A little photo dump

This is my way of saying, thank you for listening to me complain all week, lol. I was supposed to focus on all the good things this week, lol … I think we are teaching him not to bite feet and ankles, and he gets up at all different times of the night. So tired, but so tired with love…That makes no sense, lol … I am tired, lol


18 thoughts on “A little photo dump

      1. I noticed in the other comments you’re trying to teach him “not to scratch?” If I may, I love the “cat behaviorist” videos like Jackson Galaxy and The Kitten Lady. They can teach you some tricks on how to get them to scratch the stuff you want and not the stuff you don’t.

        Or, I’d be happy to give their advice. LOL

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      2. I can always offer a bit of advice that helps me: If you say “no” to something, have something nearby to which you can say “yes,” in regards to your cats’ behavior.

        For example: If you don’t want your cat to scratch the sofa, put some double-sided tape on it (it sticks to their claws and most of them hate it enough to not claw it) and then stick a scratching post next to it.

        Does that make sense? The cat behaviorists also explain why cats behave how they do, and it helps me live with my two monsters. 😄

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      3. It’s definitely about balancing giving the cats something you WANT them to destroy and having stuff you don’t MIND them destroying. I’ve given up on trying to keep them from scratching my bedframe’s foam padding, but they don’t claw the mattress or the couch. So, I can live with it, y’know?

        And it’s always a good idea to have stuff around for the cat to claw and chew. It’s how they communicate their territory and their confidence in it. (I’m telling you – these cat behaviorist videos are amazing at helping me live peacefully with two VERY energetic kitties!!)

        Good luck!

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