I want to be brave!

So, in case I forgot to tell you all, my birthday is coming up and I’ve been doing things I’ve been wanting to do. Things that are not too expensive and get me out of the house.

One thing I was thinking of doing ON my actual birthday is to do something with streaming. You know, where you might play a game and have people watch you play, you can just chat. The game I was thinking of playing is called “Planet Zoo”. Also thinking though that people can just write comments to me, unless you do want to put on some head phones and chat. I can’t decide whether or not to do it in or Discord or Twitch though.

I just want to DO something? You know what I mean? I feel like those couple of days last week, really pulled me backwards. Which scared me for a couple of reasons, the biggest one being that “my goodness, how much my brain has come to rely on that medication!”. That kind of kicked myself into realising, I’m going to have to get my mindset well, so that when I do get off of them. I’m good and ready to go.

I have got to start pushing my brain more!


I was looking up something to do with my stats. Seeing just general information about is there a day that’s most popular, tags that seem to generate the most views. Only to realise that (at the time) I had exactly 1500 readers to my blog. Which in my OCD ways, I felt was a nice even number.

I’ve recently watched this movie, it’s really quiet cute.

Thursday Theories – Friends, not so friendly?

I now have a theory about friends. That they are not friendly friends at all.

I am pretty certain that I have written, how if and when now, I watched Friends, I really wouldn’t like it.

The only one, I think is any good is Rachel. That’s mainly because she’s the only character really, that makes any changes, and becomes better. Even with being a little materialistic, she still “blossoms” into a lovely character.

Ross is probably the worst character in the whole show, he’s controlling (even with his own sister) he’s easily jealous, the whole episode with his song playing with dolls.

Moving Ross Geller GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Even Phoebe, people used to say Phoebe reminded them of me. However, she’s not really that great of a New Age “hippy” hippy. Sure, she does that classics “vegan” type things. Other than that, she’s not actually that nice. I’m thinking of the episode, closer to the end, when she, Monica and Mike go karaoke. Monica has no idea that the reasons she’s popular with the crowd, you can see her boobs. Not only does Phoebe not tell Monica, but then keeps making “remarks”, and never tells Monica. Women shouldn’t do that to a enemy, let alone a “friend!”.

Have you ever had friends, like “Friends”? I’ve known and know a Ross and a Phoebe.

The reason for this is not a real, mystery type theory. It’s more how we have all had friends in our life, that are like those two above? I have a theory we all meet a Ross and a Phoebe in our lives. The “good guy” that’s not really that good, and the hippy “love everyone and peace” friend. Who part from them maybe all on the outside a good and peace hippy type person. But she’s not really.

Happy Birthday Tolkien!

My first post for 2021! I wanted to start 2021 with a complete positive post! What is more positive than wishing a very celebrated and beloved author a happy birthday.

If Tolkien was still alive, he would have been 129…Probably not very probable then.

I have always loved Middle Earth and Tolkiens world, more than any other world. Including Arthurian! I really love the Arthurian world, I want to name (if I have a) my daughter Morgana. I don’t think I could name a girl Arwen or Eowyn, she’d get bullied I actually would prefer Arwen, but sensibility wise, it has to be Morgana. You know…Duhhh…

Tolkien created a magical powerful world, all down to the little details, and Tolkien NEVER went with popular fan theories unlike some authors *coughs* Rowling *coughs*. Tolkien’s work was original. Yes, the eagles annoy everyone, but one, read the books, and two, read the books.

Next Year

I have decided, because I am a grown up, as disappointing as it maybe. I am actually going to research celebrities and judge their “superhero” like qualities on that. Rather then the roles they played.

Christ Pratt has been the most disappointing actor all year.

Chris Pratt was named the worst Chris, because he simply IS, the worst Chris out of the Chris’s that were named.

  • He gave up his senior cat when it became to difficult to clean up after it. Now he and Anna were having a new baby. They couldn’t hire a cleaner? Also, yes, you still clean up after family, like you would have to after a baby.
  • Not only did he do that, but then called people calling him out for that “weirdos”. “What do you expect us to clean up after him too?!” YES.
  • The fact that during this year, of all years, he’s been mum about who he’d vote for, if he’d vote at all.
  • Even IF he was voting for Trump, it wasn’t JUST that, that would make him the worst Chris. Chris is just ONE person, he gets ONE vote, just like everyone else. Can you imagine a single character of his, being silent?
  • Also the fact, except for Don Cheadle. Not a single ONE of his co-stars felt the *need* to defend him were completely and utterly SILENT when Brie Larson received actual death and rape threats.

Not sorry, but Chris Pratt is just pathetic. When you don’t know what someone stands for, it more than likely means, they stand for nothing. The only thing we know what Chris Pratt stands for is for giving up on family, when it gets too tough. That’s not something to defend.

Let’s write about blocks…

WordPress blocks.

How are we feeling about them? Are you getting used to them? Are you now really loving them? What are your issues surroundings the new blocks?

I have mentioned on other bloggers posts, that the biggest issue I’m having is a totally self-esteem one. I have dyslexia, and when either I’m really tired, or when my brain types faster than my hands. Mistakes do get made.

So that little section “revisions”, gets me every time. The bigger the number of revisions gets, the bigger loser I feel like. I don’t even really understand why it’s there to begin with. If this blog was making me money, I would probably spend a lot more time focusing on editing before I schedule or save, but since I’m not. I don’t understand it’s purpose. I don’t know many bloggers who make a LOT of money on here.

At the moment…I’m already up to 6 revisions and I’ve only been writing this post for about 10 minutes…7…

Teddy Bear Day!!!

In 1902, American President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub while hunting in Mississippi. The incident made national news. Clifford Berryman published a cartoon of the event in the Washington Post on November 16th, 1902, and the caricature became an instant classic.

As I am one Queen of the Teddy Bears…Needless to say, I have a few…I’ve started to find over the years that I really like unusual teddy’s,lol.

These are just a few…My oldest teddy bear is actually the big rabbit sitting next to Yoda there. She was given to me as a combination of Easter and Birthday present. Since they’re usually so close to each other.

My newest is probably Sarabi, even though she has probably been around since the animated Lion King. I’ve only just recently purchased her. However, Mila, the little white rabbit. Was bought for my birthday and I can’t remember who came first. So Sarabi is the newest one that I purchased.