It’s been a long week, work was busy and I had to do a part I hadn’t expected. When I got home tonight, my dog has had something funny happen. The Vet said it was definitely neurologically and not an bad ear infection like we hoped.

So it’s either a stroke, possible some kind of brain tumor…or (and the one we are hoping for) Vestibular Disease. My dog is 13 years old and she has had ear infections in the past. I am so beyond tired, this post was the only reason I put my computer on.

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*face palm* What stupidity!

I love being Australian, I honestly do…Every know and then someone does something and the stupidity…I can’t get over the stupidity! Their friends defending the stupidity! Explains a lot really…But still…What kind of idiots still think this is okay? They need to be fired! They clearly have no appreciation for culture and it is extremely easy to replace a blonde model…I hear that agencies are full of them!

Most Australians know this is not okay! Please believe me! I just can’t get over the stupidity of it all! Australians know it’s not alright for anyone to do Black Face!

“No Role Model”…Australia models poses blackface: Venus and Serena Williams

Who in this age and day doesn’t know this is not okay?!!!! They give a whole new world to the stereotype of models have no brains. Even the blackface, they STILL don’t even look like the Williams sisters. They just look idiotic and the “bitches” comments…What stupidity!  Why couldn’t they have been any of the numerous white tennis female players…Blonde at that too! There was NO reason to do this!



Just a quick little Blog to apologise for the lack of Blogs and the content in them this week. Some of them I had scheduled and didn’t really get to finish them off the way I wanted too. I’ve been working 6 day weeks between two jobs the last couple of weeks and I am just so tired. I thought that I was going to get a two day weekend this week, but they’ve asked me to work an extra day…again…The problem with being casual, if you don’t work…You don’t get paid.

I don’t think it’s going to go for too much longer, one of my places of employment, it just happens to be their busy time of the year. The other place, even though they hired a whole group of new workers. I don’t know where they’re working because I seem to be getting all the bad shifts, that they were suppose to be getting? That’s been an infuriating problem all it’s own,lol

We interrupt your regular schedule for an important announcement…

This is really just for my regular readers. I apologise for the lack of regular posts this week. I’ve kind of started a new job. I say kind of because I’m doing the same job just in a different location and I have more hours. The new place is lovely, but as expected, there are new elements from this job that are not apart of my other location. The place where I’m working now, is much bigger than my usual work place.

Jim and Me

I am sitting here with my best friend in the whole wide world…Jim Beam…He’s a great guy, reliable, makes me happy, makes me feel relaxed and doesn’t judge me when I get up to do my drunken dance to some truly horrible music (well at the moment I am watching “The Mummy”…may not be the best movie when you are by yourself…in the dark).

Trying so hard to distract myself, maybe Jim isn’t being a very good friend too me, all I can think about is you again…Like my other post ““It’s like Radar” that one stupid text! I’m surprised with how well I am coping, but I wish he hadn’t sent it. I literally had been thinking that day how I hadn’t thought of him all day and then two hours later…

How do other people distract themselves during times like these? I have actually never had an ex reach out and apologise to me before. Luckily for me I have a lot of homework that needs to be done, so I have been distracting myself with that and now I am watching movies…and everyone should watch this live feed…Pete’s Pond…You’ll even see me on there most days making comments, sometimes I’ll have it on in the background while I do homework…Elephants, Lions and Ostriches…Oh my!