This or That? #49


This or That? #49

Have you ever enjoyed a movie adaptation better than the book itself?

The thing about me is that I love visuals, I am very visual person. So that’s why I love to watch the movies of books that I’ve love/loved, most of the time I really love what they do with the movie. The ONLY time I have really hated what they’ve done in the movie was with “The Hobbit” and how they made the whole Kili and Fili death scene about Kili and Tauriel instead. It should have been about Kili and Fili, that made me so mad and I didn’t even really mind the character of Tauriel at the time.

I’m just not sure though if you’d call it enjoying the movie more than the book. I’m just a much more visual person, I can daydream in my head, but movies can make it come so much more alive.

Dreaming of you

I was honestly so inspired by a post posted by the awesomely amazing The Wild Readers and there recent posting of I was inspired because when I started to think about and thought about two of my favourite “bromance” type relationships. I started to think about who I would love to play those characters in a movie. Please feel free to comment below on who would play your fantasy characters and why!

The two that I started with was Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Toby Regbo (Francis/Reign) playing Jem and Will from “The Infernal Devices” book series by Cassandra Clare.

Colin Morgan
Toby Regbo

It’s not even so much that they look like the parts, but the characters that they have played previously are very similar to Will and Jem.


I have also always wanted to watch Tom Hiddleston (Loki) play a Mr Darcy type character or even Dorian Gray! I believe that Tom Hiddleston has played “Mr Darcy” type adaptation, but I want to see him play the real character. I cannot wait to watch Tom Hiddleston in his new series “The Night Managerr” it also has Hugh Laurie in it.

Also my dream has actually come true as well when we are talking about Emma Watson playing in the upcoming live action film version of Beauty and the Beast (IMDB 2017) Every time they make an announcement on another casting I am overjoyed.

So I believe that I’ve embarrassed myself enough…Let’s share!