This or That? #56


This or That? #56

This week Bookmark Chronicles wants to know:

You can only ever read ebooks or listen to audiobooks, which would you choose?

(You can’t do both and no alternating or switching)

I would have to go with audio books. Part of it is mainly because I have honestly never really used an eBook. I have always wanted a Kindle, eventually. I really enjoy audio books as well. I think that they are fantastic. They are great especially when you are doing other things, like cleaning or studying, and then you can listen to your favourite novel at the same time. It’s even better when a favourite celebrity, or someone with a really amazing voice reads the novel.

Sometimes it can be distracting, but it’s worth it!

This or That #27


Do you listen to audiobooks? Yes or No?

I am giving this a go, if you would also like to have a go. Please head over to the awesome Bookmark Chronicles . Now to the question:

I do enjoy using Audio-books, I find them very useful. That is because I like having the audio book playing in the background while I’m doing other things as well. I also find it easier to sometimes just lay on my bed, especially after a hard day and just listening to the words pour out. Especially if you get someone who reads out the words so beautifully.