Oh, Georgia

A bunch of white men who will NEVER be pregnant. Are celebrating that another bunch of white men, voted to make it harder for women to get abortions …But it’s the Muslims who are trying to control us? Only Muslim men control their women? America’s going backwards for reals.

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Let’s break down some actual facts here:

  1. Not all abortions are because of “birth control”. They are also because of rapes, victims of sexual assaults by family members. Either the fetus/baby are going to die or the mothers health’s is at risk. So to force the mother to give birth to a dead baby and then risking the mothers life too, not exactly very “pro-life” is it. It’s more force births. Hence, why I now call pro-lifers…Force Birthers, because that’s essentially what they want.
  2. Parent Planned-hood doesn’t do JUST abortions. They do a variety of health care options, like birth control options. They also do cervix screenings, pap smears. So unless you are doing this…Sit down. You need to do research instead of listening to the propaganda.
    Abortions make up 3.4 percent of the services Planned Parenthood...3.4 percent!
    Washington Examiner – PP reports abortion figures 
  3. Testing for sexually transmitted diseases comprises the largest share of Planned Parenthood services, at 48.7 percent, and next is contraception at 27.1 percent.
  4. PlannedParent are very upfront with what they do as well, because they get wrongly accused all the time by idiots, who go with their feelings and keep choosing not to listen.
  5. Basically PP would be alright with not doing abortions, because it’s not even their most used service.
  6. It’s also NONE of my actual business what goes on between someone legs, and what goes on in someone else body. It’s not mine and its not yours.
  7. Yes, we are fetuses because we are mammals. We are not special. It’s called science.
  8. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, abortions after 21 weeks make up less than 1.3% of all abortions in the United States. This means that abortions that occur beyond 24 weeks make up less than 1% of all procedures.
  9. There are many reasons why women may need to access abortion later in pregnancy, including maternal health endangerment, diagnosis of fetal abnormalities or restrictive laws delaying earlier access to abortion care. Those exceptionally rare cases that happen after 24 weeks are often because a fetus has a condition that cannot be treated and will never be able to survive — regardless of the gestational age or trimester.

  10. Nobody arrives at the decision to have an abortion after 24 weeks carelessly.

  11. See, I know, even writing this. I already know that the people who already know this, KNOW this. If that makes sense? You all don’t need me to break it down, because compassionate thinking people, know all of this already.

There is absolutely no excuse in this day and age to make judgements against people with no research, who you don’t even know, based on your feelings…Because that is exactly what they are. You are judging people based on no research.

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Namaste, you judgemental fools.

I found the most perfect answer on Quora for this question, written by Janie Keddie




Taking a step backward…Step FORWARD!


Maybe not the best way to set up a Monday, but I felt like it was a point that I wanted to talk about, of something that happened to me over the weekend. I felt like I had taken a huge step back.

*Just warning…If you do suffer from a anxiety and you’re having a bad day, this post may not be for you today. Even though there is a positive message behind it. I don’t want to be responsible for any triggering.*

Friday morning i had the day off of work and with how well I had been on Thursday, I had decided to head out and do some shopping on the Friday morning. Lately I have been ordering pretty much everything online, because I don’t know how I am going to be from one day to the other.

Taking you back to last year, after an traumatic incident, I have developed an, well I think, a really odd form of anxiety. Too break it down, because someone, who will remain nameless at this point, decided that no, they could not pull over (even though we went past a McDonald’s, a gas station AND a public toilet) and let me out to get to a toilet. I spent 20 minutes basically trapped in a car, actually NEEDING to get out. After the person had left me hanging all day while I drunk tea all day and no food. We were supposed to go clothes shopping, but they had to do some things in the morning. Which was fine, but once it got to 3pm, I was starting to get annoyed. I didn’t know if we were eating, was I supposed to eat first. I was actually in the middle of a text to let them not to bother, when they finally showed up. Our clothes stores close at 5pm on the weekend.

So giving that they finally turned up, we basically run out of the door, which was a bad idea. I didn’t go to the toilet before we left and I had been drinking all day, to fill my stomach. I had been filling my bladder instead.Since then whenever I am in a car, or travelling. I get anxious and feel like I need to get to a toilet badly. I have been getting better with help of hypnotherapy.

I was actually getting better, until a couple of weeks ago. I had one bad night, where I don’t even know what happened, but my stomach hurt and I just had to go. Then it feels like it’s gotten worse, with a rare good day here and there, and just this Friday morning I nearly ended up crying in a shopping mall. It was horrible and I hate it.

I felt SO fed up, I’m tired of fighting it because it’s feels so stupid. When I do go, even in the woes of panic, nothing happens…I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating it is, how tiring it is. I can’t just do things on a whim and even when I plan things, it still doesn’t always work out. I’m alright coming back and forth from work and sometimes travelling to my partners house I do really well.

Then I have mornings like I did Friday…

I try not to be too hard on myself, I’m doing well every well else, just more necessarily when I have a “duty”.

 That’s the whole thing though, I am so tired of it, that I now have a plan. I had stopped doing all the things that had helped when I started to get better, because I swear just that one bad moment has seemingly ruined it all.

  1. So instead of doing it once a week, like I was before. I’m not going to be mediating and listening to my hypnosis tapes, at LEAST every second day. Definitely the night before long trips.
  2. I have to promise to myself to not be so hard on myself.
  3. When I go shopping by myself, if I need to leave, then I need to leave…It’s alright
  4. I have to start walking my dog again, because that was what honestly what started to heal me before. Whether that be a 5 minute walk or a 30 minute walk, I handle what I can handle. That’s what I used to do before. The walks got longer and longer over time.
  5. No coffee before long drives.
  6. Mostly, it’s okay to admit I am not okay, but I will be. I am not going to let this defeat me.
  7. Trying to figure out a way to calm my mind down before I get into a car, especially with those unexpected trips.

I would actually really like any ideas, or any suggestions about any of the above, or if you want to share…Please feel free…No judgement!

Positive Thinking!

So no more talking about ex’s…Except in terms of my “Single in a small city” page, even though, it will be at a minimum and only when it’s NEEDED!

I think the best piece of advice that I could give anyone is to believe in yourself the most. Everyone is going to give you those cliché type pieces of posts, but only you know what you truly need. I can’t tell you how many people would tell me that I was moving far to slowly with my new partner. I didn’t just break up with my ex, but I also was in a new job at a high pressure time. So I didn’t always want to go out.

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