Ask me anything

I am going to try and do this, blog style!

In the comments below, feel free to ask me anything. I am going to come back during the week and check the comments. I will answer them all and honestly, and as respectfully as I can. Then I am going to post my replies on Saturday/Friday. Depending where you live, lol


Let’s try this!

So I have been trying to think of anything that would be a good reason to do a Vlog, just because as a general rule I like to try different things every know and then. Then I was watching an actor who decided to just ask their followers to ask them questions and then they would make a video, answering their questions.

I thought that would be a great idea! So if there are any questions you’d like answered, or would like to know more about me or if you just want me to say something in a Australian accent…Please comment below and I will make a video over the next couple of days =D