World Environment Day

World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. With a lot of movements like this it usually have some sort of theme or focus:

Beat Air Pollution and the host nation is China

Did you know: more people die from air pollution than smoking?

Fair – Walking the talk in beating air pollution “EDITOR:Bob Koigi, Nairobi

UN News – With a premature death every five second, air pollution in violation of human rights, says UN expert “WRITER¬†Mungunkhishig Batbaatar”

Lolsy’s Library, what can I do to help beat air pollution?

  • Switching to walk, cycling or taking public transport. Too help reduce with fossil fuels and diesel.
  • Instead of making your backyard a pavement or cement wasteland…Think instead of planting trees and plants. Ones that are preferably native to your area.
  • Clean up trash and learn to recycle properly.
  • Check energy efficiency ratings on household items like dishwashers, heaters etc.
  • Watch your own energy outage (leaving lights on).
  • Take up or find out about “Join the Mask” challenge.

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