Thursday Theories – War vs Anti-Maskers and Anti-Vaccines

I originally had nothing for this week, but then in Sydney, they had a anti-lockdown “protest”. Where lots were fined and arrested. People who I originally had no respect for, were calling this “protestors”, boof-heads and special idiots. When people who originally thought lock downs were bad, have now done a 180. You should probably listen.

Ironically enough as well, my partner got a text message saying that he needed too get a COVID test done, which meant both myself and my mum had to get tested. I had only been back at my house for ONE night, after the lockdown. So been waiting all day and evening for the results. Pretty sure it’ll be negative though.

NSW, currently, have the Delta Variant, pretty much ripping through NSW. In fact, it’s because of some movers from NSW, that a lot of the other states had to go into lockdown. NSW isn’t very popular right now. So much for the “Gold Standard State”.

What am I going to do, is very lazy. However, it does show how anti-maskers, anti-lock downs and anti-vaccines are total boofheads, and despite constantly saying not scared they are, and how the rest of us are sheep. They show how INCREDIBLY stupid they are.

One idiot actually said “Jesus wasn’t vaccinated”. Yes, this is true, but also Jesus:

  • he walked on water
  • he turned water into wine
  • he either fed 500 people with loaves of bread, or fish. I can’t remember which way round.

Can you do that? No. Jesus, was a mythical being, the literal son of a God, who healed the sick and died when he was 33. I highly doubt that Jesus, would have told Pastors and the Churches to throw people out if they dare to wear a mask. And I really doubt that Jesus would tell you to not to get vaccinated or wear masks. He kind of liked to help people.