Thursday Theories – The Moon

I did some research into this one, after having a discussion with Della Ratcliffe at Inner Journey Events Blog about her post “2023 a year of 13 moons”

I am Australian, but I am first generation white Australian though. I am not an Aboriginal person. What I have been researching into is what do Aboriginal people do when they think of the Moon.

Aboriginal people have, what is called “Dreamtime Stories”

They generally have a story for everything, from the Murray River was created till how the Australian Native animals were created.

“Emu in the Sky” constellation of dark clouds, and stories about the Sun, Moon, and stars,  revealing a great depth and complexity of ancient Aboriginal cultures. Not only did they know the sky intimately, but they were familiar with planetary motions, tides, and eclipses.

Emu in the Sky | June – On the left hand side of the Southern Cross, try to find a dark oval shape, called the Coalsack Nebula. This is the head of the Emu with the beak pointing downward. The long neck stretches to the left through the middle of “the Pointers”. The body and legs of the Emu stretch halfway across the horizon towards the east.

Aboriginal people don’t celebrate necessarily the same way that Celts would have. They did/do celebrate the different types of moons. They map a lot of the land, and the moon and the sun, and the weather. During the Summers in Australia, a lot of elders from Aboriginal tribes will still help too “burn off” dry land. Too stop such devastating fires from occurring. They have had nearly 60,000 years on working out how to work with the land.

The dreamtime stories have been handed down through 60,000+ years. They don’t have HUGE feasts, like the Celts would have. The Australian land is not really made for huge feasting, it’s dry and hot.


Invasion Day

Today I would like to #acknowledge that I am on #Kaurna Land If you would like to know, please check out this:

Map of Indigenous Australia

Some call today “Australia Day”, and some call it “Invasion Day”. I also call it, Invasion Day. Observed annually on 26 January, it marks the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip following days of exploration of Port Jackson in New South Wales.

Basically, when the white people came over to wipe the Aboriginal people.


I know, I know…boring!lol

I was deeply depressingly disturbed to see over the pass weekend, how, for such a sports focused country. How we don’t really back our sports players.

Over the weekend billionaire and generally terrible human being. Gina Rinehart pulled out of her $15 million funding for Women’s Netball. The cause? Gina Rinehart wanted the Diamond Netballers to put her logo on their tops. Gina Rinehart is a terrible person, and she refused to acknowledge that her equally terrible father was a wannabe genocidal manic. So, she pulled the funding. One of the players on that Diamond Netballers is indigenious.

Gina Rineharts company is also an oiling company, and her company has also damaged indigenous land.

I was so disappointed to see so many Australians, being gleeful that she had done so. Calling the netballers “selfish” and “undeserving”. They really want the netballers to fail…but we are totally not a racist country, who cares about more about money. Just like what Jesus stood for.

When I started to look into more, I came across the article before. I knew how badly Peter Norman had been treated, even though he did the right thing and ASKED the other two black sprinters what he could do. Peter Norman was treated better by Americans, then his own home country.

The Australian sprinter whose career was killed by the ‘Black Power’ podium protest

As this has gone on, more has come out.

Apparently the only indigenous player on the team, and only the third indigenous player in 30 years, didn’t want to wear the logo. She had no problem with the rest of the team wearing it, but she didn’t want too.

This is Halloween

I am a bad Australian, no no, it’s true.

I LOVE Halloween!

I am also really desperate to write about something fun, I’m done with dumbasses over the last couple of days.

I try to make Halloween more like a Pagan festival. I enjoy the Celtic Paganism. The Halloween, America, is loosely based off the Celtic pagan festival called Samhain (pronounced “SAH- wane”). That’s get debated every single year. Let’s be honest. A lot of belief and religious systems are based off of each other.

I would love to hear if you celebrate Halloween or Samhain. If you have any traditions. Are you over America?lol

What I love the most about Samhain, is that belief October 31st is the thinnest part between this world and the “afterworld”. I know that those who have past are always with me, but I always look out a little bit more ~.^ Haha

The Spring Equinox, Australia

Technically, the Spring Equinox was last Friday, the 23rd. However, that s also the date of my father birth, so I was honestly more worried about that. (Spring Equinox 2022 in Southern Hemisphere was at 11:03 am on Friday 23rd).

The September Equinox marks the arrival of the first day of spring in the southern hemisphere. That’s why in the earth’s southern areas, the September Equinox is known as the Spring Equinox.

Now, I am, what is called “new agey”, even though a lot of these beliefs have been around a long time. It’s kind of interesting that really. A lot of the beliefs and practices that people have been practicing for literal centuries are now “new”. Nah. man. It might be new to some religions, but it’s not new. Western Medication is quiet new though, in it’s current form at least.

I went out and found all these bees, over a a bush in our backyard. It’s a huge one and it smells beautiful. These pictures are also my last of September. Is there another sign of Spring coming? Apart from like baby lambs, but I don’t live near a Farm, lol

Bees are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity since Ancient times.

What does spring equinox represent?

The Spring equinox is the representation of new life and light, new beginnings, path, and seeds.

How you can celebrate the Spring Equinox:

  • “Spring” Cleaning, haha
  • Refresh your house with Spring type items. Bring Spring, inside
  • Plant flowers and trees. Plant new life.
  • Usually this is done in the Northern Hemisphere, paint eggs.
  • Make a great feast.
  • Meditate.
  • Make a fairy garden.
  • Watch, as it changes from Winter to Spring.

Honey Bee Day

Bees can literally kill me, but we are killing them. Also, bee butts are the cutest!

Get Involved – World Bee Day (Australia, but you can try too!)

With Honey Bee Day, we have two different days the one in America is August the 18th and in Australia ours is May 20th. I am assuming because of the weather. It’s still quiet cold in August in Australia, not many Bees about. In May though, we are heading towards Winter, but it’s still Autumn. Less and less warms days, but warmer than August.

Which makes sense. You probably could not have an international day, just based on the globe seasons.

National Sorry Day

What’s the purpose of National Sorry Day?

In addition to acknowledging the trauma and loss that continues to affect Indigenous communities, families and individuals, National Sorry Day also provides a chance to focus on healing and pursue reconciliation in Australian society.

Reconciliation Australia

Because of what’s happened in Texas and this day always brings out the racist “I didn’t do anything to hurt them” Which honestly, most of the time, they have been completely racist to Indigenous Australians. They may have never “harmed” Indigenous people, but they haven’t been kind either.

Noooo…It’s happening

Today is Election Day in Australia. When you see this post, I will be still tucked in bed. I just wanted to let you all know that I wont be on here for the next couple of days. No matter the results, I just think it’s not going to be nice. I already have felt ill the last couple of days.

Last time we were here, none of us thought Morrison was going to win, and it was DEVASTATING when he did. I still think, even know, that he doesn’t want to be PM. But like Trump, he’ll stay, to show face.

My State Elections!

Oh my goodness readers, today if my State Elections!

I’m not actually sure if I’m allowed to write here who I’m voting for. So currently we have the Liberals Leader Steven Marshall, he’s not too bad for a Liberal (think American Republican and the Tories) He’s not that bad, unfortunately, the opposition leader Peter Malinauskas is just that little better.

I kind of just gave away who I’m voting for, didn’t I? lol

There was actually sometime really good that Steven Marshall did. I just can’t remember what it was, 100% It had something to do with being a member of the Liberal Party, you actually have pay a fee and to do something…I think. The biggest mistake that he made was taking health services, thinking bringing it back was a good thing. Listening to Scott Morrison and opening borders up earlier and putting money towards a basketball stadium instead of hospitals and ambulance services. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had 5 people die because they were waiting for ambulances.

Basketball stadium vs ambulances getting to you, so you don’t die.

It’s not really a competition.

Most people that have been complaining about “Where is PM getting the money for more ambulance” Never thought to ask “Where’s Steven Marshall getting the money for a basketball stadium?”