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The other night, I re-watched a powerful episode of Doctor Who. (Major Doctor Who fan. If you don’t believe me, you clearly haven’t seen my Instagram.) In this particular episode, The Zygon Invension, (it’s a two-parter, with The Zygon Invasion being the first one, but I’m focusing on the second part for this post) the Zygons, an […]

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Like music to my ears

Captain Marvel delivers a perfect answer to her trolls

This articles says exactly what I’m thinking, very literally in some parts.

Captain Marvel has been doing so well all over the world and at the box office, absolutely smashing through what her “critics” said. I don’t if you all heard about Rotten Tomatoes, “men” who hadn’t even seen the movie didn’t like what Brie Larson had been saying. They thought putting the movie down on Rotten Tomatoes, would somehow make the film fail? They did the same thing to Black Panther. Didn’t work then, didn’t work now. Isn’t going to work little MRA’s. It got so bad that Rotten Tomatoes have NOW taken the steps to make sure that people can’t review a movie before it’s actually released.

Captain Marvel hit by online trolls – But Disney was ready

Smile, trolls…You’ll look so much prettier.


Should I?…And how do I?!

So my partner keeps insisting that I should start streaming…Mainly my Sims 4 games.

For those who may not know “Streaming” is where you play video/console games … COMPLETELY LIVE! (Don’t know why I wrote that in capitals)

It is actually something I have thought about, but I am such a noob!

For those who may not know what a “Noob” is, it’s someone who is really bad at games … Hence why I love the Sims.

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If anyone out there, reads my Blog and does do live feeds…Can we chat?

Put Up or Shut Up!

Oh god, I am SO over entitled angry nerds!

For some reason, my partner decided to watch this guy who was rambling on about how the next Star Wars film had better make over $800 million and that the fans have warned them…Blah, blah, blah. Warned them…What?

Whatcha gonna do? Kill them? People are going to go and see these movies. They may not be as popular as the 70’s but you know what? So they shouldn’t be either! I think film makers are getting lazy these days.

But it just makes me angry that these angry nerds, do threats like that. Do they not even know how entitled they sound? I get not liking stuff, I don’t even really any of the newer Star Wars, but I wouldn’t go around saying “I’ve warned you”. If you think you can do better, than GO AND DO IT! Instead of whining from behind a screen, go and make a screen! … So to speak.

I literally had to ask my partner to turn it off, it sounded so whiny!

The world is starting to and definitely feels like it’s falling apart all around us and they are threatening film makers, because they wont go and do it themselves? At one point he was mad because he felt the last Directors (of course mainly angry at the female Directors *rolls eyes*) Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy wont apologise…

…For what, exactly?

Just because you choose not like something, does not mean, angry little nerds, that you are then owed an apology? I certainly didn’t expect after the disaster that was Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith…I mean they made “Darth Vader” probably the most well known villain in movie History, a whiny teenager -.- Now THAT was a disaster!

Did I send hate though? No? Was I still able to tell people I didn’t like it? Yes…Did I still go to the other films…Yes =D

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So too all those angry nerds…Make this the year or either put up…or it’s time to shut up!

I wish upon wish…Pt2

Last week I wrote about couples that you “ship” or wish were together. You can read about it here. How about those characters/couples though, we wish were NOT together?

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I was inspired to write this post when the wedding of this new “celebrity” couple kept coming up, not as much as I thought it might…and I was glad of that. No, it’s not the Beibers … Biebers? Although I don’t like them either. Here a few of mine:

  • Ron and Hermione. (without a thought).
  • Tessa and Jem
  • Chakotay and Seven of Nine…Sorry, but I just don’t see it.

I wish upon wish…

So I am going to try and make these last couple of weeks of posts, a little bit more fun. It’s not been a great year for anyone really. So lets go out with some fun!

“Ship” or “Shipping” in the ‘nerd’ world does not have anything to do with actual ships. It’s where you “ship” two characters together, they can come from the anywhere “Nerdomhood”. Televisions shows, comics, movies, books. Who have not gotten together for whatever reasons…So do you have any characters that you wish were together? I’ll list a couple of mine:

  • Captain Janeway and Chakotay
  • Tessa and Will…If you’ve read the book, you’ll get it…Because they do “get together” but there’s a twist.
  • DS Camille Bordey and DI Richard Poole

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