One week

In the future, hehe … When the posts air, it will be one week since the New Year. How are you going?

Personally, I am already stupid people, like all of them

“Gender Dysphoria is only in the mind of the trans gender person”.

How many more times is McCarthy NOT going to get the votes?

Sunak has chosen to “solve” the strike situation in the UK, by making it illegal to strike, instead of TALKING to people. Oh, that will totally work and not make people more angry.

I have seen literal parents of children who have murdered someone, treat their murdered child BETTER than parents who children are trans.

No offense to people, but no one cares about how shitty us common people’s families are, lol. The Royal Family have been silent, because they let media do their talking for them, and THAT is the problem. Not for a single second though, has the RF been “dignified” about anything. Do I have to constantly repeat this?

Anger mounts over Camilla lunch attended by Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan

For the other record too, the UK media talking about the book. Apparently translated it from the Spanish version. So just be careful when you read about it. I would say wait until the book is actually out. But people make up their own minds.

If you don’t want to hear about it, I suggest muting words and trying to change your algorithms. As I’ve mentioned before there are a certain reality tv family, I rarely hear about it. Quiet honestly, I don’t mind H and M talking about their lives and what they’ve gone through. It sounds like a LOT of families. Honestly, I think it’s been kind of therapeutic for myself. I don’t feel as alone. I’m going to be honest here with you good people. I absolutely can relate to Meghan Markle and especially her “relationship” with her father. I find much more of a connection with H & M, and I always did.

The Royal Family IS a public family. You can never fix a problem by ignoring it. Once Charles gets over himself, maybe he can actually do something, for once, and help both his boys. Until then, #AbolishtheMonarchy.

“Oh it’s totally my child being trans and having gender dysphoria fault for our family breaking up. Not me only loving my child if they do what I want them too”.

COVID is not over. Several family members of mine had COVID over Christmas and New Years. My partner and I actually had just a general cold/flu.

“A leading lawyer has said ministerial plans to ban conversion therapy in Scotland would “criminalise” parents and preachers”…Uhhh, good?

It’s only been one week people!


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