Stan a fictional character to be alone.

My partner was watching the new Harley Quinn and Ivy tv show, that’s too violent for kids and Quinn is voiced by Hayley Cuoco.

I haven’t watched it, but my partner has been and he brought up a really interesting thought and it got me thinking. Why can’t a cartoon just be alone?

My partner was talking about how in this new show, he didn’t know if Ivy was actually interested in either Kiteman or Harley. That she as portrayed in this cartoon as very apathetic. It had me thinking, in every portrayal I have seen of Poison Ivy, I have never once thought of her as a “sexual” being. I’ve never thought of her being with anyone. I started to realise that I have only ever seen her as asexual.

Is that weird?

She just doesn’t seem that interested in the human race, at all. Her thing does seem to be plants and only plants. She knows she can use her sexual prowess, but she’s not actually sexual herself.

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The closest that I could think of her actually being interested in someone, was Dr Freeze. That was because he could help her plants grow.

Even with the whole Kiteman and Harley Quinn, she seems to flip flop with both of them. I think you can be in love with two people at the same time, but there is always someone else you prefer, just that little bit more. Whenever she leaves one, or is left, she doesn’t seem that upset with it.

We have so much representation these days, why not have a popular character, that is kick ass, just doesn’t NEED a partner. I know we live in a very much “relationship” obsessed society. But there are people out there, having no problem being alone.

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Discuss…The Batman!

I don’t know how to feel about this. I admire him for it, but I don’t know how to feel. I guess, part of it is that I’ve spent a life time seeing “buff” Batman’s. So it’ll be interesting to see! It is actually making me want to see it more, because I think it’s an interesting perspective to take! Discuss

For my birthday

I was just thinking for my birthday, that I might actually try to “Twitch” that night. My birthday is the 29th of April, so it’s Wednesday, kind of annoying…Not that I can actually go anywhere,lol.

Possibly, the weekend after my birthday I am heading to my Mums and taking some of our favourite pizza and doing birthday things. So we can both drink and neither of us have to drive. I’ve got someone who can take me back. The weekend before I am having a Disney night with my partner, because we’re the only ones who can. It would just be nice to do something on my birthday, and this would definitely be different. The weekends might swap though,lol. Usually my mum and I go out to dinner for my b’day, but we can’t this year, obviously.

So, what is Twitch?

Twitch is probably the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamer’s.

The main “Plan”

So my plan is just to basically, more than likely, use my Sims game as what I would be twitching with. That way you could all watch me play the Sims, and you don’t have to do a thing! With Twitch, you can watch and chat, like text messaging. You can eat and drink, while celebrating with me!


The Fickle Fragility of Fanatical Fandom — Musings from a Tangled Mind

If there is an upside to being sick the past few days – acute bronchitis, by the way – it’s that this downtime has allowed me to catch up on my shows, check out what’s new in my fandom groups, and sleep. Although, if you’re familiar at all with any fandom whatsoever, it might’ve been […]

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When a fan isn’t a fan, but is a stan.

Discord Update

So I asked what you would like to see more on a Discord Book channel and you let me know! So I’ve added a channel called “Book Style“. While the original post was about style in general, I have found over the years. That there are lots of “bookish styles” both dressup and every day. I’ve added the channel and I’m hoping to have a bookish feel to it more.

Men and Women of course! Men read and have style too! I would actually really LOVE to see how bookish outfits you may have had over the years. They can be costumes, or something you wear every day. I got the ball rolling, pop over and have a look! I think it’d be a great place to swap style ideas as well. Myself, I love to thrift shop. You can find so many styles there! I might actually start taking pictures of any “book” styles I have,lol.

Let’s chat!

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Did I do the right thing?

I’ve been trying to keep my posts pretty positive this Christmas week, but I just wanted some advice on whether or not, I did the right thing.

I left my Guild in Guild Wars 2. I don’t know if you’ve heard of the fires in Australia? With everything that’s going on everywhere else, I wouldn’t be surprised.

However, there was one night on our Guild chat area, we were talking about the lack of sympathy or empathy that our Australian politicians seem to have regarding these Fires. Especially our own Prime Minister. He took for a family holidays, 5 firies have now died. 10 year old children, whose houses have been burnt down. Peacefully protesting, are getting threatened with arrest from the police. I am absolutely disgusted by the people in charge. I know that Discord chats are not always the best place to have political type discussions. But it was nice to see people stand up for Australia, through such a really rough time.

The next morning I woke up and let my cat out and I could smell smoke. Considering the only time of year I’ve smelt smoke where I live is during Winter, with our neighbours open fireplaces. It was a pretty scary moment. So I went on to thank the people, for standing up for Australia, just to find that all the comments had been deleted.

The only explanation that we got is that one of the moderators didn’t want to see that “shit” Too keep politics private, that politicians can’t do anything anyway. Fires are fires, no one can do anything.

Now I get, politics can get annoying. But this was literally the first time that I had ever seen this stuff talked about on there. I thought it was a little extreme to not only play off what we were talking about as “annoying”, but I couldn’t even then thank the people I had been talking about it with the night before. But to DELETE the comments! Nope, that was a step too far. People are on there talk about their anxiety, how they can’t sleep and that sets me off. But you know, I don’t complain about it. Sometimes you just need to know someone cares.

So I said “I came on today to say thank you to those who stood up for Australia last night. I know it’s easy to ignore when there’s no smoke or smell of fire right outside your door. I would have thanked them privately but the comments have been deleted.”

Then I started to leave my Guild.

Did I do the right thing?

I just knew if I said anymore, if I stayed around. I would going to say something not actually nice.

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Happy Birthday you weirdo you <3

This maybe one of the good aspects about Facebook, every year, at least on Facebook. I have wished this gorgeous man a happy birthday.

Matt Smith

Sometimes a character and a actor just comes along who you connect with…An actor who made a character who made me feel it was okay to be a little “weirder” than the norm. It’s weird for me, because I’ve always had celebrity crushes, even now his speeches make me want to cry, they touch my heart. I miss seeing his gorgeous face every week. I think Peter Capaldi did a wonderful job. They all have done a beautiful job! Happy Birthday to MY Doctor 
Thank you for making this weirdo feel a little more “normal” 

Sing a Song…Magical Monday #5

So since I felt like the live action version of “The Lion King”, and since it is also the month of “scary”. I thought that it’d be appropriate to talk about what I think the top 5 most “scary” Disney villains song that there are out there.

Number 5

It’s a classic and like the Hunchback of Notre Dame, not from one of my favourite Disney movies. But the song is a classic and I’m not really “scared” of the song, but it makes you wary. Let’s be honest, Ursula is really creepy and it’s not just because she’s evil. I have always been scared of octopuses and squid…WAY to intelligent and can get  in anywhere…ANYWHERE!

Poor Unfortunate Souls – Disney 1989

Uploaded by: Disney

Number 4

This song frightens me because it’s all about a possessive “mother”. Is there anything scary than a possessive mother?! Or Mother-In-Law! Especially right near the end when she says “You”ll regret it”. It does sound like a threat.

Mother Knows Best – Disney 2010

Uploaded by: Rose Red

Number 3

If you’ve ever seen Lion King “2”. You would have heard this number. It gives me chills. The way she sings about Simba’s Prides demise. I both completely love it and sing it to myself when I’m mad at someone. But it gives me chills because it is what it is. Chilling. Do not listen to this song before going to bed! It’s not that kind of lullaby!

My Lullaby – Disney 1998

Uploaded by Stephanie Ann

*There is no video for this song. Its has to be one of my favourite all time songs and I can’t even find it on iTunes!*

Number 2

I cannot believe how much they stuffed this song up in the live action film! I had to re-listen to the animated version several times.

Be prepared – Disney 1994

Uploaded by: Kovu

Number 1

Although not my favourite Disney movie. This has to be one of the most creepy and evil songs of the whole Disney genre. I think it’s the most evil, because it’s full of real life situations, that this is how women are still treated. Like we are property to be posses and if we don’t comply, we’ll be killed. It’s a bit too real.

Hell Fire – Disney 1996.

Uploaded by: MrHJona