Who even IS the POTUS anymore?

Apparently it’s not Trump.

Here’s the deal Mercedes…TRUMP IS THE CURRENT POTUS
I can’t even begin to tell you how many people blame China, for the state that the USA is in.

“These are not images of some imagined Joe Biden America in the future. These are images of Donald Trump’s America today. He keeps telling you, if only he was president, it wouldn’t happen… well he is president, whether he knows it or not,” Biden continued.

Joe Biden

Too read is to open your mind…

Reading a #book is not always about changing your mind, it’s about opening your mind and seeing the OTHER side. I mean, I know you’d all hate to see transpeople as human beings. But the more you refuse, the more closed off you’ll be from people. And it’ll be your own fault.


Well hasn’t that been interesting to watch? I don’t know whether or not to laugh, or to get seriously freaked out!lol

I just love how the GOP/Republicans are saying things like down with Hollywood, down with Celebrity. They do know who Trump is, right? And are they telling us, that all that really loud…whatever the heck Kimberly Guilfoyle was doing…was…natural?

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I have been mainly popping off and on Twitter, just to see other people’s reactions. So far, it really doesn’t seem like it’s anything new. Different days…Same s…

You know, this may seem like an unpopular opnion, but I don’t think that Melania totally hates Trump. I know this must sound weird, but in her own way. I think Melania, might actually, at the very least, like Trump. You know as much as Melania could like a person. I think that she definitely like all the things he’s given her. Like, her Einstein VISA and Trump using chain immigration to at least get her whole family here.

You know, her totally “hard work” to become an American Citizen. Can I say she wasn’t lying either when she said that he’s an honest person, because he does say what he thinks. She’s not actually lying, but Trump saying what he thinks, is part of the problem.

And what is with most of the Trump family wearing blue? Blue’s the Democrat’s colour, isn’t it?. Do you think they’re trying to send subliminal messages? PLEASE VOTE BLUE!!!

30 Day writing challenge… Day 5

5. Name five places that you wish to visit.

  1. Greece and Rome, I have to go there for a long as I can remember. Mainly to see the ancient sites.
  2. Egypt, for the same reasons as above. The only thing is, I don’t think I could ever go inside a pyramid.
  3. Ireland, a lot of my families History is from Ireland, and I just love Celtic music. It would be fantastic to go and listen to some Celtic music around a camp fire.
  4. New Zealand, mainly too see all the LotR and The Hobbit sites.
  5. I would love to put in a mythical place here, just to throw you…Because Disneyland…duh…Another place I would love to visit is Middle Earth, but, for real.

Social Media and abuse

Going to get a little serious here people.

I actually think that social media is great, I really do…WHEN it is used properly. It gives you access to your loved ones, and for some people it allows them to stalk “non-loved” ones. You can message them for free, anytime of the day or night. A lot have free video/phone services. In theory social media is actually really great.


Humans beings just ruin everything, don’t they? I’ve started to realise that people don’t read and they don’t listen, because of these George Floyd riots. So many people keep saying that they should have tried peaceful protesting first. What did these “people” think take a knee and blm was about? Oh, Kapernick got really tired one day? That POC couldn’t find a good hairdresser? WHERE HAVE THESE “PEOPLE” BEEN?

I have seen people literally say that looting is on the same level a murder? That they were disgusted with people like me, because I think looting is okay. (Which I technically have never said) That they don’t want to be told they’re on the wrong side because they don’t think throwing a brick at a wall is the “right thing to do” As I told them, they’re on the wrong side, because they didn’t listen and they consider a building worth MORE than the continual murder of POC by people supposed to protect them.

You know who can never walk into the building where they work? The building where the lived? The building where their children lived, they can never walk into that building and hug them again. When they’re children grow up and move out one building, into another building. They can’t walk into their children new home buildings. George Floyd, and you know why?

He’s dead.

Back on my word, for this moment

Last night, Pippy slipped away from us very quickly  It was so quick, she didn’t even make it to the vets. She was with my mum and myself though. I know I make jokes about her being my unofficial therapy dog, but she really is. I know Travie loves me, but dogs are just different. She’s been through with me, bad relationships, bullies, toxic friendships, anxiety attacks and losing family…Through it all she always seemed like I was the bees knees  If I thought something was wrong with me, she’d still love me. I knew I was good, because she loved me When I was sad, she’d instantly make me happy  I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without her. She hadn’t been 100% this past year, and I knew that she wouldn’t be around for many more years. So I started to take hundreds of video and pictures. She also always knew when the camera was on her, so there’s hundreds of photos of her looking like “Damn, she’s got that “thing” on me again, hasn’t she?”lol.


By the time you read this…I will be gone, from my home. My partner  and I are travelling up to see his family for the Christmas days. It’s about a three hour drive from where we live and internet up there, isn’t the best. I have scheduled posts, but basically I wont be able to get on for a couple of days. I wont have as many posts as I usually would, but I’ll have a couple. I’m out from the 23rd – to the 26th or for those in America the 22nd-25th.

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