Start! – Nurt Thurs

Nurture Thursday – Start

Today honestly feels like a good day to start…Again,lol

I feel like people have been taking stupid pills all day and I need to start the day again. This is what happened to me today:

Did some people take stupid pills today?lol…First I get told to stop whitesplaining when I said I stand with and needs to stop harassing these young women. Then Angel Gotti goes around actually insulting people and saying they are only famous for who they are married too and then gets all offended when all she’s known for is being the daughter of a crime lord? That’s attacking, not calling a stranger lard arse? Piers Morgan is the most offended “man” ever, but calls everyone else snowflakes?

The Twitter thread I posted below is the one that I retweeted and asked Shaun King to stop harassing the women he’s targeting, and this is the tweet where I got told to stop whitesplaining. I am very confused today.