Welcome to the Library!

Welcome to Lolsy’s Library!

*Updated 01/02/16…Original 20/08/13* If you are an avid reader of my Blog, you will know that this Blog was setup originally as a school project and I’ve been trying to expand my Blog since then.

I am a big fan of Libraries, I believe they have the ability to teach us something new every single day. That is why my Blog is called “Lolsys Library”. I just love the idea behind Libraries, learning about something new, learning about different points of view, exploring and learning about places and people you never knew existed.

The idea behind my Blog is then to talk about and explore various topics. Just like real life this Blog is always up for ideas, always up for changing and expanding.

Feel free to read and explore through my mind and my writings. Hopefully we will all learn something new today!

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112 thoughts on “Welcome to the Library!

  1. How do I begin to – Thank You – for stopping over and following my humble blog-o-thing?!? I wish you the very best, not only today but well into the future. Be inspired and please take care.


  2. I like your dream career of becoming a Librarian. I volunteered at a library for two years. The staff was always such a joy to work with. Libraries are an important staple in any well-rounded community. They offer so much for the people who go to them.

    Good luck with your career! 🙂

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  3. What are these books you speak of? Books? Hmmmmm…
    …oh yeah, those are those paper things people used to read in the olden days.

    I joke, kind of. I grew up in a household where books and reading was an important part of life. And for me it still is. The world seems to have gone digital, and it has changed the face of the publishing industry, but for me there is no replacement for a paper book.

    I have two young boys (8 and 10), and I am proud to say that my love of reading has rubbed off on them, and they are both avid readers. Part of that probably comes from reading out loud to them as part of our regular routines. I love reading stories to them, and trying to come up with slightly different voices for the main characters.

    Anyhow, I’m happy to see that there are still people out there who love reading, and learning. Sometimes it feels like people only care about the latest celebrity gossip and what is currently trending on social media.

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    1. I am so happy to hear about a family that reads =D I also grew up around books, my Grandmother is/was a Librarian. I think that read is still a vital part of helping to bring out our imagination.

      We need to go back to more reading and using our imaginations! =D

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  4. My school librarian was one of the persons who had an immense impact on my life. In her unique way, she got me and quite a few others become interested in reading. These days I often think about her and how different my life would have turned out if it weren’t for her.

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  5. I’m so pleased you found me. We need libraries more than ever today, when I was growing up I was encouraged to read and read everything I could lay my hands on. Novels were a good way to escape the horrors of everyday life, biographies were a great insight into people’s lives and travel books a great way to learn about somewhere new.
    My eyesight isn’t good enough to read paper books any longer but I do still enjoy a good book even though it is on my iPad screen and not a physical book any longer. Good luck to you Lauren and may libraries continue to entertain, enlighten and teach for many years to come.

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  6. You had me at “I am a big fan of libraries.” The library is the one thing I miss the most now that the world has closed up. Ugh… when will they let us back in? I need new books, ones I can touch and feel. Borrow and return and maybe borrow again.

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  7. Last time I checked, my name and I have nothing to do with your brain nor behaviour problems, if you want someone else to take the responsibility, blame your parents for that, or God if you have any religion.


      1. Not sure since I have no religion, and you believing people should reveal any personal infos on a public website is enough to prove you are not the brightest. Also you think adult throwing money to a child dancing in nightclub is fine, and I don’t need a God to tell me that’s shady as hell.


  8. Hi, Lauren. Never stopped by your “home” before. Reminds me of a quote from one of my favorite authors, Sci-Fi genius Isaac Asimov: “Any of you, by the way, are free to criticize anything I say. If you do, I might learn something.” Wishing you well. 😊

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