What Feminism is not

Having noticed that TERFs have been calling themselves “Feminist” a lot lately. I will tell you what it is not.

Firstly TERFism is not Feminism, haha

Whether you agree or call yourself one or not. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t automatically mean you are a feminist.

I consider myself a Feminist, because I believe in Equality. Now there is another term that people like to use “Equalitarian”. Which is basically, equality for both sexes.

I personally, have no problem with either of these terms. They mean pretty much the same thing. Feminism just has a focus on Females/Women.

Feminism itself though, is not a weapon to use against others to “get back” at those who have abused the patriarchy.

Feminism is not a excuse to hide behind and attack others.

Feminism is not a excuse to hide behind women and girls, and attack others.

Feminism is for equality.

You can’t have feminism without men either. Men can absolutely be Feminists too. If we choose to exclude men from feminism, how would that make it better than the patriarchy?

Wont somebody think about the children!

I hate seeing bigots use children as a way to spread their bigotry. For a few reasons:

  1. They always underestimate
  2. They always thinks kids have no clue
  3. They don’t want to “safe keep” kids, they want to “gate keep” kids.
  4. They all think kids don’t know who they are, and what’s best for them.

Kids know precisely who they are, it’s the adults who keep telling them that they don’t know who they are, that make kids believe they don’t know who they are.

The next part of my blog is going to be a little sensitive. So I hope I write this “correctly”.

It really grosses me out when adults sit there talking about kids being gay, like kids being gay, are being gay because they’re having sex. My brother and cousin told us a couple of years after they “came out”. They always knew they were gay. It’s because society taught them, that heterosexuality’s was the “normal” sexuality. That they must be wrong (but not wrong). Both my brother and my male cousin, had girl friends in high school.

This movie, as an example, this whole scene. The movie itself, is rated PG or G. Yet, I know this particular scene is shown by grown ups, every where. Children watch and are allowed to watch this scene, with no parents there. But are you all going to tell me this didn’t awaken some girls and boys? This scene IS sexual. Yet, it’s only rated PG and G. Pride and Prejudice is all about heterosexuality, love and marriage.

It’s actually quiet sexual. The flirting, the lake scene, the whole “marrying well”.

Knowing your a straight or gay, does not = automatic sexuality or implied “having” sex. It just means you recognise that you like boys or girls more, or possibly both even.

I am Woke

And ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Do I get things wrong? Sure.

Still Woke though.

So too me, being “Woke” also is another way of saying you’re awake. ie being awake to injustices, rather than asleep or blind too them.

So why do those on the Right and Conservatives, say “woke” like it’s a bad thing?

It’s kind of like when Trump Supporters would (and still do) call Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe” … I’m sorry, what’s the problem with being able to sleep, rather than staying up too all hours madly tweeting away?


World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment.

 Pakistan will host World Environment Day 2021 in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

Join #GenerationRestoration

If you would like to watch the Official Broadcast – Join Here


No, not this one…Sorry, Ariel. Please don’t just like and not read this post, only like if you read and like this post. This is important too me.

These Mermaids

Mermaids . org. uk

Mermaids are a organisation in the UK, that are consistently under attack from transphobic people. However, they do AMAZING work! For #Pride 2021 … Mermaids theme this year is #MyPrideFamily … Now I am white, straight and as basic as one can get. But even I know how beautiful of a theme this. Family is not always blood ❤ Home and Family is where the heart is ❤

You can also help this foundation, but donating to their crowd justice fund here

You can read for what for, by looking at the link, but I’ll explain a little bit.

LGB Alliance IS a hate group, who hide behind saying they protect women and children, and are just looking out for “sex based right”. Which is not a thing.

For those in the UK you might have seem them on the BBC, talking about trans issues, despite them being anti-trans and anti-LGB, if you don’t fit into their criteria of LGB.

Whatever sweet nothings the so-called “LGB Alliance” whispered into the ear of the Charity Commission the truth was set out in a speech by LGB Alliance director Bev Jackson on 9 March 2020. She described their real goal as follows:

“We’re applying for charitable status and building an organization to challenge the dominance of those who promote the damaging theory of gender identity.”

So Mermaids, supported by LGBT+ Consortium, Gendered Intelligence, LGBT Foundation, TransActual, and Good Law Project, are appealing the Charity Commission’s decision to award the so-called “LGB Alliance” charity status. 

Quiet a few people have appealed to the Charity Commission already. The response they got? They were being told that they were being too “emotional” So we suspect that the head, may be transphobic. LGB Alliance should have never gotten Charity status to begin with. So far, the Charity Commission, can’t even tell people WHY LGB “Alliance” were given Charity status. The response from them has been less than professional.

There is a little difficulty, because this would be one of the first cases of it’s kind. Where a organisation who are so blatantly bigoted against a group of people, including people from the LGB community, were given Charity Status. They haven’t actually run a cause or tried to get money through a crowd fund, FOR the LGBTQIA community. Any crowd funders they have run, have all been for discrimination against someone else. Or court cases that would discriminate against trans people and those they don’t think fit THEIR standard of LGB.

So please really consider donating to this cause. It’s a first of a kind, and a really important one. After all, who can you trust if a Charity Commission is being run by hateful people?

We also believe that LGB Alliance are the biggest reasons why the BBC wont allow their staff to March or celebrate at Pride, even off duty. Not sure if those in the UK have noticed, the LGB Alliance always talking on the BBC, about trans/women’s issues. Despite being anti-trans and despite coming after LGB people. Why Liz Truss, feels comfortable disbanding her LGBT Equality Panel, and attacking Stonewall. We think they want to replace Stonewall with LGB Alliance. Which would only happen over a lot of people’s dead bodies. Mine included.

The Times, The Telegraph and the Spectator REALLY hate Stonewall, and have no problem bashing them either.

BOSS CLAIMS LGB Alliance co-founder claims there should be no LGBT clubs in schools due to “predatory gay teachers” (By the way he is gay)

LGB Alliance warned by advertising watchdog over ‘potentially misleading’ claims about gender recognition Laws

Neo-Nazis and homophobes are amoung the supporters of the anti-trans group LGB Alliance

Why is Pride month in Winter in Australia?

I know why … Hahahaha

Pride Month: How it started and how to celebrate it – E.T. Online

Pride month and Pride Parades are done on different days and sometimes months, depending which country you are in.

Adam Lambert to Peform at Stonewall Day Pride Event – E.T. Online … Now this is going to be streamed online, on June 6 at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. Tickets for Stonewall Day, which is in partnership with OUTLOUD: Raising Voices and will closely follow all Los Angeles County health and safety protocols, are available at Ticketmaster. The event is also free to stream live from 4 p.m. PT to 10 p.m. PT, exclusively on Twitch @officiallyoutloud.

As another example, South Australia (my state) isn’t having their Pride March until November this year.

Whereas Victoria had their Midsumma March in May. Which I believe ended up being mostly online and streaming.

However, a LOT of Pride things in Australia do align with the US and the UK. I have a feeling though, that’s because Pride Month for Australia is in the beginning and the middle of Winter. There are lot of Australians who just don’t “do” Winter, haha. Winter doesn’t happen here.

Not being gay myself, I always think that I shouldn’t get too involved. How straight people like myself, can just go to the side and be a ally instead.

Taking it back to America

Years ago, I went to America several times. During my times I found the one flavour from Ben and Jerry’s that I will love forever. Unfortunately, when I stopped visiting America, we didn’t have Ben and Jerry’s here in Australia…Now we do! Even though we started to get in Ben and Jerry’s into Australia, we still didn’t have my favourite flavour … Until now!

We’re just in the middle of Winter though now. I figure, I have waited literally months for this. I can wait a few more months.

But now, for something more serious…

Hey America! What’s going on?

I think like a lot of us, we didn’t expect miracles overnight. However, I am sure, like a lot of Americans. We’re all here wondering how the Republicans didn’t listen to the people, when they voted Trump out?

I’m still in shock that McConnell is there. I thought to myself, if Trump doesn’t go, as long as McConnell goes. Then that’s what really matters. There would only be so much Trump could with a Democrat, or even Republican that doesn’t kiss his butt.

My Planet Zoo <3

For my birthday, a couple of weeks ago, I did a little playing of my game live called Planet Zoo, and it was really fun! Since I had a good time playing and trying to chat to people, I’m going to do it again. I’ve doing it through my Discord channel. Which you can find the link to that below:

International Book Friends Club

Which you can all join even just for the books. What I’m doing today though, is not playing the Game (haha). Just a couple of screenshots from my game, it’s kind of funny.

Just for giggles and awwwww…

I will absolutely block you … a kind of rant

Are you all seeing my blogs?

On Twitter a couple of days ago (I think I even mentioned it on a post here) a troll, decided to not only mis-gender me, but then instructed their followers to “track down my parents, so they can “tell me of”.

*sings* They got into trouble with Twitter

I am 37, and I have blocked my Dad, a Aunt and now a Uncle for saying something completely racist on my “Sorry” post on Facebook yesterday. I have no problem blocking and cutting people off anymore (thank you Sarah – my ex-“bestfriend). One life.

I started to laugh though after my blocked my Uncle. If only that troll knew who I was, would they have changed what they said?

Unlike some people who want to be able to make mis-gendering legal *looking at you head of EHRC, Liz Truzz and Maya Forstater* As long as it’s done politely. In my experience of mis-gendering it’s either been done, accidentally or to be rude. It has never been done to be “polite”.

I don’t get offended by mis-gendered because I’m a cis woman and so have been absolutely been called worse. Yet, at the time, I should be more than offended. It’s not polite to mis-gender someone, you might do it accidentally. Most people though, who do it accidentally, always apologise.

I will most definitely report and block if you threaten myself, or my family, or a good friend, or even a acquaintance in anyway.

If you take my kind post and make something of it’s that bigotry, I will unfriend you.

We’re all grown ups here. There’s not a excuse for this kind of behaviour.