Christopher Tolkien

So Christopher Tolkien isn’t happy…again…at a biopic about his father when he was young, his wife and creating the world of J.R.R Tolkien. They apparently didn’t ask any of the family or the Tolkien society for information…That doesn’t shock me…I wouldn’t mind Christopher Tolkien saying what he says if 1) He didn’t recreate or try to profit and extend off of his fathers name and 2) C. Tolkien has no problem interpreting his fathers work and making it boring as…and constantly interrupting! Have you all tried reading a book by “JRR Tolkien” but then with a constant foreword or two…three…by another “writer”?

Tolkien estate says it does not approve of Nichola Hoult biopic

I think it’s very clear how I feel about Christopher Tolkien. A JRR Tolkien wannabe…Oh yeah, I said it!lol…I’m just having a general whinge today,lol




Tell me that you love me


I think these people confuse me the most…I just find it weird. I’m going to “unfriend” you but make sure you can still see everything? So you still need approval? I’ve had a few people do this too me and one I didn’t know about because I didn’t know they had even unfriended me! That was awkward! Made it funny for me though,lol