Trans Day of Visibility

Today, I refuse to post anything sad…It needs to be all glad. Oh yes, I am on twitter for a limited time to help protect trans people from KJK’s hate bunch. Everything that annoys me about TERDs and bigots in general, they base EVERYTHING off of what they *think* Not what is actually correct or factual.

As a cis woman, I want to know what I can do to ‘help’ trans and non-binary people ? Would you like more posts that are a bit lighter? I am here for you, because I don’t want to be here for just myself

Daniel Radcliffe Moderates Trans and Nonbinary Youth Roundtable for The Trevor Project (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter ;


MARCH 29, 2023 8:15AM

I LOVE Australia, lol

Calling yourself left, right, center or an ally doesn’t make you left, right, center or an ally. Kate Forbes was celebrated by the Right, and her views align with the Right. You support that, you are right wing.


Watch Your Words

I found out yesterday that one of my brothers closest friends passed away, by their own means. The anti-lgbt was too much for them too handle anymore. You probably wont hear about him on the news or any media outlet. He was just another soul lost in the world.

I’m pretty tired of it really. How many more are going to lose their lives, because bad witches speak. Because bad witches wont shut up. Because bad witches wont think of others, only themselves.

I came off of Twitter, because I couldn’t handle the stupidity anymore. People are REALLY dying though because of the anti-lgb and the anti-trans hate. People are REALLY dying. Real Human Beings are dying, because bad witch lady has an “opinion”. And she wont shut up.

I only know about three of them.

One of the last things that happened to me was someone tried to “bait me” with using the Hogwarts Legacy game. I’ll tell you what I said too them. “Go ahead, waste your money on a game that isn’t even in the top 20 in the first month its out. Thank you for proving, once again, what a weak, cowardly and quiet frankly, pathetic generation we are”.

I never met my brothers friend, but that doesn’t mean his loss is any less than Brianna Ghey’s or Eden Knights. People are actually dying from the bitch who I wont name. I don’t want your forgiveness, when I get mad about her. My anger is completely justified. I don’t understand how people can keep justifying her.

For Brianna, Eden and Liam ❤


I don’t know how many more times this needs to be said? JK Rowling has stated that every time you make a purchase of her “creation” you support her, or you don’t care. There are far too MANY “grown ups” crying “victim” for not be able to stop playing with their toys, to help others out.

It’s all these “developers” or twitch streamers too. Like if you want to play the game, go for it. Why you’d brag about it though and then cry victim when everyone is telling you what’s wrong with it and calling yourself an ally. Is beyond my brain. Tell us, when your parents made you give up your toys to give to the more needy children, did you have a tantrum then too?

This is what people SHOULD be saying…

I recently stopped supporting Orlando Bloom, and I think I’ve written about it before? He took this thing, posted it on his Instagram, which was aimed at Kanye West, and he was still following Kanye. Like, I don’t think Blooms a bad guy, but what a freaking idiot! I was honestly more embarrassed to keep having a crush on him, then anything else really.

If you can’t give up ONE game, to help and try protect other human beings. You’re fucking weak and utterly useless.

Monday Magic Thankyous

This is one for more of my religious readers.

I want to say thank you, for being who you are. For embracing the LGB and Trans community. I don’t really actually know many people in my personal life who hate, or are anti-LGBT. I’ve seen a lot of people who call themselves “holy” though, and do hate them. And for women like me. I absolutely hate it.

I hate it when women use women as a shield for their bigotry. It’s so ‘punching down’, like why do they think we’ll take it?

I cant begin to tell you, how it brings people so much relief to hear religious people support any LGBT_ letter. It give me faith again, in faith!lol

Why being an Ally is important all the time

I don’t know if you all have noticed, but out there. Well, it was very good and very bad this Pride. But “Pride” itself doesn’t just stop on the 30th on June. It goes all year.

As homophobic, transphobic and anti-abortion “Baroness” Nicholson said “Pride has become a Protest, it’s not a party anymore”…

Oh…by the way…Baroness

Oh please

I am a straight person, so there’s a lot I do not feel comfortable writing/talking about. This I do.

I think one of the most frustrating things about people’s perception, as soon as they hear gay or LGBT+ THEY automatically think sex. They then put that one every other person.

There is a lot of proof/facts, that people are just born gay, or are born trans. Just like, some of us are born straight. There is no “gene” or social conditioning, you just are, or you are not. You can’t pass it on, like brown eyes, or blonde hair, or your size.

Massive Study Finds No Single Genetic Cause of Same-Sex Sexual Behavior – By Sara Reardon on August 29, 2019, Scientific American.

We really are in the “new age” of discovering what there is to things like being gay. (I can’t imagine why we lag in that area).

Personally, I don’t care what “makes” someone straight or gay, trans or cis. But I can completely get the intrigue behind it.

Just gonna pop this one in here as well.

Why Anti-Trans Laws Are Anti-Science – By The Editors on June 30, 2021, Scientific American.

This is the point of my blog post. There ARE trans kids and there ARE gay kids. Even so, that doesn’t make these children “sexual” anymore than the heterosexual kids, that’s shoved down our throats all the time. Think nearly every single Disney movie. Daddy/Daughter Religious dances.

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You ruin everything!

I have ruined myself to begin with. I have left my laptop at my partners. So the couple of next posts are all being done from my phone.

How annoying do you find it when bigotry takes over a beloved culture, belief system.

I am talking about the TERFs, maybe the most stupidest bigots out of all the bigots. They’ve ruined the suffragette and witch movements.

The reason why I call them the stupidest bigots, out of the bigots is because everything they say either a) makes no sense, b) they think changing names really changes what they stand for, while giving trans people a hard time about it and c) for a couple of months they have no problem with bigoted men making a name for them. After that couple of months they ALWAYS get mad at the men.

On top, the far right aren’t even being “shadowy”, there are front and center with the transphobia. Then these same people always act “surprised” when their heroes turn out to be the Right. And that’s it all “well clearly we’re not like them, we’re the left”.

TERFs, went from TERFs to Gender Critical’s (GC’s) to now “sex realist”. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve rolled my eyes.

Even when it’s women speaking out against them. They’ll keep insisting it’s men trying to silence them. Take Nottingham Council Library in the UK. They recently banned a talk by a TERF, which was a good move, since it would have been during Pride. The next day, they started a crowdfund to sue the council. Here’s the thing though: the members who banned the transphobic person are all women. Didn’t matter to the transphobes. Women are on councils these days.

That’s another thing, the TERFs are not fighting for women’s rights amongst Roe v Wade, they’re all blaming trans people! I have yet to see a transphobe actually fight for women for Roe v Wade. They keep saying really stupid things like “At least the Right know what a woman is” or the REAL classic “If we didn’t have to fight trans people, we could have been fighting to keep Roe v Wade”. Oh and that they don’t have to worry in the UK, because abortions are “free”.

Not quiet true…

In other words, you can’t just “rock up” in the UK, to have an abortion. And even then, in some areas, you need to speak with Doctors before you have an abortion, for them to sign off on one.

In Australia, it depends on your state and GP. With South Australia as the most recent to decriminalise abortions, with the changes starting on 7 July. (That’s my state…yay) That 7th of July 2022. So that is really recent.

But this is what I mean by TERFs ruining everything for not just trans people, but women, men and non-binary people too! They don’t even know their OWN countries rules.

They want to “claim” suffragettes and Witches, then they need to do the work. They have done nothing so far, except ignore the majority of cis women’s speech, and raise money to sue everyone (another Right wing thing). Just because the MSM/Murdoch and Right wing media are letting them speak (while ironically saying to us all that they’re being silenced, but you know, they’re nothing like the Right). Doesn’t mean they’re speaking for other women, they just simply are not.

I love Drag Queens!

I admit, that I am a little bias when it comes to Drag Queens, my brother’s one and his work is…

In all seriousness, they are awesome and I can totally understand why kids adore Drag Queens, loud and colourful to the extreme!

I think you all know why I’m writing about this topic. It’s like George Takei said that America is losing it’s grip on reality.

As some as you probably know I love to watch my Crime television, I like to keep myself up with things. Like, as an example, if you are arrested, ask for a Lawyer, full stop.

There has been one “unsolved” case in Australia, that has haunted everyone involved for years. The reason I put “unsolved” in quotation marks is because, they pretty sure they know who did it. They have DNA, they just need to get the DNA from the person. Which, since they passed, they’ve had to ask his sister, who wont give it too them.

I am writing about the murder of Melbourne woman Maria James.

Veteran homicide detective Ron Iddles told the inquest that in his mind, the strongest suspect is the late priest, Father Bongiorno.

The Victorian Coroners Court heard Father Bongiorno had been sexually abusing Maria James’s son Adam, and she’d planned to confront the parish on the day she was murdered. The murder was Mr Iddles’s first homicide case and it is the one that’s gnawed at him since he left the police force in 2014. (I LOVE Ron Iddles).

And let’s not get started with John Wayne Clancy, who worked as a clown.

Look, I get what people thought of children, tipping the Drag Queens. I get it, but I also am like “You’re the one’s sexualising those children. They’re not actually being actually sexualised”. You as an adult, are putting YOUR “stuff” onto a child. As I said to one lady “Well, maybe if Americans were paid better, American workers wouldn’t have to be tipped at all”, haha. I highly doubt that those Drag Queens in America, have a steady pay check.

Kids LOVE Drag Queens, there are bright and colourful, and they…too be honest…are way funnier than women. I hope to see Drag Queens (and Kings) for years too come! They may be some of the bravest people out there.

This last week…Pride

I am not part of the LGBTQIA+ group, I consider myself an Ally though. So this last week of Pride in the UK and the USA, I would love to do all Pride type posts this week. Things I have learnt about and just some fun type posts too. If I ever step out of line, always, let me know.

Some things that I’m planning on doing, making my Discord channel more Pride friendly. I don’t know but I’m going to do “things” on my Twitch stream. One of which happened earlier today (I always forget about the time differences, lol).

I’m just kind of like, what do I do? Because I’m not LGBT+, but I want to contribute to it, somehow. So let’s see how this week goes!