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Challenge for January 23, 2023

The challenge is:

Pick at least three bullets from the list of ten and write a poem, a story, sketch picture, show us pictures you’ve taken. You can use any variation on the word, and have a blast! Ping back so that I can read everyone’s contributions!!!


Pictures I’ve Taken and a little poem:

An ode to my Harley Quinn Cup

Ohhhh, thee Harley Quinn cup!

Many a cup of smooth coffee and tea, one had in thee,

Until tiny little terrors, with teeny tiny hands,

Took upeth the nerf gun.

Why didn’t they just shoot myeth, straight into my heart?

Little shards of red, black and white, scatter across the floor.

Like repeated stabs to thine heart.

Ohhhh, the Harley Quinn cup!



Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the girl you want me too be?

Do you see the heart, that maybe as big as a tree,

Do you see the brain that, dreams a thousand dreams.

Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the soul that’s as wide as the sea?

A life that’s been from here to there, and around again,

Can you see the gentle hands that wants to heal the diseases beneath.

Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the real me?

Sticky Tab:


Sticky tabs are my favourite. They are so small and so handy and they go everywhere, and you can put them everywhere! I notebooks full of sticky tabs. I have sticky tabs “we missed you” messages. The more colours the better. You can never be disorganised with a sticky tab!



When did this become such a dirty word?

Straight up, I don’t like Dominic Perrottet (the NSW Premier) that much. He’s a Conservative and religious, so no and no. NSW are coming up to an election and this is probably very political. He recently admitted that he wore a Nazi outfit at 21st party, when he was younger. I believed his apology.

A lot of other people, not so much. They keep saying how he should have known better. Yeah, he should have, but he didn’t. I wouldn’t have ever done it. A lot of others wouldn’t have done it, but he apologised. We have people his age, going around trying to convince people that the Nazi symbol is the same at the Hindu one. We need to see leaders standing up and holding themselves accountable.

mmmmmm…Duncan…Not sorry, lol

Thursday Theories – I remember

I remember a few years ago, someone was talking KKKHate and how she kept her pregnant problems quiet. Unlike Meghan who splashed it across all the media. They then proceeded to list everything that had gone wrong with Kate’s pregnancies. But you know, it was all “quiet and dignified”. It was then I realised how different Meghan and Kate were treated.

I remember when I first was “introduced” too TERFism. These three “women” were celebrating the fact that they had managed to shut down a crisis center, that was going to be trans-inclusive. I had heard little bits and pieces about Rowling, but that was really a first introduction the to average “TERF”.

I remember a time when Trump seemed to be the only “crazy” person on the planet.

Thursday Theories – Rights, Freedoms and Opinions

This will be my first “Thursday Theories” for the year! Lets make it interesting!

Hows 2023 going for you so far?

What makes your opinion, worth more than someone else’s reality?

I was “inspired” to write this post as again, another TERF said and I quote “Deep sigh!! Another Gay man Mansplaining our rights away! And his also, ironically.”

So I said

“Deep sigh!! What rights.?”

It’s been two days and they tweeted other stuff. I did recently say to a transphobe, that if it wasn’t for Rowling, no one would be listening to them. I stand by that.

It’s with everything though really. Every single aspect of life. It is just like we just have to ‘accept’ peoples opinions, and no ones allowed to have Free Speech to disagree. It’s always THEY get to have Free Speech, the amount of times I’ve had to explain, After Andrew Tate protectors, after watching another week of people ignoring Prince Andrew, again. Watching transphobes getting upset by a single Firework display that also included the Queen, the Monarchy in general and Sir Thomas…that older UK guy who run a lot.

You can say what you want, and other people are free to use their Free Speech and disagree. That’s all I say now, I refuse to keep getting into “arguments” with idiots who keep insisting they’re allowed to have Free Speech, but no one else.

What I learnt in 2022

  • They USED to give pregnant women ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy).
  • If you’ve never heard of Dolly Oesterreich, look her up!
  • Daisies are actually closely related to artichokes, and they’re a great source of vitamin C. They’re known to slow bleeding, relieve indigestion, and soothe coughs.
  • Watching a medical show, did you know in a heart transplant, the old heart will still beat out of the body for a time.
  • You have pretty much as many guns as you want, In Texas. But legally, you’re only allowed to have 6 “sex toys”.
  • Empress Sissi
  • How Jesus’s disciples died, and I think Jesus got it the easiest.
  • I did not know that Australia share’s their water bombing helicopters/planes, with California!
  • The electric chair, was invented, by a dentist.
  • Not something I “learnt”, but rather something I learned about –
  • The Supreme Court DO NOT, even have a code of ethics.

How are you creative? WordPress Prompt

As I wrote yesterday, I will be writing more today about what I want for 2023. Uusally, I think that it’s our birthdays where we should be make new year resolutions. The last couple of birthdays though, have just really sucked for me. So now I will just be taking the “general route” of new years resolutions, on new years.

The prompt was “How are you creative?” That’s inspired me to write this post. I feel like, over the past year, I have lost my creative juices. I want to do achieve something next year, that will give me that “boost”. A wedding will certain test that. But I want to do more than just a “wedding”. Its a one day thing, and I want to set up a home.

Do you know what I mean?

I want upgrade the backyard and make it more bird friendly.

I want too redo my “website” and actually do something with it.

I want to write more, but take the time to do it well.

My god, after the dentist, Sydney, Christmas…I need to save money. I have nothing left in my savings.

On the random, I want to learn to draw. My mind if full of images.

Cook better and more healthier meals.

After more than likely failing at my Goodreads challenge this year. I am plan on focus on reading more. And making my Twitter account more BookTwitter

Not many of the things I want to do, have to do with a Wedding, lol. I want a small wedding, but I also want the party and the pretty dresses. I want to make my home, a home. At the moment I am thinking of making a lot of the wedding stuff myself. Make a little wedding box, with all the things I made. There are so many great ideas out there!

I will write something positive…

Right, from today…Only positive things until after Christmas. Then I go to a place where I can’t access the internet for a couple of days, so no problem there.

I will apologise though. Since getting back from Sydney, I’ve had to keep going. I’m still working this week and next week. This time of year, there is always someone to see or have to talk too. I haven’t had a “quiet” time yet. I am planning on that tomorrow. Wrap some pressies. Try to make myself a bit more “untired”.

Watching the transphobes melt down over the GRA/GRR in Scotland, makes me happy though =D

I absolutely love that Zelensky showed the Republican’s for the kind of people they are, mainly Putin butt kissers. I don’t know how they don’t feel so freaking stupid right now. There was one Republican…

New York Young Republican Club

So I said

Good Questions!

I saw this and I thought it is such a good question to remind ourselves. It’s like if you don’t want to share, it is a good reminder.

Christmas can be a really hard time for some, so remember to remember (haha) what you might need to get through this time. And remember, it’s okay not too be okay.

WordPress – Writing Prompt

Tell us one thing you hope people will never say about you.

Okay, WordPress, I’ll give you this. That is a good writing prompt.

The only thing is, that has already happened. Hence, why I’m not friends with them anymore, hence why I stopped talking to my Dad. For some reason, over the last few years a lot of people have decided to lie to me, about who I am, or the things that I’ve done, too my face.

Okay so while I was writing this, I went on Twitter for a bit and I saw the below. I have reported them to who I think maybe appropriate, but I just feel sick.

Thursday Theories – Liar, liar pants on fire

Today, I have had enough good people. I am over Rowling just getting to lie, unchallenged. She’s setting up a “female” only crisis center. That is totally fine.

However, it is becoming more and more obvious to everyone else that it’s attempt made to fail, so she can cry victim. She’s a billionaire, and yet the building they purchased, has no ramp for disabled people to get into. THERE’S NO RAMP, A BILLIONAIRE BOUGHT BUILDING WITH RAMP.

The other problem is that she has hired a female prison warden. Doesn’t seem like a problem, until you realise that this female prison warden was let go, because under her watch, female prisoners were abused.