Trumpter #36….Is it too late to apologise?

I don’t know how many of you saw the tweet from Trump to Bubba Wallace. The NASCAR driver whose team found a noose looking noose in their garage. Which was found out later to be a garage pulley. Still, that was the most noose looking garage pulley, I’ve ever seen. I don’t blame them though for thinking it was a noose.

My point is, why is it every time the Trump family demand an apology from other people? Not only have they done something worse, but they refuse to apologise for it? Who do these people think they are?

What an fantasy world these “people” live in!



It’s too late to apologise

I have kept meaning to post this one! There is nothing more that makes me angry than someone who will try and hurt you by shaming you, publicly, and then not have the backbone to apologise, even privately! I honestly and really don’t care if you tell every other single soul on this planet “I shouldn’t have done that” You HAVE to tell ME! (Also I am aware of my bad spelling, but I was trying to fit it all in).