I am watching currently, what I take is the Canadian take on the UK’s very popular series “The Coroner”.

Its really weird, it’s not making any sense, and almost feels like the Canadian coroner is high the entire time. Is she? It does feel very American, even though apparently Canadian. I really do enjoy the UKs version, but the Canadians version honestly feels like everyone is on drugs. I don’t think they actually are doing much about the person whose murdered.

The reviews for it seem good, maybe I just happened to stumble across the worst episode or something?

Have you ever watched a show and thought another version of it was better? I do admit, I regularly enjoy the Brits shows more.


The media’s playing us

I know that you all know this. But I am going to give you a really GOOD example of this.

Now, I know that I am preaching to the converted with this, but I am going to write a title from a “news” article placed in the “Daily Fail”…Sorry, Daily Mail in the UK, and break it down. Then I am going to show you the amazing response from one tweeter.

(If Twitter picks up in Australia, at the moment I’m writing this, it’s slow or just not working in Australia or New Zealand). My god that was really bad for a long time there

Nearly HALF THE British public want Prince Harry to be stripped of his Duke of Sussex title after the release of his six-part Netflix series with Meghan Markle.

Nearly HALF THE British public want Prince Harry to be stripped of his Duke of Sussex title after the release of his six-part Netflix series.

Nearly HALF THE British public want Prince Harry to be stripped of his Duke of Sussex title …

Do you see it?

The Daily Mail wrote the article like the people voted over half for the title to be stripped. People don’t really READ anymore. They “instant read”, they read the words they want to read.

Ladies, Google is free

One of my wishes, but probably wont come true. Is that TERFs actually learn something. I doubt it, especially after what I saw.

I wont go into too much details, but we really do need to start talking about sex education and bodies in general when we’re younger. I saw a group of “older woman” call a trans person a ‘moron’ because they were talking about period poops. The older women were talking like this trans person was making it up.

Period Poops are a real thing.

As I said above, I wont get into details. These “women” were making complete asses out of themselves.

Then there was “Rob” who was complaining about how the left was “making” him have to like people, like immigrants, like trans people, like Unions. (retweet if you agree…blah, blah, blah). I pointed out that no one is saying he HAS to like anyone. What the left actually want, is for people like Rob, is just too let others live in peace. Especially those who have no affect on your life whatsoever.

I feel under no obligation to like people like Rob.

I see you

I was like “How are so many people commenting on the Harry and Meghan thing, and all that’s out is the trailer?” That was before the series come out, last week? Here’s the thing and word that you need to get to know and learn.



Learn to pronounce


  1. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.”a basic algorithm for division”

When you constantly talk, write or click onto something, it will come up all the time. I have no respect for a certain “reality tv family” and never have. Yet, they rarely come up in my news feeds. The one time they did was when people keep acting like they played no part no in Ye’s downfall. Yet, until last year, NONE of them had problem joining in with him.

I have no problem with Harry and Meghan, I don’t actually understand why a lot of people seem to hate them so much. Even so, all the stories I ever see are always negative. I mean I do, but I don’t. Since I don’t mind them though, I am constantly having to see the negative media. I started to to say click on that I’m not interested, because I wasn’t. Also, I sat there thinking “H and M, Diana’s son and his American wife, really don’t care about what a bunch of nobodies are saying in the media”.

They are not reading it. The media especially in the UK, are WAY too saturating it in hate and negativity. If you don’t want to watch it…Don’t, simple. The UK media were blaming Meghan for the situation with Lady Hussey. Which was another overblown situation. Something was said, she apologised and retired (probably because she’s 83 and realised she might as well).

The Royal Family DO need to catch up with the times. As for the UK media, what a toxic bunch. It’s not even with JUST Harry and Meghan, it’s with every aspect of UK living. Trans rights, Education, “Illegal” Immigrants. I just saw Kay Burley say and I quote “Teachers haven’t taught for over two years, why should they get a rise?”.

I remember a time when people HATED the Royal Family for what it “did” to Diana. I remember the UK media being horrid towards Diana. I am pretty sure that Harry does too. What short memories some have.

Prince Philip Did Not Want the Flag Lowered Over Buckingham Palace for Princess Diana

You have to be VERY careful that you’re not getting caught up in an negative algorithm, it is really easy too do. I am not watching the H and M documentary until after the hype, and then make my own decisions.

I declare, in the run to the new year…Too be as positive as I can, for all our sanity.

Good for him, I say

This totally an opinion blog post. I don’t know know how many of watch “Witcher“? Recently the lead from the tv series, Henry Cavill was playing him, but after they want to steer the tv series in a different direction, away from the book he likes, he “resigned”. In his stead, Liam Hemsworth is apparently taking over the role.

Despite the hate, I am sitting here thinking “Good on you Henry Cavill”. He is apparently a big fan of the Witcher books. Apparently does not like that the producers wants too take it in a different direction. If someone wants to or want to not do something, because they don’t “believe” in it. Good o, for them I say!