Good Witch or Bad Witch?

Promise this is the last time I’ll bring her up for the year.

I’m going to be honest, whenever I hear anyone call JKRowling either magical or influential, this is what pops into my mind. After all, who said being magical or influential is always a good thing?

I think people REALLY have to ask themselves if they’re going to listen to a author, whose famous for writing about magic, including a transformation spell, where Hermione nearly became another person, and nearly turned into a cat too, and has been problematic over quiet a few years now. Or Scientists and actual Feminists, who have been actually fighting for women for years.

Science Daily – Gene variants provide insight into brain, body incongruence in transgender



I see a lot of transphobes say “The reason they hate us, the reason they call us bigots, is because we’re women”!

First…Deluded or what!

Second and most importantly…If the people on your “side” are:

  1. Racists
  2. Conservatives
  3. Conservative Christians
  4. Tories
  5. Trump
  6. Johnson
  7. Other bigots
  8. People who have literally been kicked off of social media for their bigotry.
  9. MRA’s
  10. Anti-Feminists

Call me crazy, if you will. But people MIGHT be calling your side bigots, not because you’re women, but because you are a bigot!lol

Also cis people, quit speaking for communities that are not your own!

So bad, they’re GOOD!

All day good feel posting today @ Mr Bump =P

I just wanted to know who is your favourite bad guy/lady? Can you relate to them? What first made you really like them?

I’m going to post below some of my favourite “bad guys” … *shivers all over* They do say that good girls, adore those bad boys!

Of course…Joker…

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Tom Hiddleston What GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Darth Vader…cause…well…IT’S DARTH VADER!

Darth Vader Fist Shake GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Probably the worst of all the bad guys…

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They’re not so “bad”…Well, they think they are

Fucked Up Lol GIF by What We Do in the Shadows - Find & Share on GIPHY

Ohhhhhhhhhh…can’t forget this guy! He’s so bad…he’s good! Well, actually he is a bad guy…LOOK AT THAT LOOK

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Cannot stress this enough!

Just because a person writes children’s books, (or children’s books that adults secretly read) does not make them an automatically a good person. You all are aware of this, right? Although I am going to mention Rolf Harris, I am directing it at another child’s author. A author who transphobes are trying to use that as justification, as why she can’t possibly be a bad person.

I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot this year…It doesn’t matter if you’re a sci-fi writer, a romance writer, a crime writer, a children’s writer, a non-fiction writer…The writing, the book, does not make a person good or bad. A person is just bad or good.

Rowling, fantastic, that she got both children and adults (even though I always have…Yes, I’m gloating,lol) to read again…Stiiiiiiiiiill a bigot,lol. Just like Rolf Harris got people, children, into reading and being creative…Stiiiiiiiiill a pedophile.

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Just because…

I am hoping this doesn’t offend people, but after I literally said I didn’t want to be rude and assume something. I got told off for being rude? It was a weird situation…People are getting weirder…I swear.

Something I’ve noticed lately, from both side, one thing people will say is that people like Milo Yiannopoulos can’t possibly be a horrible person because he’s gay and he married a black man. Now personally, I think that makes him worse and his partner…well…quiet honestly, an idiot.

However, the whole point of this post is this.

Just because someone may be gay, POC, Jewish, a follower of God. Does not automatically make them a good person. Being straight, gay, POC, follower a religion, etc…Does not a a person make. What makes a person is their heart (metaphorically). I have known plenty of horrible gay people (for example, those lesbians who just HATE on trans-people). You take a look at those Latin or Black or Gay supporters for Trump. Why? He does nothing for them. I mean, he literally he is doing nothing for them. In fact, he seems to be making it harder for them to do anything, or even be recognised as human being.


Karma is an interesting thing, isn’t it?

At some stage we have probably all wanted Karma to work and have all had probably have had someone who wishes bad Karma on us.

I’ve been finding Karma to be a very interesting thing this year. I have never really wanted people to get hurt, but I also feel like, because the things that have happened to me this year. Well, they’ve all be done by people I don’t consider a friend (I don’t hate them, they are just not a friend of mine) or a friend that I no longer considered a friend anyway. So I haven’t really been out of place, trying to get Karma to work.

Yet, it’s been happening for me.

I guess it’s kind of like, when you’re not looking for love, there it is.

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As for my Blog yesterday about Serena Williams, I was either blocked or the whole page account was taken down. Either way I think it’s a win for sane thinking! I swear like 95% of the comments defended were by white males. *shakes head*


Personally…I am just over the Kardashians


I used to like Khloe the best…Now I think she doesn’t stick to her word. She used to be for not wearing fur. After one incident with a small group of people, she decided she doesn’t like them, so she’s going to start wearing fur again…I call bullshit!

Then I started liking Kendall best, especially since both her and I suffer from anxiety. She just NEVER gives credit to anybody!

I have NEVER liked Kim…I think her being called a “Bully” is exactly what she is. I thought it was SO petty what she was doing with the perfume, especially since she’s just had a baby…Surely she has better things to do?

Kourtney and Kylie I’ve got no real issues with…I actually really respect and like what Kylie did with, regarding her pregnancy.

Tick or not too Tick? September health goals

I really should have started my health goals at the end of September…But when your father have a major heart attack…It sort of makes you kick into gear!

My goals were:

  • Three pieces of fresh fruit a week

As well as with water I found this one shocking with how little fruit I was eating. I usually have some kind of salad at dinner, unless it spaghetti bolognese or something like that. Also like water though this was easy to do as well, instead of snacking on biscuits or chips when I’d get home, I’d have a piece of fruit instead. I just had to make sure that there was always some kind of fruit in the house. There were times when we didn’t have any fruit in the house, so I’d have to wait till the next day to go food shopping.

  • Once a week I will make a meal from scratch

Yeah, I knew this one was going to be a lot more difficult to do. This one never happened, but I am determined to make it so for the next month. Once a week…How difficult can that be? Right?

  • Three times a walk a 15 minute walk, at least. One at my partners house and two at my house.

This one has been a lot easier to do, the weather is becoming a lot more nicer here.

So this one I didn’t end up doing. I’ve been doing extra walking, but I do want to start doing this one as well. Especially as this time of year, all that good food that’s coming out.

  • Drink one cup of water a day. 

I shocked myself recently when I realised how little water I was actually drinking. The health benefits of drinking water are out of this world! This goal ended up being the easiest out of the lot and I thought it was going to be the hardest! I literally would get home from work and just have a glass. Those days I didn’t work, I end up having water before I drunk my coffee or tea, usually it would be before my second cup of the day. I was finding that once you were in the kitchen, preparing anything really, it was just so simple to fill a glass up. The biggest difference between the easiness of this one versus the fruit, water is pretty well everywhere. You don’t really have to “stock up” on it.


I thought that this week I would write about Napping, is it good, is it bad, are there any benefits whatsoever? I felt like we needed, well I, needed to look further into this because lately I have been napping badly. By that I mean, every time I’ve taken a nap recently, I’ve felt worse when I’ve woken up.

Napping – Sleep Health Foundation

This is what I get from when I’ve been napping lately:

  • Usually a headache
  • Back ache
  • Sometimes I feel more tired and worse than when I want to sleep.