A Beautifully Uncertain 31-Day Challenge: Week 4

As I’ve mentioned before for the month of January I’ll be posting Mandy Hales: The Single Woman “A beautifully uncertain 31 day Challenge”. This week I am posting Week 4 Beautifully Uncertain Challenge: Week 4. As Mandy herself has said about this weeks challenge

 “I thought it might be good for everyone to have a couple of days off to reflect on how far they’ve come so far”.

So how did you find the challenges? I’ve been loving it myself and I’m not even single, I just feel like these have been great life challenges. For those who may have missed or may want to start the challenge themselves, I’ll post the individual link below for each week.

Beautifully Uncertain: Week 1

Beautifully Uncertain: Week 2

Beautifully Uncertain: Week 3

Beautifully Uncertain: Week 4

Sorry for such a short post today, the last couple of weeks have been all around crazy (sleeping and time wise) and I think it’s starting to catch up with me. So I’m not using the whole of my brain,lol.