You’ve got a great personality, kiddo

12. A personality trait you really like

*I’m just going to let you all know that this post is going to make me sound incredibly “up myself”

I guess in myself I have, which surprises me a lot, is “common sense” and I didn’t know what a great personality treat this is, until nearly everybody I know signed onto Facebook. One of the great things about having common sense is great at being able to lie back and have others make themselves look like a fool. They just don’t “get it”. A good example of this is when people say “Ban Sharia Law”…Because it’s already banned, you can’t ban what’s already banned…Unless you can double banned something?

It can be frustrating to get this and to watch others who clearly don’t have it. However, having this trait makes me feel incredibly lucky for what I do have. A lot of people who don’t seem to have it, just seem angry. They waste a lot of time fighting things that are just not important and aren’t even happening, rather than things that are happening. I honestly believe it is because they just don’t have common sense, so everything little thing is just “wrong” too them. Take the “banning sharia law” Why are you wasting so much time fighting somethings that’s just banned already? Why aren’t you fighting for things that are banned as well but shouldn’t be, like equality for gay marriage in Australia.

So, I guess it’s a personality trait that I like in myself and like in others well.


11. Someone who inspires me

 I have decided to steer away from family and friends for this challenge this week and think of someone else who inspires me and makes me happy and safe, who isn’t apart of my “inner circle”. I feel like sometimes we don’t even think of the “random” people that are apart of our daily lives, that touch our lives every dayish.

So I wanted to give a major shout out to my hypnotherapist. I really love going to visit him and having our sessions and I always feel more accomplished and really do feel better after I’ve seen him. All the tasks he gives me to do, always make me feel better too.

What I really like…I guess love…About our sessions, I really feel listened too and that helps me feel better so much. Also though we actually have a lot in common, we both meditate, we both do Reiki. Unlike me though, he really does incorporate it into his every day life. Rather than when he needs it to help me. That’s what I want to achieve, I want to incorporate my beliefs into my every day life, not just when I “need” it…If that makes sense.

I know that this is his job and that’s what his…I’m…paying for him to do. I genuinely feel though he is doing this work because he wants to make myself and others feel better and get through their issues. Too help make our lives a little better and and easier to get through the day just that bit better. Just that though, he is there to help me and helps to make me feel better…It honestly feels like someone is finally on my side.

5 things I like about myself…52 Weeks

10. List 5 things you like about yourself


  • Motivating Procrastination: I do procrastinate a lot…But when I’ve decided to do something, it’s pretty hard to stop me. In both situations, both the procrastinating and then deciding to go with it, both allow me to look at the situation. Both taking care of myself and taking care of others by looking at all the options.


  • Helper: In the past I have looked after those who may not have always deserved it. Not to help myself or to make myself look like the better person. Because I know they aren’t bad people, they just made bad choices. Which we all do at some point or in some way or another. I try not be hard on people, we’ve all got inner demons. HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean either I stick with them. I have had to block a few people in my life because I started to realise that I wasn’t helping them move on at all, while I was.


  • Responsibility: I take responsibility for myself, I don’t blame others. If I stuff up, I admit and own up too it. I had no idea how rare that is until the last couple of years. I honestly believe that people need to take more responsibility for themselves and their life. Stop blaming others, we all have people and situations that seem impossible, but ultimately…it’s your life…Sometimes you just have to own your own life.


  • Others: I honestly want to help people and I try to do what I can. I can’t live without helping someone. If I won the lottery, I would probably help my family put with so many of their finances. I can’t just turn my back over any injustices. Now this may sound like I’m a bit of a sucker, but I swear that I’m not. I just know when too take myself off out of the situation.


  • Mind: I think the thing I like about myself the most is my mind. How I really do see people for what’s inside, rather than the outside. There is no point trying to fight with or for someone and I don’t like pretending that I like somebody. I tend to always give people a chance, until they do something to discredit that trust. We’ve only got one life to live, I don’t want to waste it hating on someone who doesn’t even deserve it for no good reason.

9….How did you do and feel…

52 Week Grateful Challenge

How did you Do & Feel?

Honestly this one really confused me, just how it’s worded…Damn that’s Dyslexia! So, let’s see how I go.

At the end of last week I felt so tired and fed up and “what’s the point” and I have to admit that a dark thought passed through my mind. For a brief second, but it seemed so childish because I started to think about how lucky I am. I have this amazing partner who has been so supportive these last few months. Even my Mum has kind of backed off of me, which by that I mean, she’s backed off with a lot of stuff. Letting me go at my own pace. You know how parents can “bug you”, in their parent way. It’s not mean or nasty, it’s just “bugging”.

So this week I am grateful for a lot because I couldn’t get through this without them. I am pretty much fighting my own mind right now and they are helping me to keep myself distracted. Also though, it’s making me looking at my life just on a whole. Looking at my lifestyle and just how slack I’ve become in taking care of myself. I’ve started eating better now, because it makes me feel better. I’m becoming more active and doing more things and just doing things that make me happy.

I feel more positive, because even though I am going to be starting from the beginning. I am doing something, rather than giving up. I do NOT want this to become the “norm” for me. That’s why I believe I will be alright.

Express Yourself … 52

8…Express Gratitude to 3 people

This is still apart of the 52 Week Grateful Challenge, but the reason I am posting this on a Saturday today is because my partner and I are celebrating his birthday tonight, and he is definitely one of the people I need to express gratitude too. So i thought it’d be nice to do this on his birthday, rather than not on another regular day. I know he knows about this Blog, but I don’t know if he has actually read…well…anything,lol

My partner

I don’t even know where to start with my partner. He has been absolutely unbelievable and just SO kind and considerate. I think the kindness is what I am the most grateful for. When I first had met him, I had developed sciatica and the pain in my leg would be so overwhelming and I wasn’t always able to just go out and do things. Ever since then I developed a condition thanks to another family member putting me through  a traumatic experience. I have not been the same since. But he acts like there’s nothing wrong and it is so unbelievably helpful. The other people who know about my condition wont stop talking to me about it, even though I ask them not too. So I don’t constantly think about it, thinking about it makes it worse. My partner actually respects that and doesn’t talk about it, especially when we’re in the car, which is when my condition is at it’s worse. I honestly feel like if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be getting better at all.

It’s amazing how much you can heal when you have people who don’t just not question, but respect what you ask of them.

One of my coworkers

One of my coworker has to be one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and she is always up to give advice and is just kind as well. She doesn’t know about what’s going on with me, but every other issue in my life I will go and talk to her about it. She always listens with an open mind and we have this thing where we air hug, but it’s a joke. We air huge because I wrote once about how I don’t like being hugged by certain people, I just sometimes feel unsafe. She did make a joke of it and now we air hug all the time.

My relationship with my brother

Don’t ever let him see this post. I am really grateful that we have gotten closer again. When we were little we were very close, my Gran used to call us her little Orangutans, because when we were little we used to cling to on another. Then when we became teenagers we did the usual hate one another thing. As we’ve gotten older we’ve become closer again and it is so nice. I’ve realised even though we pay each other out, we have boundaries and we respect each other.It’s nice.

Number 7

Number 7. A Friend Part…1

Uhh…So this is an interesting one for me because when I first saw the grateful challenge, I actually took a bit of a stumble. At first no one specific popped into my mind. Which clearly sounds terrible because it sounds like I have no friends, which isn’t even true at all. I have a lot, however, the last couple of years my friendships have taken some up’s and downs. Even though they may not realise what they’ve done, or what how much they made an impact. Too me, I’ve felt a little friendless lately. I don’t really trust a lot of my friends anymore. Some I’ve accepted that they will probably never been someone I can trust with my deepest darkest secrets with, but I can still have fun with them.

 For the most part I enjoy being friends with my friends.

When I started to think about it though there is one group in particular that I actually really enjoy chatting with, I look forward to sitting down and chatting with. I just wish that we could actually all meet up! Not have everyone so far away. I would definitely call my Safari Live friends…Well…Friends…We talk pretty much every single day and we are all friends one each other Facebooks and Twitter accounts, as well as having our own little Facebook group. When I think about it, they are one of the main reasons I keep coming back to Facebook. Just so I can see their screen shots of the days safari and chat about it.

So, rather than one friends…I decided to pick a whole group of people and just writing about them, makes me so happy.

52 Week Grateful Challenge … Week 6

6. The city you live in.

I feel very lucky with the town that I live in. You may sometimes read about one of my pages called Single in a small city? (Please go and have a look) The main theme from that category is that it can sometimes be really tough to date when you live in a small city. You either tend to keep bumping into your ex, or you are definitely friends with people who know them.

However, my city being a small city is part of the reason that I love it as well.

It feels so easy to escape when you want too. You drive from the city (or down town) and in 30 minutes you can be in a totally different place, the country, the river-land, beach towns. Even take my own street, we live a 10 minutes drive from the city (down town) and yet  my street reminds myself and other people have made comments of it reminding them of a little English town street. Even though we live within a walks distance to some of the big entertainment venues in our city, you can’t hear it. It feels cut off from that.

My particular suburb is also in-between three major roads in my city that go into the city, and yet, where I live, you can’t hear the traffic. I honestly just wished that other people lived closer to me because no one else lives in my area but it’s great. We’ve got parks and like I mentioned before we live like a 10 minute drive from the city and just as close to another major shopping centre.