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Who holds the media to account, when the media don’t hold each other to account?

So, who does? Apparently it’s the public that do. What happens though, when the media decides that the public are wrong and wont listen to them? A question was asked by, I don’t think she’s even a Journalist actually, but she’s a Executive Director in Australia for Change Org you know that Organisation whose apparently for the voiceless?

She asked the question “Do people know understand what a journalists job is too do”?

Now, the reason why this was such a condescending question. Is because Australian journalists, decided that they needed to protect a particular female journalist, who had done a VERY stupid. So according to Sally Rugg, and the rest of Australian’s journalism and media personalities. What journalists do “do” is:

Journalists, target ONE Premier, not others, and not in their own states. Fly Interstate to question said Premier, because she can’t take a hint, under the guise she was there for a friends birthday. Especially since that Journalist has been targeting that ONE Premier, not even in her own state, for months. Never attending her own states press conferences about the virus. Just to ask the SAME questions, that not only has Peta Credlin (think Fox News) asked. But the same questions that have been asked for 12 + months by Victorian journalists. Didn’t I mention this journalist has never ONCE attended her own states premiers press conferences. Which would appear to be odd, no? Especially since that state had a huge cluster around Christmas time, and no one was told where it started from, you know vital information.

And then there’s this…

I don’t know if I wrote about this previously, but the BBC said that they will fire members of staff who turn up to Pride and BLM, even on their days off, as they don’t want to appear biased. Then they keep doing shows about trans people, without actually talking to a trans people. This is their response to the many complaints.

What is the POINT of getting rid of Murdoch, when the people who are paid by the tax payers to broadcast non-Murdoch “stuff”. Are doing the exact same things that Murdoch does.


I am very OVER Johnny Depp stans hating on Amber Heard, and saying stupidity like “Oh, she admitted to being abusive towards Depp, I hate her, it’s her fault he lost his job”. Yeah, she admitted it and then has been trying to fix it. Johnny Depp, has admitted to nothing and keeps suing everyone. Maybe he should have tried what Heard did?

Just because someone doesn’t admit to something, doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.

Ted Bundy didn’t confess until just his execution. Does that mean, beforehand he didn’t do it? Of course not! They actually still think that he did more, than the ones he confessed too.

Celebrity Accountable

I was inspired to write this post after I saw a “discussion” of people having a go at Shawn Mendes. The issue? There was a fan who wanted Mendes to tell her parents that she was gay. Now Mendes said “No”. That is something she’d has to do herself. That he has no right to do that for her. The other thing he was criticised for was telling her that her parents love her and they’ll still love her. I had problem with people who were criticising him:

  1. He’s completely right! This is her journey, they are not friends. If she needs someone there with her, get a friend, or even a supportive family member.
  2. I don’t understand people criticising him for telling him that her family will still love her. Yes, not everyone is that lucky, but do you seriously think he should say that her family wont love her still?

Let the dead rest?

I got so angry the other day and I thought to myself, am I making too much of myself? But then I thought…Nah,lol

The situation is basically this: Aaron Hernandez was an American football player. He’s also known for committing suicide while in jail. Being in jail for the possible murder, or at least the cover up of the murder of Odin Lloyd. Actually it seems he was convicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd. If you want to read more about it you can read it here.

What upset me though was an entertainment news “talking” about it on their Instagram account. It was asking people if they thought that Hernandez is guilty or not. The majority of people kept talking about how we should let him rest. I don’t know why I got so explicitly angry. I got annoyed by how people just dismissed Odin Lloyds family and friends. They can’t get the answers they want, the person who could have answered those questions is gone.

Am I getting to cynical?


Warning – Long post

I’ve had to unfollow (mainly on Twitter) lots of people. We don’t have a right to say IlhanMN comments were not anti-Semitic, hold those who said she is being anti-Semitic responsible. If we don’t hold ourselves to the same standards. Why are we so special? I don’t get why Clinton went? Also, not for one second do I believe this was a setup of any kind. I think this young woman just saw her fellow Muslims gets slaughtered, and in walks a white woman in power. Whose just said that the most positive Muslim woman in power was being anti-Semitic, and she got mad. If i lose followers because i dare hold Chelsea Clinton to a high standard then . “Allies” like that, who needs the alt-right? I don’t think anyone knows how bad it would have been for Ilhan Omar. Imagine that one woman, at least 10x worse, but over and over again and without question death threats.

Then we come to the issue of Twitter and YouTube, or any social media platform really. There are SO many “people” dead set against Twitter and YouTube and Instagram having to take any responsibility, or do better. On Instagram, they made the hashtag #blackjaguarwhitetigerfoundation a wildlife exploitation alert when you press on it. As they do. So people are warned before you even see the first pictures that they are a potential exploiter. As I’ve writing this, PETA have actually now written a piece on BJWT, and telling people the difference between actual sanctuaries and wildlife exploitation, like BJWT.

I know it seems harsh, but as Democrats, Liberals, Progressive, from any country. If we want change we have got to start holding ourselves, our words and actions at such a high standard. It may not seem fair right now, but when did anyone say life was far?

I was listening to a podcast with Russell Brand (what an interesting man) and his guest speaking was equally as interesting (I will have to get his name, and the name of the podcast episode) His guest speaker was saying that he is a lecturer in psychology, in the 5 years he’s been teaching, he has notice an increase in students bringing in notes from Doctors saying that they are excused from public speaking. Psychology students, too scared to speak to people? I can’t imagine that psychology you’d have a lot of public speaking, but there’d be some. This lecturer was commenting on how the younger generations are getting weaker. Now guaranteed there are always exceptions to the rules, Parkland students come to mind. I think he’s actually right.

Take the whole Clinton situation, people weren’t outraged because they even thought the young Muslim woman was wrong. They were “outraged” because of how she spoke to Clinton. Now we do have to hold ourselves to high standards, but who can blame someone for not speaking “correctly” in that situation? I would have thought that people would have understood, apparently not? If the way this woman spoke to Chelsea Clinton and NOT what Chelsea Clinton agreed with offended you, you have some serious objectivity problems. I immediately unfollowed someone who said and retweeted that you have mental issues if you think the way the young woman spoke to Clinton was alright…Excuse me?

You know what, I’m glad I unfollowed them. I’ve started to notice on my feeds that anybody who is easily offended by anything and the wrong things. Tend to be “louder” on platforms on places like Twitter, Facebook, etc. They tend to be the people that drown out the fact that Chelsea Clinton agreed with what the alt-right were saying.

Stop thinking you have to be “polite” to have a high standard. Think of standards, as morals. If you have good morals, you have a good standard.

…Or just ignore my rantings,lol…I’m very fed up with the world today,lol