Trumpter Logic and the 2A

2 ADefenders” need to go back to school and learn what the word Amendment means, realise Amendments have already been changed/updated…Hence the whole Amendment word, and stop picking one bit of a entire paragraph. The irony of them amending the amendment to suit them.

Also, by choosing to pick one part of the is actually amending it. If you don’t include the WHOLE thing you are, in fact, changing an Amendment, because you’re trying to change the meaning of that Amendment, which is what Amendment means.


So this is what “Amendment” means:

“a minor change or addition designed to improve a text, piece of legislation, etc.”

In others words…The word Amendment means it CAN be changed. Any of them. I was thinking about it…I am sure that the American forefather made it those words, so things can be changed. Although I was “told off” and told that the Government can’t touch the Bill of Rights…So why call them Amendments if they can’t be changed? Or if the people really want something changed, it can’t be? Or is it an American thing where everybody else has the same meaning for the word “amendment” and American just HAS to be different with it?