Batman and Peace

What a day today! Not only is it Batman Day but it’s also International Peace Day. Coincidence? I think not!…Or maybe it is?lol

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September 21 is Batman Day and DC Comics has a special celebration involving the iconic Bat-Signal to mark the 80th birthday of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego. According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter (THR), the annual celebration of DC’s Dark Knight, launched by the comic book giant to commemorate the characters 75th anniversary in 2014, will see DC and Warner Bros organise a special way to help fans keep track of where in the world the Batversary is taking place.

According to THR, the Bat-Signal will light up the skies in Melbourne, Australia, before crossing the globe throughout the day — with stops in Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, London, São Paulo, New York, Montreal and Mexico City before ending in Los Angeles.

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International Day of Peace is celebrated worldwide on 21 September each year to recognise the efforts of those who have worked hard to eliminate the conflicts and promote peace.

2019 Theme: “Climate Action for Peace”


The “Good Guy” Syndrome

I usually don’t like writing/talking about this subject mainly because it brings up so many issues and problems and no one actually listening, just all fights. This is a major problem that a lot of girls face when they’re single. I’m not sure if being in a relationships means that I just don’t see it anymore, but I know it’s a huge problem.

Deciding to write this blog post come about when someone posted to me in a private message. The article comes from the website Distractify and I really had to share it with you.

The guy is shaming women who reject him and it backfires.

To summarise this article, a person (assuming he’s a guy here) writes an anonymous note about how ‘hard’ it is to be a good guy, opening doors and not getting thanked for it…blah, blah, blah…And the responses that come from this anon note. The reason I wanted to share it with you all was this one classic line from the backfire:

“Did Batman give up on Gotham because people weren’t thanking him for saving the city?”.

I can personally relate to this issue, I was actually shamed on Facebook because I didn’t want to date a “good guy” cause nothing says “I’m a good guy” like shaming someone because they rejected you…three times…*insert sarcasm* Being shamed publicly on Facebook completely made me rethink and made me realised how wrong I was when I saw that if I didn’t do what this guy wanted me to, he’d get his friends and they’d just humiliate me…I wasn’t happy with my choice of not dating this guy at all*end of sarcasm*

I did learn from this situation…Make a game out of it ladies (and guys if this happens to as well). What I used to do was with the last guy I was with  and when he would do the cliche “good guy things”. For example, having to make a comment on any girls picture asking “where the good guys are”…Everyone takes a shot/drink.

Guys you need ask yourself two questions, if you need to try and convince someone else you’re a “good guy” ask yourself why do you have no other qualities to offer? And, if you are SO convinced that the girl you “like” is chasing someone who you think is such a “douche” why do YOU want a girl like that? What does it say about you?

#TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman

I saw Batman vs Superman over the weekend and I have to say that I was really impressed, it was a lot better than I thought that it was going to be! I am starting to think I have to let good of the whole judging a movie before I’ve seen it…Except for Suicide Squad, I will not go see Suicide Squad…Nope, you can’t make me!

Ben Affleck was awesome, the perfect combination of broody and emotion. Definitely better as Batman in this role, than he was in Daredevil. Henry Cavill, of course, is perfect again as Superman. Yes, there is quite a few CGI moments in the film, but that it is always expected in films these days. I don’t want too give away too much because it hasn’t even been a week yet and I don’t like being a spoilers type person.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was actually good, I can see a lot of little girls being inspired by her … Walked in thinking am I ‪#‎teambatman‬ or ‪#‎teamsuperman‬, walked out ‪#‎teamwonderwoman‬ ‪#‎changeisgood‬

The only thing I still feel was a bit of a miss was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, it might just possibly be myself. I always see Lex Luthor as a older sophisticated evil genius. I just couldn’t get him as Lex Luthor.

You should definitely see this film in the cinema before it’s out of the cinema, I don’t think that it’s going to be as effective on a television screen.

Harley vs Harley

I am a HUGE fan of the DC character Harley Quinn and by fan I mean the original Harley Quinn. I’ve tried playing and getting into the other Harley Quinn, but as the saying goes “You can’t beat the original”. I just don’t like the other versions of Harley Quinn.

(For those who don’t know this image below is the original Harley Quinn).

harley1This of course is just my own personal opinion, but the other versions of Harley Quinn are just either really annoying or childish (I think that original Harley is child-like, not childish) or they are some kind of “sexed up” version of her. Which isn’t really her either, she pretty much only loves the Joker and she might seem sexy, but I don’t think that she’s even aware of it. Whereas the others KNOW it.

Let me know how you are feeling about the new Harley Quinn in the soon-to-be-released film “Suicide Squad”?!

Anyways, I have been doing some hunting around and I have found some great prints and clothing that I am extremely tempted to buy. Below are some links that I think are a great expression of a lot of people’s views of this new “Harley”.

Jed Thomas probably has the BEST prints and I want to get this one in every version possible! HARLEY Vs. HARLEY Print – Jed Thomas

This is the same print and you can get on clothing too, this is SO going to happen!  HARLEY Vs. HARLEY TeePublic



I am OBSESSED with the new television show “Gotham” which is a new television show based on the Batman legend.

If you have not seen it already (and you need to watch it!) the long story short is that the show is based around James Gordon. The detective that teams up in pretty much every story of Batman. It’s the prequel too all the Batman story and Villains. So the show starts off with a young Bruce Wayne parents being murdered. It is literally from the beginning of Batman. So don’t expect the classic characters in the episodes from the 60’s television shows and movies.

I have been loving the television show, it explains a lot of the villains start and how they turned into who they turned into. At the moment it is focusing on two particular villains and the actors portraying these villains are perfect for the roles. Whoever was the genius behind hiring these actors must of looked high and low for these people because they look and act perfectly like the characters. Almost better than the other movies and television shows…The Penguin…Sublime!


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Gotham 2014, “Gotham (TV series)”,