May Goals…Too tick, or not too tick?

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  • Try on jackets and coats, get rid of ones that I haven’t worn in either years or ever.

I have done this one. It’s amazing how big coats and jackets are! They are not like tshirts and tops where you can fit a few in one bag to get rid of. You can put one or two coats into a bag only. There were a couple I “fit into” just can’t close them up anymore. Which is so sad! Of course they are my favourite coats as well.

  • Look into making my own candles and getting my own quotes on jars. (I was initially inspired by this after thinking about putting Magical Monday on a candle jar for myself. Then I thought why not look more into this?)

I have actually found a couple of sites which look great! It’s been completely fascinating and I have been getting even more ideas!¬†– There is a pop up conservation window, where they’ll ask if you want any help.

  • Try to create candles with certain fragrances as well…Try to research into what a “motivating” fragrance might be, for example.

This has been a bit harder just because you can’t really “smell” things over the computer. So when I’ve been going into stores, I’ve been trying to see if I can smell them. I actually found a few soaps and I liked their smells,lol. So I’ll have to see if I can create those smell…Watch this space for more!lol

  • Finish up writing the review for “Lord of Shadows”.

I did that too…And you can read it here.

  • Look into healthy Winter recipes.

There are a LOT of soup recipes for Winter. Soups and Stews…When I was little, I used to call Stews…Spew,lol…I have discovered lots of different lasagnes and yummy pies too! I can’t wait to make some of them! I might even post them on here…Don’t you feel lucky? =D


October Goals … Tick or Not too Tick?

A new month…a new beginning…a new day to see if I met all of the Goals from last month.

  • I am going to get rid of some of my dresses, since I didn’t get around to it last time.

I did this one! I got rid of about 5 summer dresses, I did however buy two new ones, but they actually fit me and I don’t feel they’re too small now.

  • Getting rid of 4 summer tops. I bought all these summer tops for one place of work and one month later we got a uniform. A couple of years later and my new job doesn’t have a uniform. The tops I originally bought don’t fit anymore.

This one was also successful and I also managed to buy at least 4 new tops, all under $50 for work. Which I am personally happy about because I just had nothing.

  • I currently don’t have any books to read. Last month I read one at my house and one at my partners house. I will continue this and then write a review about one of them.

I am now reading Cassandra Glares “Lady Midnight” from her The Dark Artifices series, book one.

  • Organise a Girls Night “In”.
  • Buy a little personal fan to take on a bus and see if that helps me travel on the busses here.

An Accomplishment

40. Your Greatest Accomplishment 

Wow, this is hard one to think of, without sounding completely “up myself”. I think the greatest accomplishment is something that my brother actually said too me. I have a big heart and that seems a little in short supply these days. I think I was also very much brought to tears when my brother wrote it as well.

It’s not that we’re not close or don’t love each other, but we don’t usually…but we are totally “cool” with each other. I know that it meant something when he said it. Too me that is a huge accomplishment to have a good relationship with my brother. You see, if you knew my Dad’s side, they either all hate each other or they just don’t talk to one another.

So to have a normal type relationship with my brother feels like a really huge thing. In all honesty it feels like if you’ve got a family that not only can tolerate each other differences, but genuinely love each other too…That is just huge! I know how huge that is.

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This is so funny, I was going to write about something completely different,lol


So I have been reading all these posts lately about Goals and people meeting them … and I am jealous! I really feel like I’ve been “proactively” putting goals off for myself. I feel like I’m stressed out at the moment and when I get a quiet moment, I just want to do what I want…Saying that though at the end of it I have been feeling very unaccomplished … A bit less stressed, but unaccomplished…and it’s not the greatest of feelings.

For example:

  • I am nearly obsessed with these little polymer clay figurines that I buy…Why don’t I just start learning to make them myself?
  • I need to get back into reading, I’ve got all these books from the Libraries that I work at and I haven’t really read any of them.
  • Craft, I just want to start doing all the crafts.
  • I need to get around to cleaning out my room, really go through all of my stuff.
  • Money wise there isn’t really too much I can do. I’m a casual worker at both places of work, but I have been getting regular work lately.
  • I definitely need to keep up with meditating and getting my leg strong again!

So I think that I will start making goals again. No…Not think…I will!