I am proud of myself right now

Of ALL the things I have said on Twitter, this is not what I expected.

I am proud of myself, I know exactly why it happened.

I had a tweet, it didn’t go viral (as far as I’m aware anyway). It was popular though. I basically reminded people that Rowling is a middle aged bully, to ignore her. I am guessing that tweet didn’t work, so they went for this instead.

This is also proof of how stupid Twitter has gotten. The amount of trans accounts, or trans supportive accounts that have had this happen to them, is ridiculous. While people like Rowling are allowed to retweet transphobic merchandise, literally talking about people’s dicks. They’re all still up there.

A lot of us have said that if Elon Muck does buy it, we’re all coming off Twitter, including myself. I am hoping he does, I was going to say that just too myself. But it’s just getting ridiculous on there. Even though he has not bought it, the Right are tagging him nearly every single post about how the “left” are attacking their Freedom of Speech.