I think they are mostly in the America areas…Why don’t I just start making my own?!

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Yes funny dog meme…I am going to do it! I want and feel like I need to do this! You ever get your feeling, you’re supposed to be doing something? Well I am getting that feeling right now!

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I feel good writing this and getting this out there…So i must be right?!

It’s time to say Goodbye

I had a very Oprah, light-bulb, ah -uh moment over the weekend when I was trying to explain to someone about a past relationship, where it was the room mate who was abusive and bully to me, rather than my partner. However, my partner looked me dead in the face when I finally asked for help after having a shoe flown at my head “Please do something” I kid you not my then partner looked me in the face and said

“You deserve it and you have it coming”

As much as I hate it, and even though I left straight away after that comment, and it’s been years. That comment still stays with me. However, that’s for another post.

I met my “that partner” through mutual friends who were still my friends every after we broke up, but we are pretty much no longer friends. After thinking about it for a while I’ve come to realise that the reason my partners comments have shocked me less and less over the years is because of this group of “friends” It has recently occurred to me why my partner felt that was the best thing he could do. My ex-partner is such a chicken, like he’s definitely a weakling.For him, instead of doing anything, because he “had to live” with this guy, it was just easier to blame me. It’s occurred to me recently the entire group is like that.

I have un-followed all of them on my Facebook and have for nearly the whole year now. I am starting to think of unfriending them in the new year. I have been publicly humiliated because I didn’t want to date someone, I have been told that headbands look stupid on me. Someone told me something disrespectful about their sister and best friend, and yet I wasn’t invited to the party.

I have had my phone yanked out of my hand, checking up on a girlfriend, because that’s being rude and unsociable. Yet, the girl right next to them, was playing on her phone because she’s “bored”, the whole time I was being berated and being put down, she was there, playing on her phone, which is why I initially thought it’d be okay to check up on my girlfriend. That whole situation is an exact representation of my “friendship” with these people. They’ll treat what they think you’re worth. How is that not a form of emotional bullying, borderline psychological abuse?

With it coming up to New Years Eve and with people thinking about who they want to bring in the new year in, who they want to start off the year. Please, REALLY think about it. Think about being your own best friend. Please think about who you really truly believe in your gut who deserves to be with you on a brand new journey.