Read with Pride!

First of all, I really wish that I could change the colour of the post headings. I really wish that I could change Pride into the rainbow colours there.


I just wanted to post some books, that I think would be helpful to read over Pride month and support a lot of authors out there. LGBTQIA Reading is becoming more well known to the general public, which is fantastic! We still have a ways to go though.

Goodreads – The 2021 Pride Reading List: 75 New Books to Read Now

One of the authors books on this Goodreads lists is called “Detransition, Baby” written by Torrey Peters. It’s a well written book and has been up for many writing awards. Despite the “outrage” from transphobic people. This is one of the “we have a ways to go” books though. It is actually a really well written book, and really does deserve the accolades that it’s been receiving. When I looked at the negative reviews, it’s literally all TERF “buzzwords”. Yet, still, is STILL doing really well.

While I was doing some research for this post, I found this amazing site!

Reading Pride

Reading Pride is in the UK (lucky UK!)

Reading Pride was formed in 2003 to represent and support the local LGBT+ community. Since their first Festival attendance has grown steadily year on year with up to 15,000 people visiting the event throughout the day as well as up to 1500+ participating in the Parade.

At first, like some of you (I think) I thought it was about Reading LGBTQIA Books, hehe … It’s a place in the UK! But please go and check them out! Haha

Of course I couldn’t post lists of good Pride books to read without mentioning what the LGBTQIA consider the best LGBTQIA books – 26 New LGBTQ+ YA Books to Add to Your 2021 Reading List

A lot of them do overlap with the Goodreads, but they don’t have quiet a variety of reading as well. I think has more Young Adults readings that Goodreads do.

Between these two lists. I have have decided I am going to try and get around to reading in PRIDE month, these books:

Detransition, Baby – Torrey Peters

Malice – Heather Walter

The 2000s made me Gay – Grace Perry … It just sounds funny.

The Savage Kind – John Copenhaver (this one isn’t expected until October 5th, 2021) But still it’s on the list

The Witch King – H.E. Edgmon, expected June 1, 2021

I’ve also just realise that has in their title +YA (haha)

Now, I don’t expect to get through ALL of these in a month. I may not even be able to get access to them all straight away anyway. However, these are all on the list now!

Are you choosing to read any LGBTQIA books this year, or this Pride month?

Going back to the movies (sort of)

Since more places are starting to open up again, one of the places to head too, are the movies/cinemas

Well, kind of…

A lot of cinemas that are even starting to open, wont open to full seats, and that’s okay. Also not everyone wants to head out straight out away, and that’s okay too.

So what do you do if you’re not ready to head out, or the seats are all already full?

Stay at home!

One of the funniest thing I discovered last year, was how many movies I still have on DVD, but every time a favourite is on the tv, I just have to watch it on the tv, even when I haven’t watched it on DVD for a long time. I just have to watch it when it’s on the tv. True, some of my movies go on for a long time and I like to watch them when I’m by myself.

Movies like, Lord of the Rings, Moulin Rouge…But when it’s on the tv, I can watch it, without getting to involved in it. That’s what I tell myself anyway, and if no one watches it on the tv, it wont come back on!

Dear Social Media

*I’m looking at you all*

I was inspired to write this post after I received a “How Did We Do” from Twitter, and quiet frankly I was appalled. A few days ago, I reported someone for telling people to stalk my parents. Which I reported (and think I wrote about earlier). I had to appeal, and the 2ND time they agreed a violation had taken place.

I don’t normally report a lot for myself, especially on Facebook, but nothing ever seems to happen.

However, I do report a lot for other people.

You know what “Grinds My Gear” though? Very rarely does anything happen, but then you wake up one day to find out that Facebook or Twitter, have finally gotten rid of a lot of accounts, at once.

Why isn’t this happening then when people are blatantly bigoted straight away? Why does it take a LOT of people to report something for it to be gone? So far, I’ve heard that Facebook and Twitter got rid of a lot of pages that were spreading misinformation about COVID. But what about the other bigots?

Some good news I did hear though, people are starting to REALLY unfollow Rowling on Twitter. I think as Pride comes up again and her total silence on the harm that is now happening on the trans community, people are noticing. Like when I say “really”, she’s losing a few thousand every day. She says “I support them”, but you know that saying about actions and all that.

My Planet Zoo <3

For my birthday, a couple of weeks ago, I did a little playing of my game live called Planet Zoo, and it was really fun! Since I had a good time playing and trying to chat to people, I’m going to do it again. I’ve doing it through my Discord channel. Which you can find the link to that below:

International Book Friends Club

Which you can all join even just for the books. What I’m doing today though, is not playing the Game (haha). Just a couple of screenshots from my game, it’s kind of funny.

Just for giggles and awwwww…

Musical Adaptations

I love a good musical! I love it even more when I see a good adaption of that musical. Like with books and movies, there’s nothing like a good adaptions of one!

Number one for me is “Phantom of the Opera

It’s been a book, a musical and a movie … and I have loved them all! It actually has been the only silent film, I have ever watched and I can totally understand why ladies were fainting in the cinema’s. I swear I had my first nightmare after watching it. But what a amazing treat to be able to watch it!

Phantom of the Opera: Musical vs Movie – Musicals Online, Jan29 2015

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

My next favourite is Les Misérables!

Another one that has been a book, a musical and now a movie!

I have to read the book, written by Victor Hugo in 1862. I have seen so many musical takes of the musical, and was so excited to see the movie…Only to be disappointed.

For myself, nothing beats the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the successful musical…NOTHING…Colm Wilinkinson was in the movie recently brought out


I want to be brave!

So, in case I forgot to tell you all, my birthday is coming up and I’ve been doing things I’ve been wanting to do. Things that are not too expensive and get me out of the house.

One thing I was thinking of doing ON my actual birthday is to do something with streaming. You know, where you might play a game and have people watch you play, you can just chat. The game I was thinking of playing is called “Planet Zoo”. Also thinking though that people can just write comments to me, unless you do want to put on some head phones and chat. I can’t decide whether or not to do it in or Discord or Twitch though.

I just want to DO something? You know what I mean? I feel like those couple of days last week, really pulled me backwards. Which scared me for a couple of reasons, the biggest one being that “my goodness, how much my brain has come to rely on that medication!”. That kind of kicked myself into realising, I’m going to have to get my mindset well, so that when I do get off of them. I’m good and ready to go.

I have got to start pushing my brain more!

Thursday Theories – Friends, not so friendly?

I now have a theory about friends. That they are not friendly friends at all.

I am pretty certain that I have written, how if and when now, I watched Friends, I really wouldn’t like it.

The only one, I think is any good is Rachel. That’s mainly because she’s the only character really, that makes any changes, and becomes better. Even with being a little materialistic, she still “blossoms” into a lovely character.

Ross is probably the worst character in the whole show, he’s controlling (even with his own sister) he’s easily jealous, the whole episode with his song playing with dolls.

Moving Ross Geller GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Even Phoebe, people used to say Phoebe reminded them of me. However, she’s not really that great of a New Age “hippy” hippy. Sure, she does that classics “vegan” type things. Other than that, she’s not actually that nice. I’m thinking of the episode, closer to the end, when she, Monica and Mike go karaoke. Monica has no idea that the reasons she’s popular with the crowd, you can see her boobs. Not only does Phoebe not tell Monica, but then keeps making “remarks”, and never tells Monica. Women shouldn’t do that to a enemy, let alone a “friend!”.

Have you ever had friends, like “Friends”? I’ve known and know a Ross and a Phoebe.

The reason for this is not a real, mystery type theory. It’s more how we have all had friends in our life, that are like those two above? I have a theory we all meet a Ross and a Phoebe in our lives. The “good guy” that’s not really that good, and the hippy “love everyone and peace” friend. Who part from them maybe all on the outside a good and peace hippy type person. But she’s not really.