Sunday Poser #88

I am choosing to do this on the next Sunday, after this post was posted by the beautiful Sadje.

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

Where do I even start with this one? Haha … I guess the biggest assumption that people make about me, is that I have never been angry person. Clearly you all know, especially lately that I can easily angry. Generally because people are just not thinking of others.

I was an angry teenager, as I’ve gotten older I understand why. But even now, a lot of people assume that I just never get angry. I wasn’t a violent teenager, just a lot of grumpy moods and a lot of yelling and slamming doors. I use to LOVE slamming doors! It really was the only way that people, especially those I lived with at the time…not naming names, haha…To notice me at all.

There was a girl who said too me that if I was ever angry, you know you’ve done something wrong. About two years later she was joining in on cyber bullying me, lol.


Making an a55 out of you and me

“You should never assume. You know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you and me because that’s how it’s spelled.” Ellen DeGeneres

 One thing I have noticed lately about people having discussion is that there is a lot of assuming going on.

  • Assuming that people have had the same education as you
  • Assuming people just “should know”.
  • Assuming that people have had the same life experiences as you, so should just “know.
  • Assuming because someone doesn’t have the same background as you, they don’t “know”.

Did you know?

  • Only half of the worlds populations even has the Internet. Asia has the highest amount of users, Europe is second. That one shocked me! Internet World Stats. My country isn’t even in the Top 20. (2016)
  • Some researchers believe that by 2015-2016 2 billion people will have a computer or a smart phone.
  • 774 million people around the world can’t even read. Good Reading Magazine January 2017.

Do we demand too much?

Last week I wrote a review about a movie that I had seen called “Inside Out” I had had plans to see it while it was in the cinemas, but it just never happened. So on Netflix we saw it was on there and so we decided to watch and I had ended up being very disappointed to not really enjoy it, as I just expected to as everyone else had told me I would. Which had made me start to question about getting caught up in the bandwagon of these “must see” movies.

I believe this is because we are given SO much detail about the movie before it even comes out, that we have these expectations of what the movies will be in it’s entirety, before we’ve even seen it.

Take the live action film Beauty and the Beast for example. People were making HUGE judgements just based on the whole Emma Watson not wearing a corset thing. I have literally seen people make comments about how they are not going to see the film, because she’s not wearing the “true” outfit. Which is kind of ironic to me, since the whole movie is about not judging based on appearances. Then I thought to myself, would it have been better to notice it once the film has come out and not before? I honestly didn’t notice that she wasn’t even wearing a corset until people pointed it out. So people could make better judgements, whether it really makes that much of a difference to the film. Which, while I get the sentiment, I just don’t think it should be the focus of the film.

Sometimes to me it feels like there has to be a social or political point to make for people to go see a film, rather than just go see a film, to enjoy it. Sometimes I honestly feel the fun has been taken out of just seeing a film for the sake of seeing a film that you just want too. Sometimes it feels like there is just so much information out there and of course someone is going to be offended by something, and it’s hard to see a film without those people giving you a hard time about what they feel all offended by and I just want to see the film.

There have been many times when I have to go to see a movie a few weeks after it’s come out and I’ve been expecting to really enjoy it and I didn’t. Or films that I’ve seen when everyone else did, enjoyed it, watched it later and just did not enjoy it.

Has this ever happened to you readers? Do you feel like we are getting to much information before a film is even out? Have you ever decided not see a film or to see one because of all the “information” before a film comes out, or does it not affect you?

I am choosing to enjoy this Beauty and the Beast film.

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Published on 9 Jan 2017

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Never Assume


This quote feels appropriate for this week…Especially with everything that has been in the internet from Harambe to the Johnny Depp, Amber Heard situation. Just try to remember people we don’t know everything…I can’t even begin to mention how many “celebrities” have suddenly become Gorilla ‘experts’. If you are going to listen to anyone, please listen to the actual experts in this field!

“You should never assume. You know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of you and me because that’s how it’s spelled”. Ellen Degeneres