Before the end of the year

Learn to accept that:

It’s okay to not accept racism,

Its okay to not accept homophobia,

Its okay to no accept transphobia,

It’s okay to have an opinion, just accept there may be consequences.

You can’t change the past, but you can start to get yourself set up for the future!


TERFs and GCs are MRA’s

So I got into a interesting discussion with a guy about how gender activists are the actual MRA’s because they say people have to accept people with penises as lesbians.

I’m just going to do a quick explanation of why what he was saying, was in fact, MRA “vibe”.

MRA = Men’s Rights Activists

One, throughout History there have been a lot of people complain about how they’re being forced to accept something they don’t like. White people didn’t want POC in their school. Anti-Maskers don’t like wearing masks, so and so forth. Facts are, the reason why sane people accept this and let it happen. Is because they find out in the end that having POC in school, doesn’t actually harm anyone. Wearing a mask doesn’t harm anyone.

So just because they may not have liked it, at some point you have to accept it. Especially when it becomes clear that no harm is coming to you. So too accept that some people with penises call themselves lesbians, does no harm to you. And unless you know someone’s story, then you shut up, lol.

Two, MRA’ LOVE to dictate all the time what “this” means or what “that” means. ie what a “good wife” means, what a “good woman” means. So when a man, TERF or GC say THEY get to do it. THAT’S MRA.

Thirdly, gender “activist saying to “accept” that people are allowed to call themselves whatever they want ISN’T being MRA. Because that’s giving human beings the FREEDOM to be who they are. When you are trying to dictate who someone is and isn’t, THAT’S MRA.

Fourthly, you don’t have to like something and you don’t have to date a trans person. But you also don’t get to dictate who another human being is. THAT’S MRA.

Just a note as well, not all trans people go through a medical transition, some just simply can’t afford too. Some don’t feel like they have too. Both are valid. If you, unfortunately, come across a man/male who is transphobic. You’ve probably interacting with a MRA.

Republicans need to stop speaking for God…. “Politics, religion collide in transgender debate at Virginia school — Kira Moore’s Closet”

A Northern Virginia religious leader is accused of “libelous and inflammatory” comments by Loudoun County Democrats after weighing in on a controversy involving a teacher’s views on transgender rights. Pastor Gary Hamrick of Cornerstone Chapel, a nondenominational church in Leesburg, said during Sunday’s service that he supported recall efforts against six Loudoun County School Board […]

Politics, religion collide in transgender debate at Virginia school — Kira Moore’s Closet

At some point, mainly now. At some point though, Republicans NEED to stop speaking like they are God. Who is this “teacher” to sit there and say that he would be lying to the child? Did God not create this child? Is he saying that God got it wrong? What lesson could “teachers” like this one, take from this?

The Guilt

Don’t you hate it when you know you’ve moved on, or just never cared about someone or something. However you can’t let go of the guilt that you should be more upset? Take my current situation with my ex friends for an example.

I have actually been better and feel better since they’ve been gone. I write what i want to, I do what I want too. Mainly because now I don’t have the pressure of them telling me how boring or how they don’t like what ever it is I’m doing…Which always seemed to be a lot of things!…As if what they do and watch is so spectacular!

Adam Sandler = Craptacular! #notsorryatall

WIMBLEDON IS SO BORING!!! #notsorryatall

I can talk about Lord of the Rings, I can talk about the Hobbit, I can listen to Delta Goodrem. All the meanwhile without them going “Blergh” or “OMG THAT IS SO BORING” Literally every time I said I was watching something they didn’t like…EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME!!!!

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I have never felt so free in my life before! I swear so much now,lol.

The guilt that I can’t shake though is that I feel like I am supposed to be more sad? I’ve known them pretty much at least longer than half my life. Even though logically and when I’m honest with myself that I am so much better off without them. I have achieved so much without them already in the past 6 months. I can’t shake the guilt that I should have been more upset about it?

The first couple of months I kept waiting and waiting and waiting to fall in a heap and it just never happened.

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When you’ve just checked ‘out’

I have two jobs…One I like and the other one is really good money, when I get the shifts that is. It’s a weird situation that I find myself, there are two busy times of the year and we are supposed to be in one, but I’ve been getting one shift a week (one day). Even though I’ve been asked what time I’m free, and then just not rostered on. It’s like hiring retail staff around Christmas and then only giving that person one day a week. My confidence has just been knocked out of me. Except all the other companies want me, but they’re too small to hire me, they’ve got all the staff they can have.

It’s not the first time I’ve been treated like this either, and of course even though I’ve had to listen to certain coworker whinge and moan ALL the time…I have not heard a peep from anyone of them! So fair to say I have mentally checked myself out. Until I can find another part time job, I’m there to stay unfortunately. Luckily I don’t get that many shifts…Ironically

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When you mentally check out, it’s not necessarily the same thing as depression. There’s just this total blank space where that thing is usually in your mind. You don’t hate it, you don’t love it, it’s just like this big black hole. It’s almost like your mind has done you a favour and that it’s just hidden somewhere, locked in a cabinet file in your mind. Suddenly it becomes blank and you have no feelings for it, and yet, it doesn’t stop your life either way. Which is probably the biggest difference between checking out and depression. Depression tends to stop you. When you’ve checked out you can keep going.

Bye 2016 … Hello 2017 … Questions

How old were you when you learned your most lessons? This question was asked a couple of months ago and I thought that it was a great question to ask myself at the end of this year.

Each year I learn something different, it’s not just about learning something new every day, but what have you learnt that’s new about yourself this year?

This year I have stopped giving a damn so much. I have stopped being so silent and not saying anything when I feel passionate about something…And you know what? The same people who have always been there for me, are still here with me. I got unfriended so much on Facebook this year and I DON’T care. It’s been really freeing. I still get frustrated by those who I have a conversation with and they unfriend me the next week, but that frustration lasts about as long as it took you to read this sentence ~.^ Some people I’ve had awkward conversations with because I’ve had no idea that they have unfriended me,lol

Some people are only features in your life’s journey.

I feel so powerful and even with the health issues that have “hindered” me this year, I have been pushing through, fighting my own mind. I can proudly say that I am proud of myself this year. I don’t care anymore, but neither have I become heartless either. In fact, I feel like my heart has opened even more. Through all of the discussion and so forth I’ve taken part in this year, it’s opened me up to a whole new world.

There are very bad people out there and people have lost a lot of “common sense”, but the good always outweighs the bad.

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Published on 11 Jul 2016

Delta Goodrem’s new single ‘Enough’ feat. Gizzle is from her new album ‘Wings Of The Wild’ out now –

Well, my first mistake was tryna please everybody
Only to realize I ain’t need anybody (nobody)
But all I ever wanted was acceptance
‘Til I accepted myself, now I can check that off my checklist
I am no longer checking for your guest list
Or where I land on your best list
I look at my reflection and it tells me who the best is
So I could never do it like the rest did


Over the weekend there were just some things I learnt that I was just going to have to accept that it may never happen for me. Jobs, personal things, etc, etc, etc…

Don’t you just love it though when you can finally accept something and you can just 100% honestly let it go. Isn’t it a great feeling? I always find that when you do as well that’s when things start to happen for you. For example, even my now relationship I had given up on love and it was only because someone dared me to go a dating site, I would never have done it myself.

What do you think readers? Do you find when you finally accept and let things truly go, that’s when it happens?

Turn Off’s

I had an interesting conservation today with a girlfriend about when I was single, what my biggest turns off were? It was brought up because it made me think what they used to be. It reminded me of a situation that really turned me off one guy in particular, he used to say all the time “Oh, we are totally going to end up sleeping together” Which didn’t actually “turn me off” but I get annoyed by those kind of statements. There was a situation where this married guy who I thought was a good friends to me, basically started “dumping me” so-to-speak for the new young girl in the group. Which I was hurt by and put off for various reasons.

Any-ways, this guy knew what was going on because basically the girl is his sister. What this guy did though and said to me, to try and get in my pants, I will never forget, because it was simply of all comments that were made to me, this was the biggest douchebag turn off ever! He said and I quote “I love *whatshisface* like a brother, but he only likes girls who can’t think for themselves” … Now this turned me off for several reason,lol:

  1. You managed to insult your sister, “brother from another mother” and his wife in one sentence, JUST to try and get in my pants … What do you say about me behind my back?
  2. What kind of person do you think I am just because you insulted people I have little respect for?
  3. Maybe the reason your friend is so disrespectful because his “friends” do nothing about his behaviour and do things like talk disgustingly about each other behind their backs?

After dealing with that guy I was turned off the entire group.

What are your biggest turn offs?

Hard Lessons

I have a Twitter account … If you want to follow me I’m at LaurenBolton3 … I mainly it use for the Safari Drive and writing live tweets, but I retweet other things too! Craft ideas, petitions, interesting article, follow a lot of Cosplayers on there … All that stuff).

One of the people that follow on there is the delightful Chrissy Teigen (married to the legendary John Legend … Get It!) and she replied to a tweet (

It made me think because it is an interesting concept, as  the people who replied to the Tweet also gave me something to really think about (

… Seen here.

I was one of those people who wanted a group of people who I didn’t even like, to like me? It’s interesting to me, because over the last year I have really been trying to take them out and it was working and I have felt so much better. So why for so many years was I trying to get these people to just “like me”? I didn’t like them, I don’t even respect them that much. So what is with this human need to get people who don’t like us, to like us? It doesn’t even feel like a “survival” need, because how could something that makes us feel that badly, help us to continue to live? You can’t live to your full potential, if something brings you down that badly.

The thing that stays with me is I’m not like that with romantic relationships. A lot of them (except for one and there were good reasons behind that one) when they’re over, they were over. SO why did I find it so hard to let go of “friendships” that weren’t even that important to me?

I pray to Music

So I was ask the question today “What music am I ashamed to admit that I like” and I gave back my honest answer “I don’t have any”. I like Marilyn Manson just as much as I enjoy Enya and I enjoy Rammstein (can’t understand a word they say) just as much as I have enjoyed songs from One Direction. I love Selena Gomez as much as I love Joan Jett.

I love what I love.

I don’t really understand this whole if you like a certain type of music there’s something wrong or right with you. To me music is about how it makes you feel, how you relate to it. I feel sometimes that I am the only one that still feels like music is about how it touches your life. If it makes you sad, glad or mad.

So when someone tells you suck for liking the music that you do, play this in your head!

Published on 18 Aug 2014

Taylor’s new release 1989 is Available Now featuring the hit single “Shake It Off” and her latest single “Blank Space”.

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Shake It Off. (C) 2014 Big Machine Records, LLC.