Just because…

…I feel nice, does not mean you can hit on me.

I am so tired of the repeated annoyance of being ridiculously good looking, haha.

I am so tired of being positive about myself, or posting a nice picture. And then all the single guys, not girls, just always guys, that I know. Seem to think it’s permission to make a comment, in my DM’s. Sometimes I’ll get random messages from them of a sexual nature, and then the day after there’s always an apology, because they were “drunk”. But you know, it’s not okay.

I am at the point. That I want to say too them “Apologise to my partner, not just me”. It puts me in such an awkward position, because then I have to act like they’ve done nothing wrong. And I am seriously annoyed, but I can’t tell my partner, because he’ll get mad. And what if he thinks that I don’t mind it really, I’d be devastated if he thought that.

I just feel like making a public statement, if you will. Of not saying to anyone specific, but to make a general statement. That if it happens, I will not accept their apologies until they’ve apologised to my partner. I love and adore my partner, we may not be married, but he is my family and he is my … non-hubby husband? Is that a thing, lol

Some may say it’s flattering, I know girls who would LOVE it. I am not one of them, lol. It’s not flattering people, don’t do it. Unless one specifically says it is, or gives permission. Then go for it. I do not find it flattering.


I am fine, thanks for asking

I am just going to warn you, this post is going to sound really ungrateful and with my current annoyed mood, probably a little selfish too. Also it’s a really big rant.

By the title, even though I cannot enter sarcasm here, I would be saying that title with all the sarcasm in the world. I am generally fed up with being ill all the time and being stressed out ALL the time lately. What do I get for it…Nothing, not even one person (irl) asking ME if I’m alright. My dog gets sick, everyone else wanted to put her down and blamed me for needing more time. The entire time my mum complained, repeatedly, how she had to miss her hair appointment. The whole time I kept getting text messages from people “Hows your Mum doing, we haven’t heard back from her” Well considering the biggest complaint she was having at the time was she missed hair appointment, I’d say she’s alright…Myself however, I was having guilt trips, was I really doing the best thing for my dog…Apparently, yes I did. Because she’s well, although she’ll have to be on tablets the rest of her life. Thanks for totally not asking how I’m doing though. How freaking rude is that?

What do I get for saving my dog, a bacterial gut infection.

Now my younger brother is having mini anxiety attacks apparently and everyone is telling me to “Step Up” and help him…Uh…Excuse me? Where was his stepping up when I was in hospital because of my anxiety? Huh! Huh! I say apparently because my brother, like our father is kind of a hypochondriac who never finishes off his medication. I do believe he’s got it though, I am so open with my anxiety, it has made me worry if it’d rub off on other people. Not that anxiety is “catchy”, just I know with hypochondriacs they can tend too “catch” what someone else has got.

Then there’s the friends who keep sending you links to like their pages, to “support” them. Some of them I have actually used. Where was my messages of support from these “friends” when we thought our dog was dying??? Huh! Not a single one…So anyone whose pages I’ve liked, who didn’t even send me a quick, hope you’re doing alright, or hows your dog doing. I have unliked their pages. I think that’s fair. Stop asking people to send money to you and like pages when you can’t even be bothered to send a extremely simple “How are you doing”? My dog has actually BEEN THERE for me, my dog is my unofficial therapy dog. She has been there a lot more than other humans beings.

Do I sound ungrateful? At the moment I really don’t care,lol…I have a bacterial gut infection, after coming off of anxiety medication and I think there’s a cold coming too -.-