Poopy Brains

I think the poop in the drinking water, is finally seeping into the UK citizens brains.

And it isn’t just about the anti-trans Tories trying to segregate trans people. Oh yeah, I used that word, because that’s what’s happening right now.

  • The country of Sir Winston Churchill, suddenly doesn’t understand what a War is. Despite celebrating numerous Royal Family members for serving, including splashing Harrys face everywhere when he fought the Taliban.
  • The obsession with Meghan is quiet, odd, to be frank. It’s not normal. Would Piers Morgan even have a show without Meghan Markle?
  • The media, seemingly angrily intent on proving Harrys points about them.
  • And what is with the whole “The Royal Family are keeping a dignified silence…Here’s how they feel”
  • And why in HELL are Brits being sympathetic towards the Taliban? They splash Harrys face everywhere saying he’s fighting the Taliban, and then surprised he killed some? What do they think the Ukraine Military’s are doing, beating the Russians with hugs and love?
  • You’ve got “grown” up women asking where Meghan is, while Harry say his piece. Why do you care where she is? You’re all still blaming her anyway.
  • Lets just be honest, if Hitler said he hated Harry and Meghan, there a lot of media who’d welcome him in with open arms.

Most of these “grown ups” are also anti-trans and deny that trans and LGBQ+ youth even exist. Karen, you’re still blaming Meghan for everything Harrys saying and you care that she’s not said anything? Why?

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