What do you think?

My mum made a really interesting point the other day. Why was it when 9/11 happened, the world managed to come together. Although it happened in America only, we still felt it globally. We came together, and also came together to protect the Muslim people.

So why hasn’t that happened this time?

Why do we seem more divided than ever? I do think we all want the same thing, for COVID to be gone. Yet, some people are going a really ODD way of showing that way. So many anti-something people. I do think they want COVID gone, but I also think they’re more worried about being “right” (when they so often are not), or they want to look better (when they don’t). Instead of being like 9/11 and just being there for people. You will always have those anti-something people, but it seems to be to a extreme this time.

Just when you think you’re ready to go! One step too go!

It’s up, I’ve got everything sorted. I do have another Tarot set. For anyone who does do Tarot though, you’ll know how anxious I feel using a pack of cards, that I’m not 100% sure with. What can you do! Until I find it, not much choice. Even though so, I have to still speak to my job provider about it as well. As I’ll be making money while on social security, welfare, whatever your country calls it. A job provider here is someone who helps you find a job, and you have to tell them if any changes are made. The earliest I can see her is this Friday.

So when that happens, then I am pretty sure I am ready to go.

Also though, I might have to already change the times that I can dedicate to it. As as I am on whatever your country calls it whatever. I HAVE to look for work, and I recently had a interview where the job is only two days (Mon and Wednesday). These were two days, of course, that I had dedicated. So now I have to wait and see if I get the job or not, and then change those days.

I want to start and I also don’t want to start, but I do and I don’t, haha.

I am disturbed.

With how women are being perceived as delicate little flowers, who do not need to be held accountable for our actions and very bad choices. Then, ironically, being called the misogynistic ones, for pointing that out.

I like women, I am one, was raised by awesome ones.

However, women can be completely shitty human beings. And NEED to be just as accountable as men. That is the ONLY way things are done fairly and equally.

I can’t believe in the 21st Century, I am having to fight people to make them stop treating women like we’re damsels in distress. Oh, except if you DON’T agree with them. Then you’re just handmaiden misogynists’. Because nothing says “hand maiden” than fighting against the norm, and the actual patriarchy. Nothing says “hand maiden” like being able to fight, in the right, and for others. And pretending that women are nothing but damsels in distress. Who need saving.

It’s pathetic and it’s really demeaning to women, and their victims.

This was particularly disturbing to hear from a “woman”.

The lack of soul here, is disturbing to say the less. Sorry, that are minority group of about 1.4% of the UK populations, aren’t being murdered in higher numbers for you?


What disturbs me, apart from the obvious. Well trans women aren’t being murdered at a high enough rate for some. Is the insistence that these same people have. How it NEVER occurs to them to stop violence TOGETHER and WITH trans people. You have a clear example of how trans people are being murdered, but because it’s not a high enough number for them. They wont work with them to help the problem?

Worship, and never do it!

This is Keira Bell, leader and “Shero” of the TERF and GC “movement”.

The “woman” in the video is Posie Parker, harasser of black women who are BLM, supporter of white supremacists and now. Even though she wants men out of women’s bathrooms, is perfectly fine with men being in women’s bathrooms, as long as they have guns to shoot at trans women with.

Keira Bell, recently “won” a case to stop trans children from getting help to transition. Including medication, and they have to go through the courts FIRST before being able to speak with Doctors or a Therapist. Keira Bell transitioned and regretted it in her early 20’s, which really should have been a red flag. Someone in their early 20’s punishing children, because they regret it? Where does it end. Ironically as well, Keira started at 16, which is the age that teenagers can actually start to go on. So, if she was to do it now, at the same age, she’d still get the same help.

When she won, she did not see a SINGLE trans advocacy person or group. She decided to go and see the people and groups, that are people and groups that are not only transphobic, but anti-gay as well. Should have been the second red flag.

Now this. I’m not exactly sure what she thinks that “Posie Rosie” has done that’s compassionate, or kind. Since I’ve heard about her, all I’ve heard is how she harasses people. And now Rosie Posie, is okay with men in the bathrooms, as long as they have guns and shot trans women, but you know, as a “joke”. Third red flag.

In this same thread, she wrote about how she still uses the men’s restroom, despite saying that women and girls need to be protected. She also writes in this thread about how she doesn’t give into stereotypes. Yet, according to her, as well, if you look manly (but female) you should still use the men’s restroom. Despite there being more than one incident of women, usually butch looking, being kicked out of the women’s bathrooms. Which I believe, if you go by how someone looks, that’s a stereotype? Also how is it protecting women and girls, if they’re too “manly” looking, that means they should go into the men’s restroom. Who according to them are all violent and raping misogynists’? Fourth red flag.

On one hand, I feel sorry for Keira, but on the other hand I don’t. There are lots of people who have issues and mental health issues, that don’t advocate for violence. She clearly has issues.

If you’re not fighting for trans people, and are okay with guns in women’s bathrooms, by the same people that their group keeps saying are the violent ones, and you’re not fighting to keep guns out of WOMEN’s bathroom. There’s only one group of people you’re fighting for, and that’s men, Keira and Posie Rosie Tosser Clown.

If you MUST worship something or someone, make sure they’re kind. That’s all I’ll say.

Mr Who? Help celebrate iconic Mr Men series turning 50 by voting for new characters

Social Media and it’s weirdness.

I’ve said it once and I’ve said it a million times. We know have these tools to communicate (and for free) and yet, we communicate less than we ever have before.

So why do people never use it? I was discussing with a friend the other day, how said it is, that the only people who seem to communicate with you. Are the bullies, are the bigots.

Friends and Family, always seem like the last people who want to communicate with you. I recently realised that I had been unfriended by a “friend” on Facebook, but she hadn’t on either of my Insta accounts. In fact, she was still made comments on some of my posts, on Insta. Yet, I couldn’t begin to tell what I had done. It’s the most bizaree thing I’ve experienced, because I’ve just been chatting to her, like nothing was wrong.

I actually thought that we got on really well. So I was a bit perplexed, still am to be honest.

This is what happens though, when you don’t communicate.

What people who do not talk to me, and communicate is. I literally do not care anymore, if you chose to unfriend me. I learnt three years ago, to no longer waste my time anymore on people who just make life more difficult, even if it is passive aggressively. What I always learnt three years ago, was that I am not a bad person. No matter how much my ex best friend may have called me that. So if you have a problem with me, it’s more than likely something I have done unintentionally. So if you have a problem with me, that you just have to unfriend me, or when I try to reach out and you still say nothing. It’s gonna stay your problem.

What’s wrong with Australia…

Scott Morrison.

Everything he does and says, is just wrong, bigoted and ill-informed. Basically, like Trump, if you want a image of what is wrong in Australia, just need a image of that “man”.

He’s a member and defender of Hillsong.

Of all our Prime Ministers, he has worked the least. Asks for the most pay rises and targets those who are on welfare/social security. He has no empathy for those on it.

If he did what he was preaching and doing what he thinks job seekers do, he would be a job seeker too, and definitely no pay raises.

This tweet sums it up.

The start of Black History Month begins (in America, Canada and the UK)

It began as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated in February in the United States and Canada, while in Ireland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom it is observed in October. The group chose the second week in February in 1926 to celebrate “N**ro History Week.” The week was symbolic in that it was the same week of the birthdays of former President Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass, an escaped slave and prominent abolitionist movement activist.

So what can one do, to help and support during this Black History Month.

Well, learning about some Black History is always a good start, and nothing white washed either.

According to a book published by the UNIA, ‘Red is the colour of the blood which men must shed for their redemption and liberty; black is the colour of the noble and distinguished race to which we belong; green is the colour of the luxuriant vegetation of our Motherland.

The Oprah Magazine, have some really good suggestions and places, people you can look at:

Books written by black authors,

Black Americans you and I may not know about,

The Oprah Magazine even has a directory of Black-Owned US Bookstores, please click on my link above to find out more!

Woo, and according to the magazine as well. Mattel have made a doll honoring Dr. Maya Angelou! I’m into good Barbie “Dolls”.

As a white woman, I do feel a little uncomfortable telling people “Where to go” so to speak, haha. This is why this post is short. I would love if it’s alright if I can tell people “where to go”, and give out a bit of information over the next month. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate. What I will finish off with though, is the theme for this years Black History Month.

The Black History Month 2021 theme, “Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity” explores the African diaspora, and the spread of Black families across the United States.

Which is quiet lovely. When I think about it, I think I actually watch more shows that are about Black Families, than white ones, lol. White Family tv shows, seems to have the same “recipe”. I’m hoping when they say “Family” as well, I do hope they mean to represent families, that are not always blood too.

Starting to get that Hope back!

This article was so satisfying to read, that I sent it to Target. Too show them, the harm Abigail Shrier’s book is actually doing. Freedom of Speech, doesn’t mean Freedom of Consequences, which INCLUDES, having your books taken off shelves.

The Constitutional Conflationists: On Abigail Shrier’s “Irreversible Damage” and the Dangerous Absurdity of Anti-Trans Trolls