I am watching currently, what I take is the Canadian take on the UK’s very popular series “The Coroner”.

Its really weird, it’s not making any sense, and almost feels like the Canadian coroner is high the entire time. Is she? It does feel very American, even though apparently Canadian. I really do enjoy the UKs version, but the Canadians version honestly feels like everyone is on drugs. I don’t think they actually are doing much about the person whose murdered.

The reviews for it seem good, maybe I just happened to stumble across the worst episode or something?

Have you ever watched a show and thought another version of it was better? I do admit, I regularly enjoy the Brits shows more.

6 thoughts on “Coroner

  1. Can’t comment here! Haven’t seen any of this show – Canadian, American or British.
    Just a little secret though. I do enjoy the British shows (in general) just a tad more. May have something to do with British heritage…

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