I am over it already

I’ve spent the last couple of days, going through Wedding stuff and the garden. We have a few people coming in to spend a couple of days mid January, and the backyard is a mess! A jungle of weeds, and I am a little annoyed at my partner, he’s had since mid-December to do something. We’re the only house with a bad looking garden, during Summer.

We look like total bogans!





  1. an uncouth or unsophisticated person regarded as being of low social status.”some bogans yelled at us from their cars”

I put up some plain white lights during Christmas, on the three large shrubbery’s that we don’t have to do much too, lol. I love to Garden, honestly. But I can never get right into it, because I work, lol. I told my partner when he bought this house, you can choose the big fancy house, I am not cleaning it, we will share in the cleaning.

I think he’s done it once in nearly three years. He needs to do the garden, show some pride in his own house that he wanted so much. I can’t complain that much, because he is the bread winner, but still.

I will, lol.

I am already over TERFs and wedding planning. I don’t think the TERFS took a day off on Christmas or New years. What a bunch of losers!

I am also starting to completely understand why some people turn into Bridezillas. I’ve only really “gotten into it” this week, and I am over it. I want it to be fun, but everyone is like annoying me, lol. My Dads still telling me who to invite, I have no control over what I want for a dress. We haven’t even spent a cent yet and my partners complaining about money already. I’ve only just written up my list of who I need to invite. Not all I want to even be there.

I am feeling very much like…

On top of which we have a new kitten, we haven’t even had him for a week yet! He is the cutest little sweetest thing, and I miss him while I’m at work. But he is a kitten. He’s only two and bit months, and so far he has chewed through my partners earphones. Although that my partners own fault, I kept telling him that he was chewing on them and he didn’t move them. I don’t know what he thought might happen.

I just wanted to have fun, honestly with the wedding preparation. I am planning on making a lot of the “stuff” myself. I am not feeling very “fun” at the moment. I am almost at the point where I am actually talking to my therapist about talking to people. I’m trying to figure out with them how to best to approach people.

People are literally texting me while I’m at work “h, have you invited these people”. I have written the list, and so far not making any adjustments. I’ve already had to include people I don’t want too inlue of people I want too. My partner only wants one groomsman, which is fine. But everyone’s like “What are YOU going to do Lauren”. What do you mean, what am I going to do? And my partner is not helping with “What if she doesn’t accept it”.


I’m not “that” woke

I recently read an article that was writing about “Animal Rebellions” (I think they’re called). They took a lot of milk, somewhere in England. They caused about 80,000 pounds in damage. As well as losing Farmer’s income.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Australia, and so we have a lot of Farmers who suffer, just to feed someone like me. Out of all the careers in Australia, they probably face some of the most extreme hardships of Mother Nature. Farmers have killed themselves, some have lost entire farms due to droughts.

So when I see people actively go out of there way, to not think about the Farmers, I get really annoyed. Now, it is completely commendable to want to get Farmers onto better systems that work better for the Environment. You just don’t do that by destroying people’s current livelihoods. If you want to prove how much better you’ve think you’ve got it. Prove It. Start a farm of your own.

Just because…

…I feel nice, does not mean you can hit on me.

I am so tired of the repeated annoyance of being ridiculously good looking, haha.

I am so tired of being positive about myself, or posting a nice picture. And then all the single guys, not girls, just always guys, that I know. Seem to think it’s permission to make a comment, in my DM’s. Sometimes I’ll get random messages from them of a sexual nature, and then the day after there’s always an apology, because they were “drunk”. But you know, it’s not okay.

I am at the point. That I want to say too them “Apologise to my partner, not just me”. It puts me in such an awkward position, because then I have to act like they’ve done nothing wrong. And I am seriously annoyed, but I can’t tell my partner, because he’ll get mad. And what if he thinks that I don’t mind it really, I’d be devastated if he thought that.

I just feel like making a public statement, if you will. Of not saying to anyone specific, but to make a general statement. That if it happens, I will not accept their apologies until they’ve apologised to my partner. I love and adore my partner, we may not be married, but he is my family and he is my … non-hubby husband? Is that a thing, lol

Some may say it’s flattering, I know girls who would LOVE it. I am not one of them, lol. It’s not flattering people, don’t do it. Unless one specifically says it is, or gives permission. Then go for it. I do not find it flattering.

100% Agree

Okay, it’s time for some real talk! If you read as much as I do, you are bound to find annoying or unrealistic patterns in books that are enough to make your eyes roll. Surprisingly, I tend to find these things in YA books more than in any of the other genres. And YA is…

via 5 ANNOYING THINGS IN BOOKS — Read and Seek

Please read!

I love and I hate…I am human…=P

So I was nominated by the always funny “Thumbup” to participate in a challenge…


Pretty much I will list 10 things I hate and then 10 things that I love.

Guess which list I’m going to go with first!…10 things I…


  1. My puppy…I just LOVE her, sometimes you just connect with an animal
  2. The live web feed that I watch, it’s like a drug for me! It always makes me feel better…Except when a kill happens!lol
  3. I love my family
  4. I love Nacho Cheese Dorito chips and Lasagne!
  5. I love when the temperature in the shower is just right during Winter.
  6. Blogging! =P Seriously though, it’s been such a freeing experience!
  7. My friends, family and boyfriend, hehe
  8. Writing just in general, I’ve started to get back into that recently.
  9. Music…Especially when I can find the music that fits my mood exactly.
  10. Open fire places…Lovely…Maybe not so much during Summer though,lol

Now for 10 things I hate…

  1. People who lie…and THEN wont up to own up to it, even with overwhelming evidence in their face!
  2. Guys who call themselves a “good guy” by doing something jerky and then calling me a crazy bitch because I refuse to call them a “good guy”
  3. People who gossip behind your back and wont own up to it.
  4. This isn’t a “hate thing” but it annoys me crazy! People who make the comment “Who Cares”…Get off the article!
  5. Food posing!
  6. Not being able to figure out why I’ve suddenly gotten sick lately!
  7. That the place I’ve been volunteering at for 3yrs wont give me an actual job, but my classmates are getting jobs after being there for two weeks and no one will tell me what the problem is!
  8. I hate…Hate!
  9. Anyone who hurts anyone I care about.
  10. People who hurt animals and children! That’s a whole different kind of wrong!

I love to Blog

After a weekend pretty much away from Facebook, I came back too all the drama and passive aggressiveness, and the hypocritical crud too…

Sigh Facebook, when will people learn! When will people learn! I’m getting tired of the bullshit…I literally had one “friend” who I am constantly having to put up with because she’s my best friends other best friend. She’s does the ODDEST things. I try to get over it all the time and just when I think that I am, she does something else.

I think that I’m just sticking with my Blogging and Safari Drive for a while.



Random Rants for the win!

So I’m not really sure if it is because of my break up but things that have been bugging me have been bugging me plus 10 this weekend. I don’t really want to make a huge rant on Facebook…because ironically…That’s been one of my major pet peeves… So here is a list of things that have really been bugging me lately, you might find that you relate to a few of them:

  1. In ALL of the “self-help” type pictures, which one of them says “Clog up your friends Facebook news-feeds with pictures that have quotes and sayings on them to get over your problem, but don’t actually say what the problem is”….Where does one of this “self-help” pictures say to do that to help yourself?
  2. Girls (and guys I guess…Just haven’t seen any of them) who pose with no one else in the photo, but still squat in their Facebook profile pictures like they are going to the toilet.
  3. People who post their profile pictures on the side and they still get 200+ likes…Well they’re not liking you for your brains are there!lol (I don’t even know why that trend is taking off)
  4. Girls who complain about not being able to meet a decent guy…When they only go out to clubs all the time.
  5. When you miss someone so much and you wish you really knew what is going on in someone’s head and if they miss you at all.

I feel much better now =P