52 Week Grateful Challenge

*Update* 29/12/2017 I have found a new Grateful Challenge for the year. 2018 is the year I start taking care of myself!


This is a “thing” that I am trying for 2017! Being a lot more grateful, being able to reflect. I felt like 2016 was such a negative year. A lot of bad things happened, a lot of people stop listening to one another and wanted to be “right” rather than “open-minded”. Even the well-intention people.


If you cannot see the page (I’ve been having trouble on editing the picture) I’m going to write the list of questions below:

  1. Why start this challenge?
  2. Spouse/Significant Other?
  3. Family
  4. A Family Member
  5. Something someone gave you.
  6. The city you live in.
  7. A friend pt 1
  8. Express gratitude to 3 people
  9. How do you & did you feel?
  10. List 5 things you like about yourself
  11. Someone who inspires you.
  12. Your favourite personality trait.
  13. A Challenge you’ve overcome.
  14. A talent you have.
  15. Things you like Spring/Autumn (it’s Autumn here at that time)
  16. Simple things in life
  17. Something you take for granted
  18. The Weather
  19. Health
  20. A friend pt 2
  21. Things you like about Summer
  22. Something you use every day
  23. Favourite physical trait
  24. A book you learned from.
  25. Education
  26. Someone you got to meet.
  27. Favourite spot in your city
  28. Your past
  29. Your favourite memory
  30. Your current age
  31. Core Value
  32. A city you’ve visited.
  33. Something you look forward too.
  34. Things you like about Fall/Spring
  35. Your neighbourhood
  36. Your Home
  37. Something you created
  38. Music you love
  39. Your Heritage
  40. Greatest accoimplishment
  41. Hobbies
  42. Your favourite possession
  43. A mentor/teacher
  44. Your favourite holiday
  45. What do you do for fun.
  46. Technology
  47. Opportunities you’ve been given
  48. Your Job
  49. Things you like about Winter
  50. Lessons learned this year
  51. 100 things to be thankful for
  52. Did the Challenge change you?