Welcome to the Library!

Welcome to Lolsy’s Library!

*Updated 3/03/2023…Original 20/08/13* If you are an avid reader of my Blog, you will know that this Blog was setup originally as a school project and I’ve been trying to expand my Blog since then.

I am a big fan of Libraries, I believe they have the ability to teach us something new every single day. That is why my Blog is called “Lolsys Library”. I just love the idea behind Libraries, learning about something new, learning about different points of view, exploring and learning about places and people you never knew existed.

The idea behind my Blog is then to talk about and explore various topics. Just like real life this Blog is always up for ideas, always up for changing and expanding.

Feel free to read and explore through my mind and my writings. Hopefully we will all learn something new today!


112 thoughts on “Welcome to the Library!

  1. Went to follow you on Twitter and it says your account is suspended. Anyway. I love your blog and Libraries. And Book Stores. Seems to be a theme to this! Chris

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