For Marla’s World!!!

Challenge for January 23, 2023

The challenge is:

Pick at least three bullets from the list of ten and write a poem, a story, sketch picture, show us pictures you’ve taken. You can use any variation on the word, and have a blast! Ping back so that I can read everyone’s contributions!!!


Pictures I’ve Taken and a little poem:

An ode to my Harley Quinn Cup

Ohhhh, thee Harley Quinn cup!

Many a cup of smooth coffee and tea, one had in thee,

Until tiny little terrors, with teeny tiny hands,

Took upeth the nerf gun.

Why didn’t they just shoot myeth, straight into my heart?

Little shards of red, black and white, scatter across the floor.

Like repeated stabs to thine heart.

Ohhhh, the Harley Quinn cup!



Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the girl you want me too be?

Do you see the heart, that maybe as big as a tree,

Do you see the brain that, dreams a thousand dreams.

Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the soul that’s as wide as the sea?

A life that’s been from here to there, and around again,

Can you see the gentle hands that wants to heal the diseases beneath.

Scan me, tell me what you see,

Do you see the real me?

Sticky Tab:


Sticky tabs are my favourite. They are so small and so handy and they go everywhere, and you can put them everywhere! I notebooks full of sticky tabs. I have sticky tabs “we missed you” messages. The more colours the better. You can never be disorganised with a sticky tab!

22 thoughts on “For Marla’s World!!!

  1. Thank you for participating!!!

    I love the Harley Quinn mug! It’s so cool looking! And that poem is perfect. The nerf gun line had me laughing because the image in my head was just hilarious. For some reason, it was my little niece dressed as Harely Quinn with a double barrel fully automatic Nerf gun that was bigger than her, and with precision accuracy, shooting my nephew who was dressed as The Hulk. I don’t know why, but it entertained me, so thank you!

    And yes. Through your comments, I see the huge heart, the dreaming brain, the strength within. I can’t say I know the real you, as I only know you through here. But I can say I absolutely love and appreciate the you I’ve gotten to know. You are the girl that you want to be, and that’s an amazing and beautiful person.

    And, the colored tabs are the bestest in the world! Oh, they come in various sizes and with lines now! The challenge is: how many random things can you write on one sticky tab lol

    Liked by 1 person

      1. hahaha that’s my daily challenge! I invariably have one sticky tab left on a pad before starting the next pad. Choice: start new pad before this one finishes, or use the last tab of this one then go on to the next COLOR for the same list. That last tab has so much information it’s terrifying lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s my life. Question: can you have two different color sticky tabs for one thought, or does it have to be two of the same color so the next thought can be on a different color?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh, well, that’s different. That’s color coding a to-do list. My thinking was something like jotting a note. Say a post idea, or something for work. It’s one cohesive thought, no logical separations. Can you do that and multiple colors? Because I certainly can’t. It’s a limitation of my programming lol

        Liked by 1 person

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