Why I know Obama is a good guy…person

I know that Obama is a good guy, because despite the Right REALLY not like him. Despite “people” like McConnell doing everything they could to try and stop Obama. Which President again had to run into a bunker, because the People of the United States got fed up with them? Everything they said about Obama hasn’t panned out. While everything said about Trump, turns out to be true.

It needs to stop

Not anyone of you, you are all truly lovely people…

The bigotry, the TERFS, the hate, the vile, the lying…It just needs to stop, like yesterday. No more.

It’s ridiculous!

What is it with people who want to go out of their way to hurt people, they don’t know. Have nothing to do with. And are obsessed with complete strangers bodies. I got into a conversation last night with some TERF’s. I read this thread, and it was beautifully written. Including not to abuse JKRowling, but articulating why Rowling is completely wrong. Yet, every single TERF said how hateful the thread was. So, of course, we all asked “which part”…no response.

One person I REALLY got into it with, because they were saying really STUPID things. As I was arguing with this person. I just thought “how sad this persons life must be”. That they one they call me hateful and vile, once again, no able to point what I said that was hateful. But I’m just blinded by my “guilt”. Then she said something about how all these Harry Potter upstarts are turning their back on their mothers (despite her not being a mother and not knowing any transpeople) and she said that they have literally said “I turn my back on you”…Transpeople, have, in fact, NOT “literally” said that. How is that even true? Changing your genitals has nothing to do with “parenting skills”. It just is the way it is. No mother has control over that.

If my child decides that they were born in the wrong body. I would not for one second think they were turning their backs on me. Why would I? It has literally nothing to do with me. While they grow in my tummy, I have no way of determining what sex I think they should be. Shouldn’t it be if they’re good people, who have compassion for others, be the most important thing? Not what genitalia, I think they should have? That’s kind of perverted really.

How sad MUST her life be, to be this hateful, to be this angry with people they DON’T know and have nothing to do with. Just to make up complete lies, as their point? I also called her a pervert, for being that obsessed with strangers and what’s happening between their legs. Too me, that is pretty perverted.

I also started to realise how sexist she was as well. It was always the “mother this” or “mother that”. Like Fathers don’t even enter the field when it comes to parenting.

You don’t understand trans-people? Or anything in life, fine…You don’t have too. No one knows everything. But to straight up hate and lie, is not even CLOSE to not be good enough. It’s worth LITERALLY nothing!

If a single person says to me “Yeah, but she was sexually assaulted” I’m coming over to where ever you are and slapping you. So was I, 95% of the woman I know have been. Neither of us decided to hate people who had NOTHING to do with it. Do you all remember when Liam Neeson admitted that he went looking for any “black guy”, because a black guy raped his friend.

The Inhumanity

This is actually based on something my mum said to me this week. “Trump has shown the inhumanity of America to the world. They think because they call themselves Godly or Religious, that somehow everything they do is okay”. “That they have shown how America is not run by freedom, kindness, or dreams…It’s run by…

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I think my mum hit the nail on the head with her comment.

Even with the “Walking Dumb “protesters”…I refuse to keep calling them protesters. One person told me that “they’s just desperate”. Desperate for what though? Not spending some time with family? You seem them with their huge cars, if they can’t afford to miss one payment on it, then they should have gotten a cheaper car.

Then you see them with signs like this:

or this…


Even the video of the woman who was shouting at the Nurses and Doctors to get out the way. Did you see the size of her truck, compared to her size? What does she need such a HUGE truck for? It’s like I have always thought, people don’t NEED cars/trucks that size. They are always the people, who push in front. They buy them, because they don’t want to die, but they also don’t care about other drivers or people in the road, or pedestrians. They’re “I can’t trust my own driving, so I’ll buy a huge car to protect myself”.

There is nothing human about these “people”. You see people who have less than these “desperado’s”, doing more with what they have.

I saw a great poster and if I can find the original owner I will credit them.

“In past times, the Government has called on it’s people to put their lives on the line to save their country. This time, they’re asking you to stay at home to save lives. What is it about that, that these people are just NOT getting?”.


Trump supporters humanising the virus, is a weird thing to read.

It’s the only way I can explain their explanations to myself. When I say humanising, I mean, how they just seem to ignore how viruses work. How they bring up the Constitution, how they seem to have “forgotten” that the virus is not just in America. Also, how it’s all China’s fault, so Trump doesn’t have to do anything about it. 

That’s not how it works. One, no one is saying China didn’t do anything wrong. Except for Republicans saying that Democrats are saying that.

The purchasing of guns, why? What, they think they can shoot at the virus? Viruses don’t care about your guns, any Constitutions. It’s a virus, in fact, they can’t care. They don’t have those abilities.

Social Media and Abuse: Take 2

I’m going to get a bit serious here folks…Well kind of…

This is a continuation of my previous post “Social Media and Abuse”. What I want to write about it though, is in general. Rather than an actual specific problem on social media.

As I mentioned before, in theory social media is fantastic. It allows us to keep in contact with loved ones. But have we now become social MEdia? Without even meaning too?

So many times I have seen people fighting about the same thing, they’re on the same page. They argue, though, like they are opposite sides.

It’s funny that this week I decided to write about this topic, but just yesterday I was victim of it myself. I initially started this post because, right now, in Australia. It’s reconciliation week, so reconciliation between us colonisers and the Indigenous people of Australia. So, it seems like a “great” time to talk about the issues that are similiar to African Americans, like the numerous deaths of IA in police custody. Right at the beginning of it, a NSW police officer, decided that because he was a having bad day and the Indigenous teenager used “horrifying” language. It was perfectly acceptable for them to use, kick his legs out from under him, use excessive force and cracked the teens jaw on the concrete floor.

So a LOT of Australians, are talking and using the BLM hashtag. One well known family friend of ours was then harassed by a bunch of African Americans, saying that Indigenous Australians weren’t black, and that America started the BLM movement, they came up with it. How dare we ride their coat tails. Funnily enough, a lot of these African Americans were a lot of lighter than Indigenous Australians.

Yes, they’re Indigenous to Australia, but that doesn’t make them black…Just for those who follow my on Instagram, that’s what my “America Arrogance” story was about. I asked them “Who cares who started it? You’re all going through the exact same thing! Can’t we end racism, together?”

I was going to post some photos of Indigenous Australians, but you have to ask their permission. They are one of those cultures, that believe that a photo takes away part of your soul. However, if you type in Indigenous Australia. They are…actually black. In fact, the ones who love in bush and haven’t really been in contact with that much “white culture”. Are, black. Not as black as the Sudanese, but close. They actually used to be darker, but you know…white people.

So as example one above. Even though this African American, stands with BLM. We were all arguing about it? If that makes sense. We were all on literally the same page of BLM…Yet, we weren’t. Because apparently Indigenous Australians, aren’t black??? They were saying this to actual Indigenous people too, which made me, personally, angrier.

Despite 432 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991, no one has ever been convicted. Racist silence and complicity are to blame

As for example two, it was myself who experienced. After that conversation, I wrote an Instagram post saying … quote for quote … “Although I know some really love Americans, America’s arrogance will be it’s downfall”. Now, 99% of the people who replied too, or who I chatted too about it. Either agreed with me, or I had a good chat with them with how lucky I was that I knew good Americans.

One person, again, whose with BLM, but white and American, said that I was being xenophobic…By saying that the downfall of Americans will be their arrogance.

It’s not a fear, I have about America. It’s (sorry) just a fact. And those two are proof that I am right. Two Americans, who think you have to do it THEIR way, or you’re wrong. Even when you are literally standing for the same thing.

Both of these happened on a social MEdia site.

Although social media is a get place to read about others thoughts and points of views. I often wonder how many of us actually READ, or do we now just read what we want. Then react? I realised I was doing this a few months ago, and it made me stop doing it. If I don’t understand something, I wont reply, until I do.

Always was always the bigger person … metaphorically.

If you’re new to my blog, you probably have not read my past posts about my REALLY insane Dads side, especially with one of my dads ex-sisters. My nearly 60 year old cousins, whose always lived at home with his mum and dad. Except for three months where we lived with his then fiance, across the street and three house down.

I started to noticed that my Aunt, whose obsessed with Facebook, Instagram and not in the good way…if there is such a thing…Suddenly had just started to stop liking anything on either of my social media profiles. At first I ignored it, and but then other’s started to notice it too. It was becoming so obvious that it was happening. I lost my dog, my partner moved house. All these big things have happened and not only did she not like any of the update, but I’ve heard nothing from them.

When my dog died, she kept telling me about how my mum lost the dog. When we had my Grans 80th, she didn’t like a single photo that myself and my partner was in. When my partner moved, total silence. Yet, a family friend of ours moved, she couldn’t stop liking all there things about.

For Christmas, they gave my partner nothing for Christmas. But they gave a family friends new partner a present. Like that was appropriate!

With my birthday happening in-between these things. My cousins birthday is a few days before mine. My mum said I should buy him a present and be the bigger person. After saying I would, I didn’t,lol. I don’t need too. I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s all in their weird world that I have done anything wrong. They have been disrespectful towards me, because they’re annoyed with my partner for stupid reasons.

  1. My mum made a joke about giving my partner her table, when he was moving. She had never liked the table, and thought it’d be a good time to get rid of it. That apparently pissed them off, like my partner asked for it…Which he didn’t. He also did not want it.
  2. They were angry that my Gran didn’t invite them, when they invited my partner. Who, too them, is not family. They are…apparently. Even though my Gran hates them.
  3. My partner is not a confident driving. So while I’ve been learning, my mum has been taking me for some lessons. Then we usually have lunch after. My cousin said to her “Oh, why can’t Terry take Lauren, and let me guess you (my mum) is going to pay for lunch.”

Like I said, stupid reasons. I pay for lunch, it’s my way of thanking my Mum for taking. Moron.

I’ve been angry with them for a long while actually, even before Pippy passed. As my cousin said to my Mum that she shouldn’t take our dog up to see my Gran. She should MAKE me look after Pippy, as payback for my mum helping with Travie when we were gone over Christmas. He has a medication he has to take every day.

In the long run…I didn’t buy him a present. They neither sent me a card or got me a present for mine.

UPDATE:My Aunt invited everyone from my Mums side to her birthday. but me and my partner. We realise that her “concerns” over my deactivating Facebook, are purely to find out if I was completely devastated by lack of an invitation. So my mums side are not going to her party anymore.


Let me guess…These guys look like dorks then? Life coach?

Nothing says “Life” like encouraging people to not protect their own life and others,lol You’d look even more dorkier, dead. Imagine a eulogy at that guys funeral?


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My Pa and the Virus

(By my Pa, I mean my Grandfather).

There seems to be a lot of  people who not understand why a COVID19 death is a COVID19 death. My mum got a cold and her dad had emphysema. So she didn’t visit him. Because the flu could have killed him. If he didn’t have emphysema, she could have gone to visit him. Get it?

As it was he died of MRSA, as it got into his lungs. If he didn’t have emphysema. Well he wouldn’t have been in the hospital, and wouldn’t have gotten MRSA. However, MRSA is what killed him.

Even if he had gotten MRSA in a hospital from something else, if he didn’t have emphysema, he would have had a better chance of fighting it off. Get it?